*	*	*	*	*

		Orange Marmalade - episode ten
		"Summer Began"


[Scene:  Beach House, Outside]

[The beach house is a sizable building, two stories high, with an
outdoor terrace that runs three quarters of the way around the house.
It is situated only a short walk from the seashore, and, in fact, the
terrace offers a lovely view of the ocean.  Chiyako and Rumi are
leaning against the terrace railing, admiring said view; meanwhile,
Yuu, Jin, and Youji are busy carrying luggage from the base of the
terrace stairs to their top, and then into the house.  If the size of
the remaining pile is any indication, the Matsuuras and Koishikawas
brought half their material possessions with them.  It is

Chiyako:  (pointing toward the sea) Look at that!  Doesn't this
          remind you of that time in Hawaii?

Rumi:  Well, the beach looks very different, but the water...

Chiyako:  (nodding) The way the light reflects from it is the same,
          don't you think?

[Jin reaches the top of the stairs and sets his burden of two
suitcases down for a moment while he stretches.  He glances toward the
two women and sighs wistfully.  A moment later, Yuu reaches the top.]

Yuu:  There's no way you'll get them to help now, Jin-san.

[Without pausing, he continues into the house.  A moment later, Youji
comes up the stairs.  He smiles at Jin.]

Youji:  Only one more trip.

Jin:  (picking up the suitcases) Yuu-kun is pretty judgmental, isn't

Youji:  (chuckles) But he's not wrong.

Chiyako:  (flatly) We heard that.

Youji:  Ahh!  Sorry, sorry...

[The two men quickly retreat with the luggage into the house, nearly
running into Yuu as he comes back outside.]

Rumi:  Honestly, those two...

[Yuu stops at the top of the stairs.]

Yuu:  By the way, has either of you seen An and Meiko?  They're not

Rumi:  Hmm... I think your sisters went with Miki, a little while ago.

Chiyako:  (smiling) They seemed so excited to be here.

Yuu:  Oh...?  (starting down the stairs) Already at the beach... hmm?


[Scene:  Beach]

[Indeed, the three young women are here, but they're not dressed for
the occasion; rather than swimsuits, they're still wearing their
street clothing, though they have made the concession of exchanging
their shoes for sandals.  Side by side, they stroll along the sand
well away from the water's edge, enjoying the beautiful weather.
Meiko suddenly stops, prompting the other two to turn toward her.]

Meiko:  (blinks) Oh, I'm sorry.  I was just remembering...  My family
        lived near the sea for a little while.  I guess I missed it
        more than I thought.

Miki:  You've moved quite a lot, haven't you?  How long ago was that?

Meiko:  Oh... it must be about... five years ago.  It was right before
        Yuu-oniichan entered junior high school.

Miki:  (nodding) So your parents moved in order to get him into a
       better school?

Anju:  (blinks) No, it was just--

Meiko:  (interrupting) Some family business.  I don't think oniichan's
        school had anything to do with it.

Miki:  Ah... my parents used to travel a lot.  Sometimes, they'd take
       me with them, but as I got older, I stayed at home.  They
       talked about moving a few times, but they never did; they
       always came back home.  Even when our families moved in
       together, we stayed in the same section of the same city.

Anju:  It must be nice to stay in the same place for so long.

Miki:  Really?  I always thought it would be fun to travel all the
       time.  You'd get to see so many things.

Meiko:  (smiles) Yuu-oniichan is the same way.  He's always going off
        by himself on short trips.

[Miki arches an eyebrow.  Meiko turns toward the sea --
coincidentally, away from Miki -- as she continues.]

Meiko:  I think I'd rather the stability.  It's nice to have a place
        to call home...

Anju:  Hmm... I like to travel, but I think it's good to have
       someplace to come back to, too...

[The other two look at her flatly for a moment.]

Anju:  (defensively) What?

Meiko:  (closing her eyes) Nothing, An.  Nothing.

[Miki giggles.]

Anju:  Mmm...  (sighs) I think I'll go back now.  Mama might want help
       with dinner.

