The known world of Galadria consists of a single large continent and a collection of relatively near islands and island chains. Properly speaking, Galadria is the name of the continent, but it is sometimes used to indicate the entire world. Beneath Galadria there is an extensive subterranean world.

The far north of Galadria is a trackless land of snow and ice. Its furthest reaches remain largely unexplored, and it is mostly the territory of the elves and the 'barbarian' northerners. The great black tower of Ravenspire is the sole civilized outpost in this region, standing sentinel over the arctic waste. A handful of other villages dot the landscape several days south of Ravenspire, but there are no other known cities to speak of in the arctic region.

Southeast of Ravenspire, marking the edge of the arctic zone, is a chain of mountains which includes many active volcanoes, which is known as the Dragon's Maw. Geothermal activity in the region keeps the temperatures higher than they otherwise would be, and a few hardy or reckless goblins, sartha, and dwarves make their homes in the region, but it is mostly wild, with no towns of significant size. There are mineral riches here to attract prospectors, but the periodic eruptions and other natural events make it a risky route to wealth.

From the Dragon's Maw to just a few days north of Tir Eselyn, a huge swamp known as the Boglands stretches along the coast. This region, too, is largely wild, though the halflings and many sartha call it home. The sartha city of Sarel lies within, not too far from the coast, and there are two or three other sartha towns of notable size. The halflings tend to roam more, on their boats, and, with a mobile population, have few towns; however, Waymeet, in the center of the Boglands, serves the purpose for them. At any given time, anywhere from fifty to two hundred boats and skiffs may be docked at the trading post/ongoing festival.

South of the Boglands is the splendid city of Tir Eselyn and its surrounding lands. Tir Eselyn is currently the most powerful and influential of the human realms. It is blessed with a temperate climate, fertile land, and a variety of resources. Tir Eselyn is also, not coincidentally, the largest city in the known world.

South of Ravenspire, across the mountains, and west of the Boglands lies the "cursed city" Tir Faran. It is still inhabited by a few, though parts of it have fallen into ruin. Those whose ancestors lived there are often marked by sheer white hair, and some have white or pinkish hair, pigmentless white skin, and pink or red eyes. It is said that this curse is the result of a magical disaster caused by the arrogant magi of the now-vanished Serpent Tower.

On the west coast is the Iniho region. Nimare, the capital city, lies on the coast itself and is the second most important port on the continent (after Tir Eselyn itself). The land is poorer than elsewhere, and more mountainous than the Tir Eselyn region, but the people are able to support themselves by a combination of fishing and wise use of what arable land there is. Iniho is known for its silks and its bladesmiths, who are said to rival the dwarves for quality.

The southern tip of Galadria is mostly occupied by the deserts of Jalar. Its largest city, Kazan, is situated near the mouth of the Akara River, and most of its fertile land stretches along the banks of the river, which is navigable for most of its length.

North and west of the desert is a grassland region, through which the Akara flows. This was home to the sarr nomads, and there are several predominantly- sarr towns in the region. The largest of these, home to just over 2000 people, is Rilarra. Smaller villages are scattered liberally throughout the region, however, and it is one of the safest and most settled areas of the continent.

The vast center of the continent, between Iniho and Tir Eselyn, south of Tir Faran but north of Jalar and the grasslands, is a temperate area of rolling plains, deciduous forests, and low hills, with only a handful of mountain ranges. One of these, the Khylor Pass, provides the only convenient land route from the southern lands to Tir Faran. In the past, it was a point of contention, and while there has been peace under the ascendancy of Tir Eselyn, the twin cities on either side of the pass still eye each other warily.

The center region is not completely settled, but much of it is heavily traveled, and there is usually a village within three days' walk of any given point. It is among the safest places on the continent. The presence of the dwarves' great underground city, Fal Halar, beneath the highest mountain of the region, Harren's Dagger, contributes to its stability. The goblins' 'capital' of Galakaharza is also located in the region, among the western mountains that form a natural border of sorts with the Iniho region.