Future Perfect - Cast of Characters and annotations
	(As of part 1-3)
        (Trailer follows.)


MOL UNIT - A Walkman-sized device that, when activated, transforms the
holder into Moldiver.  A Mol unit runs off a limited power source,
which is difficult to synthesize, even using the technology available
in the future frame of the Moldiver anime (circa 2060).  There are
currently only two Mol units; one is in the possession of Kagato
(Tenchi Muyou!), while the other is held by Mirai.

MOLDIVER - A "superhero" who is, in reality, a normal person empowered
by the Mol unit.  Moldiver's abilities include flight, incredible
speed and strength, an array of sensory abilities, shapeshifting at
least to a limited extent (the "suit" can change to match the wearer's
desired appearance) and near-invulnerability.  Right now, it has two
appearances:  the first is a muscle-bound man in a dark blue bodysuit,
the other looks like Mirai in a vaguely sailor-fuku-like dress,
wearing a helmet and visor.  Moldiver's only true weakness, aside from
the difficulty involved in learning to control it effectively, is the
time limit:  the Mol unit can only power the transformation for 666
seconds, after which it needs to recharge.

METAMORFORCE - Mirai and Hiroshi's name for the "power" behind the Mol

HIROSHI - A young man, in his mid-20's.  He is a skilled
"technologist" (engineer/scientist), and has a genius for invention,
although he often lacks the patience to work out all the bugs
properly.  A fairly serious sort who, deep down, wishes he could be an
action hero.  He worked to create the Mol unit to realize his dream,
and was the first Moldiver, but he's had little luck, and Mirai
quickly took his place as Moldiver.

MIRAI - Hiroshi's younger sister, a fashion-obsessed, slightly
scatterbrained young woman.  She quickly discovered that Hiroshi was
Moldiver, and almost as quickly took his place.  (And altered the
"costume" to be more fashionable and more familiar to her, resulting
in the appearance changes mentioned above.)  She's had a fair amount
of success, despite her lack of forethought and training with the Mol

NOZOMU - A young but very intelligent boy.  He claims to be the
greatest technologist in the world, and he may be right; he's better
than Hiroshi and probably at least equal to Machinegal.

MACHINEGAL - A former teacher of Hiroshi's, who has a dual identity as
a villain.  He and his android Dolls were Moldiver's enemies in the
anime.  Despite that, he's not really such a bad person; he's
egomaniacal and a little greedy, but not a psychopath.


ESPER - Psychics.  Psychic powers run along bloodlines.  Different
Espers have different abilities, even within the same bloodline.
Espers seem to get stronger with age, not just practice.

THE POWER - The ability to use psychic power.  Telepathy, telekinesis,
teleportation, and other abilities are all referred to, either alone
or collectively, as "the Power."

KYOUSUKE - The oldest of the Kasuga children.  Despite being
half-human, Kyousuke has exhibited rather strong psychic ability.  He
also has a wide array of powers, including telekinesis and
teleportation (but not telepathy).  The indecisive Kyousuke has been
caught in a triangle relationship with Madoka and Hikaru for the last
four years, and it's beginning to get a little strained.

MADOKA - A classmate of Kyousuke's with a (reputed) dark past;
sometimes called "Madoka the Pick" because of this.  Kyousuke is both
drawn to and wary of her "capricious" nature and mercurial moods.
Madoka is an excellent student, a talented musician, and a skilled
martial artist.  She is the "silent partner" in the love triangle, not
wanting to hurt Hikaru and not able to give up Kyousuke.  She is a
distant cousin of Tenchi's (Tenchi Muyou!).

HIKARU - A childhood friend of Madoka's, two years younger than both
Madoka and Kyousuke.  She has latched on to her "Darling" Kyousuke,
inadvertantly creating the love triangle.

AKANE - A member of the Kasuga clan of psychics, who has the abilities
of teleportation and "disguise" through mental suggestion.  (She can
only use the latter power on one person at a time, so far.)  She is
Kyousuke's cousin, and has a crush on Madoka.

MANAMI and KURUMI - Kyousuke's younger sisters.  Twins.  Both are
fairly powerful Espers, possessing telekinesis and some level of
"hypnotic" suggestion, although Kurumi uses the Power far more freely
than Manami.  Manami, the older of the twins, has taken on the
responsibility of caring for her father and siblings; perhaps as a
result, she's more responsible and less impulsive than Kurumi.

YUSAKU - A childhood friend of Hikaru and Madoka's.  He has an
unrequited love for Hikaru, and generally blames Kyousuke for that

			RANMA 1/2

JUSENKYO - A training ground containing many cursed springs.  Anyone
who falls into one of the springs will acquire a curse -- cold water
causes them to take the form of whatever drowned in that particular
spring, and hot water returns them to normal.

RANMA - An arrogant teenaged martial artist and trouble magnet.  He
has the "drowned girl" Jusenkyo curse, and, partly as a result, is
being pursued by several admirers, some of whom are male.  Ranma is in
love with Akane, but refuses to admit it.