Meiko:  All right, An.  Tell everyone I'll be there in a little while,

Anju:  You're not coming?

Meiko:  I want to stay here a little longer, that's all.

Anju:  (uncertainly) Okay... Miki-san?

[Miki glances at Meiko before slowly answering.]

Miki:  I think I'll stay a little longer, too, An-chan...  Unless you
       wanted me to help?

Anju:  (smiling) No, it's all right.  I'll let everyone know.  See
       you soon!

[Anju turns and begins walking back along the beach.  Miki silently
watches Meiko, who has once again turned to stare at the sea.]


[Scene:  Beach House, Outside]

[Yuu and the fathers have finished carrying the luggage inside, and
the terrace is now unoccupied.  Anju stands at the base of the stairs,
gazing back toward where she left Meiko and Miki.]

Anju:  {I hope Miki-san will be able to help her.  'Niichan doesn't
       seem to have, and I don't know where to begin.}

[She starts up the stairs, but doesn't get very far, pausing on the
second one.]

Anju:  {Could I have been wrong?  Maybe it's not the divorce that's
       bothering her... but what else could it be?}

[She begins climbing again, step by step, very slowly.]

Anju:  {Is she still angry about the medallion?  No, we settled
       that... besides, there wasn't even...}

[She stops dead on the last step, eyes wide with realization.  Then
she dashes into the house.]

Anju:  I'm back!

Jin:  Welcome back.

Chiyako:  Weren't Miki-chan and Meiko with you?

Anju:  They said they'd be back in a little while.  (smiling) I wanted
       to help with dinner.  Just let me check... er, change.

Chiyako:  That's okay, you don't...

[But Anju has already bounded down the hall and into one of the

Chiyako:  ...Have to hurry.  (sighs)

Jin:  (shrugs) Well, at least An-chan is an enthusiastic helper.


[Scene:  Beach]

[Miki has moved to stand by Meiko's side, but they are otherwise right
where we left them, on the beach.]

Meiko:  You didn't have to stay.

Miki:  I wanted to.

Meiko:  It isn't what you think.  I-- I've come to terms with that,
        mostly.  (pause) I owe a lot of that to your help, Miki-san.
        (pause) I don't think this is something you can help with,
        though.  It's not even that important, really...

Miki:  (curious) What, exactly, are we talking about?

Meiko:  (chuckles) I guess I'm just worrying about the future a little

Miki:  And the past?

Meiko:  (looking at Miki; intrigued) Maybe.

[Miki nods.  The two are quiet for a few minutes before Meiko breaks
the silence.]

Meiko:  Ne, Miki-san?  What do you think of Yuu?


		Yuu's Journal

	Of course, I had no idea that any of this was happening.  I'd
intended to help An in the kitchen.  She's a good cook, despite some
of the things I say -- not as good as Meiko, but good -- when she pays
attention.  Unfortunately, she has a tendency to become distracted,
which has resulted in some rather... creative... dishes.  She tries,
but all of us feel it's safer never to let her in the kitchen alone.
	We can only hope she'll outgrow that, too.
	In any case, after I went to retrieve An...


[Scene:  Beach House, Girls' Room]

[This is actually a fairly large bedroom, which is a good thing, as
the three girls have decided to share it.  There are a few bags on the
floor, including some of the smaller ones that Yuu and the fathers
were carrying in the earlier scene.  Anju is sitting on a bed,
rummaging through one of them.]

Anju:  Ah!  Found you.

[She pulls her Toryo medallion out of the bag and flips it open.
Inside there is a picture of her with her twin sister.  Anju in the
photograph looks much the same as she does now, except for the
clothing -- in the photo, she is wearing a dark blue junior high
school uniform.  The image of Meiko, on the other hand, looks
noticeably younger than the Meiko we know.]

Anju:  {I thought so...  We both put this picture into our medallions.
       So if her medallion was empty...}  (grinning broadly) {I wonder
       whose picture she was planning to put there?}

[Anju giggles softly and starts to close the medallion.  She stops and
her eyes widen as a thought strikes her.]

Anju:  It couldn't be Miwa-san...?

