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		Orange Marmalade - episode thirteen
		"Spreading Ripples"


		Anju's Diary

	The heat of Tokyo in the summer makes me miss the ocean
already, but still, somehow, it feels good to be home.  We have a few
weeks before school starts again, so I think I'll use the time to take
the advice Miki-san gave me, not long after we moved here.  I think if
I get used to it now, I can continue when I'm in school.
	Miki-san is practicing the piano now.  I'm not sure I should
call it practicing, though;  She's so good at it.  I guess she must
play a lot, but I don't remember hearing her that often.  I think I'd
like to play together with her, some time.
	Every time I do hear her, she's playing such mournful songs.
I asked her about it once, and she said that playing sad songs made
her feel happier, because it reminded her of the worse times.
	I think Miki-san gets a little too depressed sometimes.  I
wish I could do something to help, but I don't know what to do, and I
don't want to make a mistake and make things worse.
	I could make her happy.  It would be easy.  But it wouldn't be
right.  Not because of what Meiko says, but because it wouldn't be
based on real emotion.
	I guess there are some problems the Power can't help with.


[Scene:  Anju's Bedroom]

[Soft pastel purple and bright canary yellow dominate Anju's bedroom.
Wallpaper, drapes, carpet, and floral-print bedspread all complement
each other.  Aside from the bed, the room contains a bookshelf, a
dresser, a desk, and two chairs; all of the furniture is surprisingly
well-organized and laid out, though pieces of luggage, still not
unpacked, are scattered about the floor.  The faint sound of piano
music can be heard.  Anju is lying on the bed, writing in her diary.
Stopping, she taps the pen against the page, then sets it aside.  She
rolls over onto her back with the diary in her grasp, glances at a
bookshelf against one wall, and, with a tossing motion,
telekinetically propels the diary into place between two of the books.
Smiling to herself, she sits up and lifts a violin case from beside
the bed.]

Anju:  Well, why not?

[With the case in hand, she stands and leaves the room.]


[Scene:  Yuu's Bedroom]

[Later in the day; the sounds of music can no longer be heard in the
background.  This room is still very empty; if it weren't for the
bookshelf and the books still on the desk, it might be difficult to
tell anyone lived here.  Yuu is sitting at the desk, slowly paging
through a large book, which appears to be a treatise on architecture.
He stops at one picture, reading the associated caption.]

Yuu:  Hmm.  Osaka...

[He reaches to one side to retrieve a tablet, and scribbles a brief
note.  Then, setting the tablet back on the desk, he yawns, stands up,
and stretches.]

Yuu:  That's enough for now.

[Leaving tablet and book on the desk, Yuu turns and leaves the room.]


[Scene:  Hallway]

[Yuu takes a few steps, then stops.  He turns to look at a particular
door -- one which has a cat-shaped placard on it.  The placard reads,
in Roman letters, "Miki."  Yuu smiles faintly.]

Yuu:  Sometimes, I would almost think you're a normal girl...

[He steps up to the door and knocks once.  Receiving no response, he
knocks again, pushes the door open, and sticks his head into the room.
A moment later, he withdraws, shaking his head.  He closes the door
and walks further down the hall.]


[Scene:  Meiko's Bedroom]

[This room looks much the same as the last time we saw it; like Yuu,
Meiko has already unpacked and put her belongings away.  Meiko is
sitting at her desk, reading a novel.  There is a knock at her door.]

Meiko:  (looking up from the pages) Come in.

[Yuu pushes the door open and steps inside.]

Meiko:  Oh, oniichan.  I thought Anju might be back.

Yuu:  (smiling faintly) She wouldn't have knocked.  Studying again?

Meiko:  (shaking her head) Just a novel.  Did you want something?

Yuu:  Not exactly.  I was looking for Miki-san, and I thought she
      might be here.  Have you seen her?

Meiko:  (hesitantly) Not today.  She was practicing in the music room
        a little while ago.

Yuu:  (nodding) Thanks.

[Yuu turns away, but Meiko speaks before he steps through the door.]

Meiko:  She might have gone out with An.

Yuu:  (over his shoulder) Gone out?

Meiko:  (nodding) I don't know where, but she said she wouldn't be
        gone too long.  (shrugs) Maybe Miki went with her.