AKANE - Ranma's fiancee, but don't call her that.  Akane is one of the
least skilled martial artists of Nerima, but still quite good by
normal standards.  She's usually a nice girl, but she has a rather
extreme temper.  She refuses to admit her love for Ranma.

SHAMPOO - Ranma's self-proclaimed wife.  (He defeated her in combat,
so by her law, they're married.)  She's a Chinese Amazon, a fairly
skilled fighter, and can be rather deceptive, although long-term
planning isn't her forte.  She has a "drowned cat" Jusenkyo curse.

MOUSSE - A Chinese Amazon who is obsessed with Shampoo, and therefore
often an eney of Ranma's.  He practices "hidden weapons" style and is
somewhere between Ranma and Shampoo in terms of skill.  Mousse is also
nearly blind, which makes his skill that much more impressive.  He has
a "drowned duck" Jusenkyo curse.

COLOGNE - Shampoo's great-grandmother, a wise Amazon matriarch with a
wealth of knowledge and superhuman skill in the martial arts (even by
Nerima standards).

GENMA - Ranma's father; a liar, a thief, and a coward.  He has a
"drowned panda" Jusenkyo curse.

NABIKI - Akane's older sister, the middle of the three Tendou
daughters.  Somewhat mercenary, often amused by the chaotic events
surrounding Ranma and company.

SOUN - Akane's often over-emotional father.


YOHKO - The 108th Devil Hunter, having had the position passed to her
(or thrust upon her, depending on how you look at it) by her
grandmother.  Yohko is fairly immature and would much rather spend her
time chasing boys or being with her friends, but, surprisingly enough,
she's managed to do a fair job so far.

MADOKA - The 107th Devil Hunter, Yohko's grandmother.  She's an old
woman, but she's still spry enough and cunning enough to deal with a
devil or two, if the need arises.


JURAI - An interstellar empire, one of the preeminent political
entities of the universe.

LIGHT HAWK WINGS - A defense/offense generated by Jurai's
tree-spaceships.  The more powerful the ship, the more wings it can
generate.  Tenchi is capable of generating Light Hawk Wings on his

TENCHI - The prototypical normal person caught up in events beyond his
imagination.  After living a normal life for 16 years, Tenchi found
himself suddenly at the center of a number of aliens, discovered that
he was part Jurai himself, and learned that he had the potential to
control one of the greatest powers in the universe, the Light Hawk
Wings.  Perhaps most surprising, none of this changed him very much.
He is a cousin of Madoka's (Kimagure Orange Road).

KAGATO - The Destroyer of Artifacts, a villain who has plundered
numerous worlds, and a rather skilled scientist in his own right.
Currently headed toward Earth, and in possession of a Mol unit

RYOUKO - A former space pirate and Most Wanted criminal, now staying
on Earth in order to be with Tenchi.  Ryouko is normally rather
unsubtle in her methods, which doesn't help her much with the skittish
Tenchi.  She possesses a wide array of powers, including flight,
teleportation, phasing, spirit summoning, matter manipulation or
"possession," and energy generation -- and that's with only two of her
three "power gems."  (The other is on the hilt of Tenchi's sword.)

AEKA - The first princess of Jurai.  She and Ryouko are old rivals,
and that isn't helped by the fact that both are in love with Tenchi.
Aeka possesses the ability to manifest a force field, thanks to the
circlet she wears and her position as a member of the royal house of
Jurai.  She is very much concerned with propriety, or at least the
appearance of it.

SASAMI - Aeka's younger sister.  Sasami is usually very cheerful,
curious, and slightly mischievous, and doesn't act at all like her
older sister.  She's also managed to become cook for the Masaki family
and the other women.


MAISON IKKOKU - An old-style apartment building, with six apartments
in addition to the manager's quarters.  Of these, five are filled
(number 3 is empty).

YUSAKU GODAI - A college student, living in room 5 of Maison Ikkoku.
He's an ordinary, if rather unlucky, young man.  He's in love with the
building's manager, Kyouko Otonashi.

YOTSUYA - A mysterious middle-aged man, often dressed in a black
trenchcoat and fedora, who lives in room 4.  His job and even his
first name are unknown; he always evades the question, when asked.
His main hobbies seem to be teasing Godai and blackmailing people into
giving him free food.  He is searching for the Matsuura family
(Marmalade Boy), for reasons unknown.


MIKI - An ordinary high school girl.  Her parents and the Matsuuras
divorced and married each other, bringing the four of them, Miki, and
Yuu together in one large "family."  Miki has fallen in love with Yuu
but is still very insecure, and she becomes jealous easily.

YUU - A quiet high school boy.  His parents and the Koishikawas
divorced and married each other.  He fell in love with Miki, but
things seem to keep getting in their way, causing problems with their
relationship.  One of these things is the fact that Yuu loves to tease
Miki, though that's practically the least of their troubles.

MEIKO - Miki's classmate and best friend.