Yuu:  What did Miwa-san do now?

[Anju gasps and turns around.  Yuu is leaning against the doorframe,
but he stands and takes two steps into the room once he sees he has
Anju's attention.]

Anju:  Do?  Um, nothing!  Nothing.  What are you doing here?

Yuu:  I heard you come back, a little while ago.  (leaning forward to
      peer at Anju's medallion) Hmm.  That's strange.

Anju:  (confused) What?

Yuu:  You still look as much like a little kid now as you did then.

Anju:  Yuu!

Yuu:  (innocently) By the way, didn't you say you were going to help
      in the kitchen?  I think our mothers have already started...

[Anju stands so quickly that she almost knocks Yuu over.]

Anju:  Oh, no, I forgot... I'd better hurry!  She's been waiting all
       this time...

[Leaving the medallion on the bed, she swiftly crosses the room and
exits.  Yuu looks faintly amused.]

Yuu:  Not exactly "waiting," no...  (pause) {I suppose I'd better go


[Scene:  Beach House, Kitchen]

[The kitchen is a rather small room, and quite crowded at the moment,
as four people are working on various dishes.  Rumi stands in one
corner, preparing a salad; Chiyako is nearby, chopping vegetables.
Anju is standing before the oven, stirring a large pot while humming
happily to herself.  Yuu is next to Anju, keeping an eye on her while
preparing a sauce.]

Anju:  Are the onions ready yet, 'kaachan?

Chiyako:  In a moment.  You might want to add some more salt to that,

Anju:  Okay!  What about the pepper?

Yuu:  I'd go easy on that.

Chiyako:  (nods) I agree.

Rumi:  You're pretty good at cooking, Yuu-kun, aren't you?

Yuu:  (shrugging) Meiko is much better.  I just learned from listening
      to our mother teach her.

Rumi:  Oh?  And An-chan, too?

Yuu:  An wasn't interested in cooking at the time.  (chuckles) She's
      always been a tomboy, you see...

[Anju turns on him.]

Anju:  I am not!  Besides, there's nothing wrong with that.  (sniffs)

Yuu:  (calmly) Is that pot boiling over?

[With a cry, Anju turns back to the pot... which is getting along just
fine.  She blinks at it for a moment before remembering to get angry.]

Anju:  'Niichan!  That was mean!

[Yuu makes a show of thinking about it, and nods, smiling slightly.]

Yuu:  I suppose it was.

[Rumi and Chiyako chuckle.  This does nothing to improve Anju's mood,
but she contents herself for now with wearing a martyred expression
while she stirs the pot.  Yuu continues his conversation with Rumi as
though the interruption had never occurred.]

Yuu:  So, An didn't start to learn until just two years ago.  She's
      getting pretty good, although our mother still hasn't had the
      chance to teach An as much as she would have liked to...

Anju:  (without turning) I'm still not going to forgive you for

Yuu:  (ignoring Anju) ...And An's usually better at trying new recipes
      than Meiko, even though Meiko's food is better once she's had
      some practice preparing it.

Rumi:  You don't say?  That's very interesting...

[She trails off, considering the implications.  Meanwhile, Chiyako,
who appears to be unconcerned at the conversation, pushes the chopped
onion toward Anju.]

Chiyako:  Here you go, An.  Add it a little bit at a time, and stir it
          in while you're doing that.

Anju:  I know...

Rumi:  Ne, Yuu-kun, are you enjoying your vacation?

Yuu:  (surprised) I... suppose so.  Why?

Rumi:  I was just wondering whether you had any plans.

Yuu:  (shrugging) I suppose I'll go swimming with the others, and
      maybe try surfing... I hadn't really thought about it.

Rumi:  Well, since you don't have any plans yet, could you do me a
       favor?  I've got a shoot planned in two days, and I might be
       able to use a little help.  Normally, I'd just ask Miki, but
       this is a bigger job than usual.  (clasping her hands together)
       So if you could spare a day, it would really help...

Yuu:  (smiling) I guess there's no help for it...