Yuu:  (to himself) I wonder whether they went to the ABCB...  (to
      Meiko) Maybe I'll go check.  I should let Master know I'm back,

Meiko:  (neutrally) I'm sure Arimi-chan will be happy, too.

[Yuu pretends to ignore the comment.]

Yuu:  Thanks, Meiko.

Meiko:  Any time.  I wish I could help more...

[Yuu looks strangely at Meiko for a moment before stepping out of the
room, closing the door behind him.]

Meiko:  {For Miki's sake.  Poor Arimi-chan...}


[Scene:  ABCB]

[Though it is midafternoon, the kissaten doesn't appear to be very
busy.  Kijima is standing near the door to the back room, leaning
against the wall.  Arimi, in her work uniform, is standing behind the
counter, not far away.  On the other side of the counter, Anju, Ginta,
and Miki are sitting together.  Arimi leans forward over the counter,
a look of disbelief on her face.]

Arimi:  You did?  Really?

[Miki nods.]

Arimi:  Suzu-chan?

[Miki nods again.]

Arimi:  (sighs) Lucky...

Miki:  We were just helping Mama with the shoot.  It's not as though
       we did anything special.

Ginta:  Shoot?  So this Suzu-chan is an actress?

[Eyes wide, Arimi turns to Ginta.]

Arimi:  You don't know?!

Miki:  (gently) She's a model, Ginta.

[Ginta shrugs helplessly.]

Kijima:  Models' names may not be the sort of thing a young man

[Suspicious, Miki glances sidelong at Kijima, who spreads his hands in
an innocent gesture.  Meanwhile, Arimi stands up straight and crosses
her arms, regarding Ginta.]

Arimi:  Don't you know anything?  Suzu-chan is famous!

Ginta:  (shrugs) Doesn't ring a bell.

Kijima:  Calm down, Arimi-kun...  (grins) I'm sure he'd recognize her
         if he saw her.

Arimi:  (slightly calmer) Sempai would have known who she was, I bet.

Miki:  I don't think he did, actually.

Anju:  You never told us, Miki-san... what did you and 'niichan do?

Miki:  We carried some of the equipment to the beach, Yuu-kun held the
       mirror... that sort of thing.

Ginta:  That sounds boring.

Arimi:  You just don't understand these things.  (to Miki) What's
        Suzu-chan like?

Ginta:  Probably spoiled.

Arimi:  (eyes narrow) I wasn't asking you.

Kijima:  (laughing) You'd better be careful, Suou-kun.

Miki:  Suzu-chan was... energetic.  And cheerful, I guess.  She did
       seem devoted to her work.

Arimi:  Just like I thought!

Anju:  I wish I'd gotten to meet her...

Miki:  She certainly was... remarkable.

Arimi:  Did you get her autograph?

Miki:  No.  (pause) Unless she signed the pictures...

Arimi:  (eyes ecstatically wide) Pictures?

Miki:  (nodding) We ran into her again the next day, and she gave us

Anju:  How come you didn't show them to me?  (playfully) You're so
       cold, Miki-san.

Miki:  (thoughtfully) I should say, she gave Yuu-kun some.  Those two
       seemed to get along very well...  (to Anju) You should ask him,
       An-chan.  I'm sure he'd show you.

Arimi:  I think I will, too...

Ginta:  Still, why give Matsuura a picture?

Anju:  'Cause she liked him, silly.

[There is a moment of absolute silence.]

Kijima:  (softly) My, my...

Arimi:  ...Liked him?  And Yuu-sempai liked her...?

[Miki hesitates momentarily before shaking her head.]

Miki:  Not in that way.

Arimi:  But, then...

Ginta:  She probably just wanted to show off how good her pictures

Arimi:  You know how they looked?

Ginta:  Miki's mother took them, right?

Arimi:  Oh, yeah...

Miki:  (blushing slightly) Please... she's not -that- good.

Ginta:  (grinning) Maybe not, but now I'm kind of curious, too.  Do
        you think you could talk Matsuura into bringing them in next
        time he's working?

Miki:  (downcast) I... don't know.

Ginta:  Hey, it's not that important.  It's okay.

Miki:  (blinking) Eh?  Ah, sorry.  I was thinking of something else.

[Miki forces a smile; Ginta doesn't look convinced.]

