Orange Marmalade is a Marmalade Boy/Kimagure Orange Road fusion. As a result, some... okay, most... of the MB characters are significantly changed, and not always in the obvious ways. Consider yourselves warned. ^_^

Marmalade Boy, Kimagure Orange Road, and their respective characters and such were created by Yoshizumi Wataru and Matsumoto Izumi, and are used without permission.

Text placed inside {braces} denotes voiced-over thoughts.


First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Kyousuke
A somewhat aloof teen, competent but not exceptional in most matters. He has an interest in architecture and works at Kijima's kissaten, the ABCB. The Matsuuras are secretly a family of ESPers, and Yuu possesses the abilities of telekinesis and teleportation. He is, not entirely of his own will, "dating" Suzuki Arimi.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Madoka
A troubled young woman rumored to have a dark past; yet, at those times when she doesn't withdraw into herself, she is playful, energetic, and warm. Outwardly self-confident, inwardly plagued with doubts. She is a talented musician. Since her family and the Matsuuras moved in together, she and Meiko have grown close. She is attracted to Yuu, but he is as yet unaware of this.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Kurumi
Anju is the younger of the Matsuura twins. As the "baby" of the family, she was indulged to some extent, and this is still evident in her personality. She is kind-hearted and cheerful, but also mischievous and somewhat amoral. Recently, she seems to be maturing in her outlook. Of the family, An is the quickest to use her psychic power; she is a telekinetic and, to a limited extent, a telepath. An is a skilled violinist. She has formed a friendship with Arimi, with whom she feels a certain kinship, and seems to have attracted the notice of Kei.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Manami
Meiko is the older of the Matsuura twins. In many ways, she is the opposite of her sister, being generally reserved, thoughtful, self-conscious, patient, and sedentary. Like Anju, she is a telekinetic and a limited telepath, but Meiko is more hesitant to use her powers. Since their families moved in together, she and Miki have become close friends; she has also occasionally been pursued by Satoshi.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Grandpa and Grandma Kasuga
Yuu and the twins' parents. They recently divorced, and Youji plans to marry Koishikawa Rumi, while Chiyako plans to marry Koishikawa Jin. Both parents are fun-loving and carefree; their children often call them "irresponsible." Both are also ESPers.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Hikaru (manga)
An energetic young woman with a playful sense of humor. Arimi is one year younger than Yuu, who she has "persuaded" to become her boyfriend, and Miki, her childhood friend. She is unaware of their feelings for each other. She is a classmate of the twins' and a friend of Anju's. She works at Kijima's ABCB part time.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: N/A
Namura is a teacher at Toryo High School and the coach of the tennis club. A recent college graduate, he teaches English to Yuu's class. He is very popular among students, who often call him "Na-chan."

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Komatsu
A classmate of Yuu's who has a reputation as a joker, but who has shown flashes of insight and hints of a serious side. He was revealed to be the class representative in the Toryo student government. He and Yuu seem to have become friends, and he's asked Meiko out several times -- without success.

First appeared: chapter 1
KOR role: Hatta, Yusaku
A classmate of Yuu's, and a rival for Arimi's favor. A very excitable teen, given to issuing bombastic "challenges." He is a poor scholar, but a gifted athlete. He is also Ginta's cousin.

First appeared: chapter 3
KOR role: N/A
A graduate of, and now teacher at, Toryo. In addition to being homeroom teacher for the twins' class, she is the coach of the girls' tennis team.

First appeared: chapter 3
KOR role: N/A
Another teacher at Toryo. She is a strict traditionalist.

First appeared: chapter 3
KOR role: Yusaku
An athletic young man, a childhood friend of Miki and Arimi. He is also Tsutomu's cousin and rival. He seems to have accepted Yuu as a friend. He and Miki seem to have once had something between them, and he is still secretly in love with her.

First appeared: chapter 4
KOR role: N/A
Miki's free-spirited, "irresponsible" parents. Recently, they were divorced; Jin plans to marry Matsuura Chiyako, while Rumi plans to marry Matsuura Youji. Jin is a musician; Rumi is a photographer. In the past, both were frequently away from home because of their careers, but this seems to be changing now that they've moved in with the Matsuura family.

First appeared: chapter 6
KOR role: "Master"
The owner of the ABCB. He is a graduate of Toryo and a sempai of Namura and Momoi. Affectionately referred to as "Master," Kijima is a romantic at heart.

First appeared: chapter 6 (first named in 8)
KOR role: N/A
An enigmatic young man. His family moved several times, and he and Meiko were once classmates for a short time in junior high school. It was rumored that he was the leader of a gang of boys at that school.

First appeared: chapter 11
KOR role: Hikaru (anime), Sayuri
An enthusiastic young girl, who is already a famous model. She met Yuu and Miki while they were on vacation, and seems to have taken an immediate liking to them.