Anju:  (shaking her head) Oniichan...  You--

[Anju taps Yuu on the forehead with her index finger, emphasizing her

Anju:  (continuing) --should be nicer to people.  You know?

Rumi:  It's all right, An-chan, he's not really--

Yuu:  (simultaneously) You're right, An.  (to Rumi) I'm sorry.  I
      understand; I'd be glad to help, if you need me.

Rumi:  (smiling cheerfully) Thanks again, Yuu-kun!  We'll start the
       shoot around 2 or 3, so make sure you're here at noon or so,
       that day, okay?

[Yuu nods.]

Chiyako:  (turning a dial on the oven) There; now all we have to do is
          wait.  Can someone go tell Meiko and Miki-chan that we're
          almost ready to eat?

Yuu:  I'll go.

[He leaves the room without another word.  Anju blinks.]

Anju:  I'll go tell our fathers, then...

[Chiyako nods, smiling, and turns to Rumi.  The two women are striking
up a conversation as Anju quietly leaves the kitchen.]


[Scene:  Beach]

[Miki is now standing at the edge of the water, holding her sandals in
one hand.  She is facing the setting sun; her back is to Meiko, who is
looking in the same direction, focusing on the horizon.  A gentle
breeze tosses Miki's hair as the waves lap at her feet.  It is
apparent that both women have been silent for some time; Miki,
reflecting; Meiko, waiting.]

Miki:  I didn't expect you to ask that.

Meiko:  Sorry.  (smiles faintly) I don't spend all my time wrapped in
        self-pity, though.

[Hesitantly, Miki chuckles.]

Miki:  No, I suppose not.  Touche.  (pause) Yuu-kun is just... hard to

Meiko:  Is that why you've been avoiding him?

[Surprised, Miki turns halfway around, turning her head to look at
Meiko directly.]

Miki:  You think I'm avoiding him?

Meiko:  (nodding) You haven't spent any time with him for at least a
        week, unless An or I was with him.  Even then, you've hardly
        spoken to each other.  At first, I thought you'd had a fight,
        but if that was true, you'd normally say something about it.
        So, why...?

Miki:  No, we didn't have a fight, Meiko-chan.

[Miki turns her head back toward the sea.]

Miki:  That would have been easier.  (pause) I just can't understand
       the way Yuu-kun acts.  It's almost like he was two different

[There is a brief silence before Meiko realizes Miki doesn't intend to
continue her speech, and decides to prompt her.]

Meiko:  Why do you say that, Miki-san?

Miki:  How would you describe Yuu-kun, Meiko-chan?

Meiko:  (blinks) Me?  I don't see--

Miki:  (interrupting) Kind?  Sarcastic?  A little bit mischievous?
       Thoughtful?  Open?  Strict?

Meiko:  (hesitantly) Well... sometimes, he acts like all of those, but
        I couldn't say he's always any of those things.

Miki:  (nodding) Exactly.  But do you realize that he's only like that
       when he's with you, or with your sister, or sometimes your
       parents?  When you're not with him, he's withdrawn.  It's like
       he's always somewhere else...  He just doesn't seem to care
       about most things.  Even when he's with Arimi... he's nice to
       her, but that's all!  Did you know he's never asked her out?
       He just agrees when -she- asks -him-.

Meiko:  (smiling) I wouldn't be worried about that, Miki-san.
        Yuu-oniichan is very shy, in a way.  You'll see; pretty soon,
        he'll accept you as a family member and begin treating you the
        same way he does us.  (giggles) And you'll probably be sorry
        you wished for it.

[Miki laughs softly.]

Meiko:  (almost as an afterthought) Arimi-chan too, I think.  Oniichan
        is only guarded in order to avoid getting hurt.  I'm sure
        he'll open up to you soon.

[Miki smiles and turns around.  She drops her sandals clear of the
water and slides her feet into them, then performs a quick, shallow
bow to Meiko.]

Miki:  Thank you, Meiko-chan.  I... hope that he does.

[As if on cue, Yuu calls out to the two.  The camera pans to show that
he is standing a short distance along the beach, in the direction of
the beach house.  He's clear of the water line by about a foot.]