Anju:  Could you describe them?

Miki:  It won't be as good as seeing them.

Anju:  But I don't want to wait!  Please?

Arimi:  Please, Miki-san?

Miki:  (nodding) All right.  I'm not very good at this, but I'll try.
       The first one she gave us was a picture of her at the edge of
       the sea, turning and waving toward the camera.  The second one
       had her sort of kneeling near me and--

Ginta:  You were in the picture, Miki?

Anju:  Wow!  Why didn't you tell us about that?

Arimi:  That's terrific!  I'm so jealous...

Miki:  (quietly) I didn't mean to talk about that...

Kijima:  So, you're a model now, Miki-chan?  What's it like to finally
         be recognized?

Miki:  Master...!

Arimi:  Really, how did you do it, Miki-san?  I wish I could have been

Miki:  (waving her hands about defensively) It wasn't my
       idea... Yasuragi-san decided, for some reason... I didn't
       really want to.

Anju:  Why not?

Kijima:  Most young girls would jump at the chance.  (shrugs) But
         then, that's one of your strong points.  It's no good just to
         do what everyone else does.

Arimi:  Well, I would have.  (to Miki) You're a model?  This is so
        exciting! Are you going to do commercials, too?

Miki:  Wait a minute... I'm not a model.  It was just that once.

Anju:  Didn't you like it?

Miki:  Well... I suppose so, that once, but I wouldn't want to keep
       doing it.  It was mostly Yuu-kun's idea.

Arimi:  Sempai's?  (smiles) He's really looking out for you, isn't he?

[Miki flinches.]

Miki:  (coolly) Maybe.  (pause) Anyway, I'm really not interested.

[Arimi and Anju exchange glances.]

Ginta:  It's nice to have you back.

Anju:  (grinning) You missed us?

Ginta:  Arimi was lonely.

Miki:  (smiling at Arimi) Sorry.  I'll make it up to you.

Arimi:  It's okay.  But now that you mention it, we were talking about

Miki:  (glances at Ginta) Oh?  Are you planning something?

Ginta:  (nervous) Well... we were thinking about dancing.  Arimi
        wanted to ask Matsuura, and...

[Miki glances quickly at Arimi, who nods confirmation.]

Miki:  You're asking me to dance?

Ginta:  It's not l--  I mean, I thought... if you don't want to, we

Miki:  (interrupting) I'll think about it, Ginta.

Arimi:  It'll be fun!  Besides, we both missed you.

Kijima:  (chuckling) This place sure seemed quiet, too.  (grins) I
         think all of Yuu's fans stopped coming.

Ginta:  (laughing) Master... at least wait until Matsuura's here to
        defend himself.

[Kijima smiles and nods toward the door; the others turn just as the
chime sounds.  Yuu is standing in the doorway, holding the door open
with one hand.]

Yuu:  Defend myself from what?

[Reactions to Yuu's entrance are mixed.  Ginta and Anju wave -- the
first, reserved; the second, enthusiatically.  Kijima remains in place
but favors Yuu with a tight smile.  Miki is absolutely still.  And, as
Yuu steps into the room, letting go of the door, Arimi vaults over the
counter and throws her arms around his neck.  He stumbles backwards,
but catches himself.]

Arimi:  Welcome home, Yuu-sempai!  I missed you.

[Miki turns away, looking at Ginta.]

Miki:  I'll go, Ginta.

Ginta:  Huh?  (blinks) Oh.  You will?  (grins) Great!  Thanks, Miki!

Yuu:  (to Arimi) It's good to be home.  (to the room at large) Go?

[Arimi breaks off her embrace and nods to Yuu, smiling.]

Arimi:  We were thinking about going dancing.  Ginta and Miki, and you
        and me.  (pause) Do you like to dance?

Yuu:  Well, I guess...

Arimi:  Good!  It's settled, then.  How about Friday night?

Yuu:  (continuing) But I'm not that good at it.   (chuckles) You're
      really looking forward to this.

[Arimi nods.]

Yuu:  Friday is fine, then.

Arimi:  (smiling) Miki-san?  Ginta?

[Miki and Ginta also nod.  Miki stands up.]

Miki:  I should go home... thank you, Ginta.

[Ginta nods, then hurriedly stands.]

Ginta:  I'll walk you there... I'd need to leave soon anyway.