Yuu:  Meiko!  Miki-san!

Miki:  Yuu-kun?

Meiko:  What are you doing out here, oniichan?  I thought you'd be at
        the house.

[Yuu walks up to the two of them.]

Yuu:  Actually, our mothers, An, and I just finished preparing the
      food, so I came to let you know we'd be eating soon.

[Yuu glances back in the direction from which he came.]

Yuu:  I didn't know you'd walked so far, though.  It'll probably be
      time to eat by the time we get back.

Meiko:  We should be going, then.  Ne, Miki-san?

[Miki nods, then turns to glance at the sea one last time.  Yuu
notices, and turns to look himself.]

Yuu:  The sea is beautiful, isn't it?

[Both Miki and Meiko seem surprised by Yuu's statement, but Miki
quickly recovers.]

Miki:  I like to watch the sea... it's constantly changing.  But I
       think it's most beautiful a little later in the day, when the
       sun has almost set.  The sky is bright red, and sometimes the
       waves look like liquid gold...  (to Meiko) Don't you think so?

Meiko:  (self-consciously) To tell you the truth, I don't really like
        the way it keeps changing.  I like to come here in the
        afternoon, though; the sky is always bright blue, and the sand
        almost seems blinding.

Yuu:  (chuckling) And An likes the ocean at night.  You and she don't
      have much in common, do you?

Meiko:  (amused) You should know that by now.  (suddenly grinning) And
        we'd better go, or we really will be late.

[Yuu nods, and Miki starts, then smiles apologetically.  The three
begin walking back toward the house.]

Miki:  Sorry about that.  I guess I got distracted and delayed us...

Yuu:  (nodding) Mmm... but that's okay.  (smiles) I always thought you
      were a bit of a dreamer.

[Miki, taken by surprise, stumbles, falling behind a step.  Yuu
reaches out, taking hold of her wrist and helping her steady herself.]

Yuu:  See?  Maybe you should keep your mind on the ground, just a
      little bit more.

[Miki's look of bewilderment slowly changes to a wry smile.]

Miki:  Maybe -you- should dream a little bit more, Yuu-kun.

Yuu:  (laughs) Maybe.

[Yuu lets go of her arm, and, just for a moment, Miki looks
disappointed.  Meiko coughs softly.]

Meiko:  You didn't hurt yourself, Miki-san?

Miki:  No, I'm all right.

[Reassured, Meiko nods, and the three continue walking.]

Yuu:  (to Miki) So, how's your vacation so far?

Miki:  Your sisters and I just went for a walk today...  It's a nice
       beach.  The house was bigger than I expected, too.  What about

Yuu:  (winks) Mostly work today.  I'll probably spend tomorrow
      swimming, then help Rumi-san with her job the next day...

Miki:  She asked you to help?  She's impossible...  You really don't
       have to do that on your vacation, Yuu-kun.

Yuu:  (waving it off) It's no trouble.  If I can help...

[The two continue to converse while they walk.  Neither notices the
Meiko has dropped back a few steps and is intently watching them.
Slowly, Meiko smiles.]


[Scene:  Street]

[An ordinary street, at sunset.  Arimi and a concerned-looking Ginta
are walking along the sidewalk.  There seem to be relatively few
pedestrians about, though the pair do pass one rather crowded ramen
vendor.  Finally, Arimi sighs and speaks.]

Arimi:  It's so boring with Sempai and Miki-san gone.

Ginta:  They'll be back in a week.  Miki-san's gone on longer
        vacations before, and you didn't let it bother you.

Arimi:  But I wanted to spend time with Yuu-sempai.

Ginta:  I'm sure he wanted to spend time with you, too, but it's a
        family trip.  (smiles) Don't worry, he'll be eager to get
        back, and Miki-san will look after him until then.  Then maybe
        the four of us can celebrate.  {And if you and Matsuura go off
        on your own, that will leave me and Miki-san...}

Arimi:  (smiling) I know... it's just that I hardly even got to see
        him before everyone left.