[In the background, Kijima coughs softly.  After a quick glance at
Arimi, Anju also stands.]

Anju:  I guess I'll go too, then.  (winks) Don't be home too late,

Arimi:  (innocent) I'll make sure he gets there on time.

Yuu:  Wait a minute, I--

[Arimi pulls Yuu toward the counter as Ginta, Anju, and Miki file
past through the doorway.  In the doorway, Anju glances back for a
moment as Arimi sits.]

Arimi:  I want to hear all about your vacation, Yuu-sempai.

Yuu:  But I--

Arimi:  Miki-san told me you were working with Suzu-chan...

[Anju steps through the door, allowing it to swing closed.  She

Anju:  The things I do for him...

Miki:  (over her shoulder) What's that, An-chan?

Anju:  Oh, nothing.  Do you think we could practice together again,

Miki:  Of course... any time.


		Yuu's Journal

	I never did get to talk to Miki that evening.  Isn't it
surprising that two people can live in the same house and never see
each other?
	She must be busy.  Maybe planning something?  I'll give her
some time.  Maybe we'll be able to talk Friday, when the four of us go
dancing.  I have to admit, I'm starting to look forward to that...


[Scene:  A Street]

[The next day.  It's late afternoon; the sky is dark, promising rain,
and relatively few people are out walking.  Among those few are Ginta
and Miki.  They stop in front of a bookstore; Miki smiles.]

Miki:  I'm going to pick up a novel.  I'll see you tomorrow, Ginta?

Ginta:  (nodding) Sure thing!

[The bookstore's door opens.  An empty-handed Anju walks out, stopping
when she sees the pair.  Ginta sees her and waves, prompting Miki to
turn around.]

Ginta:  Hi, An-chan.

Anju:  Ginta-san, Miki-san... are you shopping, too?

Miki:  Just me.  You didn't find anything to read, An-chan?

Anju:  (shrugging) Not particularly.

Miki:  Maybe Meiko could recommend something.

Anju:  Ah... I guess she could.  I don't really have the same taste in
       books, though.

Ginta:  For twins, you two sure are different.

Anju:  When we were younger, we weren't, but I got tired of everyone
       comparing us all the time, so I decided to do different things.
       That's when I started playing the violin.

Miki:  Really?  You haven't mentioned that before...

Anju:  (shrugging and smiling) It hasn't been an issue for almost ten
       years, now.

Miki:  (thoughtfully) I see...

Anju:  Oh, well.  I hope you find what you're looking for, Miki-san.
       Bye, Ginta-san.

Ginta:  I'll walk with you, actually... if you don't mind?  See you,

[Anju shakes her head.  Miki smiles at the two and waves.  As she
enters the store, they depart.  They walk for two blocks in silence
before Ginta speaks.]

Ginta:  I know how hard it is being compared to your relatives,
        believe me -- well, I guess it must have been even worse for
        you, being twins and all -- but I hope you didn't give up all
        the things you enjoyed just to try to be different from your

Anju:  I didn't, really.  I mean, I did, but I found out that I liked
       other things much more.  I guess I used to be depressed a lot,
       trying to make myself like Meiko.  Trying to like being like
       Meiko...  (shrugs) When I tried some of the other things, it
       just felt so much better... more natural, maybe.  You know?

Ginta:  (nodding) So it worked out pretty well, in your case.  I'm

Anju:  Mostly.  (frowns) It didn't really work, but it made me

Ginta:  It didn't work?

Anju:  (explaining) People still compared me to Meiko all the time,
       only it was the differences instead of the similarities.  It
       used to bother me a little, since everyone seemed to think that
       Meiko was the "normal" one since she's older.  You know, nobody
       ever really questioned the way she acted; I was always being
       compared to her, not the other way around.

Ginta:  (winces) Oh... that must've been hard.

Anju:  It was mostly the first year or so after I changed.  Then my
       family moved, so it wasn't quite so noticeable any more.
       People still do it sometimes, but it mostly doesn't bother me

Ginta:  Mostly?

Anju:  The only thing is that everyone treats Meiko as if she's more
       mature than I am.  (frowns) Even my own family.  Sometimes,
       it's hard to get them to take me seriously.

Ginta:  Well, Meiko-san does act a lot more mature than you... er,

Anju:  (sighing) I know... I probably sound like a baby just
       complaining about it, don't I?  But once in a while, I wish...

[Anju trails off.  There is a brief silence.]

Ginta:  I guess you need to show them that you've become mature.  Then
        they'll start treating you that way, right?

[Anju turns to smile at Ginta.]

Anju:  Maybe so.  Thanks, Ginta-san; you're a good listener.

Ginta:  I am?  Nobody's ever said -that- before...

[Anju giggles.  Then the two turn a corner and she suddenly stops as a
hand lightly grasps each of her shoulders.  Her head snaps back around
to see Tsuchiya Kei, who smiles at her as he lifts his hands away.]

Kei:  Third time's the charm, I guess.  Sorry about that, but I didn't
      want us to collide again.

Anju:  (blushing in embarrassment) It's my fault... I should...

Kei & Anju:  (in unison) Watch where I'm going.

[Anju's blush deepens as Kei chuckles.]

Kei:  So you've said.  In any case, no harm done.  It's nice to see
      you again...  (to Ginta) Both of you.  (to Anju) You're all
      right, aren't you?

Anju:  (nodding) Thanks to you.  Just a little surprised.

Kei:  (smiling) So was I.  Were you on your way from work, perhaps?

Anju:  No... I don't have a job.

Ginta:  (shakes his head) Just walking.

Kei:  Me, too.

Anju:  (glancing at the sky) I hope you're not going too far, without
       an umbrella.  It looks like rain.

Kei:  (grinning) I'll take my chances.  I think we still have an hour
      or two until the storm.

Anju:  I hope so...

Kei:  (thoughtfully) Actually, meeting you could have been a stroke of
      luck for me...

[Anju and Ginta both look puzzled.]

Kei:  (apologetically) I know this is sudden, but... would you like to
      go dancing with me, Anju-san?

Anju:  (blinks) Me?

Kei:  I like to go, occasionally, but it's not as much fun when you're
      alone.  Besides, I feel like I should do something to apologize
      for running into you twice before...

Anju:  Oh, no... but that was my fault, you really don't have to...

Kei:  (shrugging) If you say so, but I'd still like to.  (pause) Of
      course, if you don't want to...

Anju:  Ah, no, I didn't mean...  I mean, if you really want to, I
       guess, but...  Ah...  But I'm not a very good dancer.

Kei:  (smiling) That's all right, I'm not very good myself.  The
      important thing is to have fun.

Anju:  ...All right, then.

Kei:  (nodding) Thank you, Anju-san.  Are you free on Friday?

[Anju glances at Ginta excitedly before nodding to Kei.]

Anju:  That would be great!  Thanks, Kei-san!

Kei:  It's my pleasure.  Here...

[Kei manages to find a pen and a small rectangular scrap of paper in
his pockets.  He quickly scribbles something.]

Anju:  This is...

Kei:  (nodding) My phone number.  Just in case something comes up.
      (waves) Otherwise, I'll see you Friday.

Anju:  Thanks, Kei-san!  Goodbye!

[Ginta waves silently, and Kei continues on his way.  Ginta and Anju
begin walking again as well.]

Anju:  Wasn't that lucky?  Maybe we can go with you, Arimi, Miki-san,
       and 'niichan!

Ginta:  (nodding) I guess it was...  That guy's acting awfully
        familiar for someone you just met twice, though.  Why did you
        accept so fast?

Anju:  He seems nice, and I wanted to go dancing like the rest of you.
       (grins) Besides, he's kind of cute.

Ginta:  He acts way too smooth...

[Anju peers at Ginta, a broad smile on her face.  She chuckles

Ginta:  ...What?

Anju:  That's why you don't like him.  You're jealous!

Ginta:  (blinks) -What-?  Hey, you've got it all wrong, I--

Anju:  (sticking out her tongue) Just kidding!

[Ginta heaves a sigh and rubs his forehead, while Anju laughs.]


[Scene:  Meiko's Bedroom]

[That evening.  The sounds of rain outside can be heard over the quiet
classical music that is playing -- a selection from Vivaldi's Four
Seasons.  Meiko is sitting at her desk, reading -- it's still the same
novel, but she's now near the end.  The door swings open and Anju
enters, knocking once as she steps into the room.  Without looking up
from her book, Meiko sighs.]