Ginta:  (pouting) I'm still here, too.

[Arimi turns to look at him, and laughs.]

Arimi:  I didn't mean you.  Everyone else.

[Ginta opens his mouth to reply, but he never gets a chance, as Arimi
suddenly covers his mouth with her hand.  She grabs him and pulls him
sideways into a doorway.]

Ginta:  (muffled) Arimi-chan, what--?

Arimi:  Shh!

[She lets go of him, peers carefully around the edge of the doorway,
and motions him to take a look.  He does, and sees the cause of
Arimi's sudden alarm:  Walking down the street towards them is
Tsutomu.  Ginta quickly ducks back around the corner.]

Ginta:  Oh, him.  I should have guessed.

Arimi:  Just stay quiet until he passes, and we won't have to deal
        with him.

[Ginta nods solemnly.  Tsutomu is now close enough that they can hear
his words.]

Tsutomu:  ...Not really sure that would work on Matsuura anyway.
          Besides, it doesn't seem... well...

[A voice -- Tsuchiya Kei's -- replies.]

Kei:  We can talk about that later.  As long as we agree that the
      important thing is to get him away from her.  Right?

[Arimi reflexively pulls Ginta even further back, until they are
pressed against the door itself.  A second later, Kei and Tsutomu walk
past them; Tsutomu is closer to them, fortunately, and is therefore
looking in the opposite direction, at Kei.]

Tsutomu:  (indignantly) I know that!

Kei:  Well, then, how we do it shouldn't matter.  Or did you have
      another alternative in...

[Kei's voice fades away.  Arimi and Ginta remain still for a short
while longer.  They simultaneously sigh in relief and turn to face
each other.  Only then do they notice just how close they are, and
that Arimi is still holding Ginta.  Instantly, she drops her hands to
her sides, while Ginta springs back toward the street as if he'd been
burned.  Flustered, they both start to apologize at the same time,
stop, and try a second time, with the same results.  Finally, Arimi
nods to Ginta, who is blushing rather noticeably and seems to have
developed a sudden fascination with the backs of his hands, which he
has clasped together in front of him.]

Ginta:  I, ah, I'm sorry...

[Arimi is, outwardly at least, calmer.  She manages a brief smile.]

Arimi:  My fault.

[She leans out of the doorway and peers down the road.  Seeing no sign
of Tsutomu, she straightens and steps out onto the street.]

Arimi:  At least we won't have to get rid of him.

[Ginta nods.  The two exchange a glance, then continue walking in the
direction they were previously headed.  As if by mutual agreement,
neither speaks.]


[Scene:  Beach House, Girls' Room]

[Evening.  The bags that were here earlier are still on the floor, but
they have been moved to one side and neatly lined up against the wall.
At least one has been unpacked, for it is resting open.  Meiko is
sitting in a chair in front of a mirror, brushing her hair.  She is
singing quietly, wordlessly, to herself, but stops as the door behind
her opens.]

Meiko:  (shifting her gaze in the mirror) Miki-san.  Are you feeling

[Miki crosses the room and sits on the corner of one of the
mattresses, close to Meiko.]

Miki:  Much.  Isn't An-chan back yet?

Meiko:  She'll probably be watching the sea for another half hour.

Miki:  Yuu-kun said she liked the ocean at night, but...

Meiko:  (giggles) That's the way she is.  She doesn't just like
        something, she puts her whole heart into it.  I think Yuu-kun
        is hard on her sometimes because he wants her to use all that
        energy to reach her potential.

Miki:  Maybe so.  You were right about him before...

Meiko:  (smiling) I told you.  I have to admit, I didn't think he'd
        come to accept you quite so quickly... but An will be glad.
        She likes the idea of having another sister.

[Meiko laughs, but Miki, dropping her gaze, looks a little pensive.]

Miki:  (softly) The way he was acting today...  It was... nice.  I

[Meiko stops laughing and turns around.]

Meiko:  Miki-san, you mean...?

Miki:  (looking up to meet Meiko's eyes) I... don't know if I feel
       like a sister... Meiko.