Meiko:  (slightly annoyed) You know, there's a purpose to knocking.
        It would help if you'd do it properly.

Anju:  (nodding dismissively) I know, I know.  But, listen, I need to
       ask you for a favor.

[Now Meiko looks up, turning toward Anju as she does.]

Anju:  Can I borrow your purple dress this Friday?

Meiko:  (blinking) If you want to.  Why?  Where are you going?

[Anju excitedly grins and twirls in place.]

Anju:  Dancing.  I have a date!

Meiko:  A date?  (smiles) That's wonderful.

Anju:  (nodding) 'Niichan and Miki-san and Arimi and Ginta-san are
       going, too.  (brief pause) Why don't you come, too?  You could
       ask Miwa-sempai, I bet he'd be glad to go with you.

Meiko:  Ah... thanks, An, but I think I'll stay home.

Anju:  Hmm, you're no fun any more...

Meiko:  Sorry.  Maybe next time.  (pause) If you're not going
        with... him... then who?  Rokutanda-sempai?

[Anju shakes her head, smiling.]

Anju:  Kei-san.

Meiko:  (stunned) Tsuchiya Kei?

Anju:  (nodding) We ra-- I mean, we happened to meet each other
       today, and he asked me.  Lucky, ne?

Meiko:  Lucky?  You don't even know Tsuchiya-san!  How could he ask
        you on a date so soon?  How could you accept so soon?

Anju:  Well, what's wrong with that?

Meiko:  What's--?!  (pause) You don't remember him, do you?

Anju:  (frowning) Sure I do.  I just saw him today.

Meiko:  But we've seen him before, An.

Anju:  Well, sure--

Meiko:  (interrupting) Do you remember when we lived in Izumo?

[Though puzzled, Anju takes a moment to think about the question.]

Anju:  Yeah... we only lived there for a year or so.  There was an old
       man living next door to us who liked poetry, and he taught you
       some verses...

Meiko:  (nodding) Right.  And we went to Dashigaki.

Anju:  I remember that now... we were in different classes, and my
       best friend at school was Maki-chan...

Meiko:  (nodding) And there was a gang of boys there who always seemed
        to get into trouble.

Anju:  Right, there used to be a lot of fighting...

Meiko:  (continuing) And their leader was Tsuchiya Kei.

[There is a brief silence.]

Anju:  What?  No way...

Meiko:  I didn't remember at first.  He looks different now.  But I
        knew I remembered the name, so I checked.  Tsuchiya-san moved
        here from Izumo with his family.  It wasn't long after we'd
        moved there, only about a month, so you might not remember,
        but he was in our grade.

Anju:  (frowning) Even so... the part about him being the leader was
       just a rumor.  And even if he was, that was a long time ago, he
       could be a completely different person now!

[Meiko holds up her hands in a peacemaking gesture.]

Meiko:  Don't get angry... I'm just saying that it could be true.

Anju:  (crossing her arms) That's not how it sounded a minute ago.

Meiko:  (hesitantly) Well... if you really want to go...?

[Anju nods enthusiastically.  Meiko sighs and continues.]

Meiko:  Then it should be okay, as long as you're with Miki.  Or

[Anju claps her hands.]

Anju:  I knew it!

[She begins to turn, then sheepishly turns back.]

Anju:  Ah... about the dress?

Meiko:  (laughing quietly) It's hanging in the left side of my closet.
        Go ahead and take it.

Anju:  Thanks!

[Anju skips across to the closet, opens its door, and begins searching
the articles of clothing inside.  Meiko turns back to her book for a
moment.  Then she addresses Anju once more -- again without lifting
her eyes from the page.]

Meiko:  Be careful, An, okay?

Anju:  You worry too much, 'neechan.  What could happen?


Notes:	"Dashigaki," the name of the Matsuuras' school in Izumo, is
derived from "tadashigaki," meaning "provision" or "condition."
	On addressing Suzu:  Suzu is a popular model.  There is a
certain degree of implied familiarity, so people address her using
"-chan."  The same form of address is used for popular singers,
actors, etc.  It doesn't necessarily have to do with Suzu's age
(though that's probably part of it, at least for some of the
characters) -- Arnold Schwartzenegger, for instance, is referred to as