*	*	*	*	*

		Orange Marmalade - episode fourteen
		"Twice Shy"


[Scene:  Anju's Bedroom]

[Anju's room is a bit less neat than the last time we saw it; several
blouses, skirts, and dresses lie on the surface of the bed, or over
the arm of the chair, or hanging from the top of the closet doors, or
even crumpled on the floor.  Her closet has clearly been thoroughly
ransacked.  On the back of the door to the hallway is hung a light
purple one-piece dress.  The dress has traces of silver embroidery at
the neck, sleeves, and hem, and a plain black belt is looped around
its hanger.  The dress flutters as the door opens, allowing Anju to
enter.  She giggles cheerfully at the sight of it, closes the door,
and crosses to her desk to pick up the telephone.  Another moment, and
Anju is humming tunelessly to herself as she finishes dialing.  On the
third ring, the line is picked up, and Anju smiles.]

Anju:  Hi, Kei-san!  It's An.  (brief pause) Well, I was just
       wondering, about Friday...


[Scene:  ABCB]

[Apparently the next day.  The kissaten is completely empty today,
save for Yuu and Kijima, both of whom are standing -- Yuu, behind the
counter; Kijima, leaning against the doorway to the back room.  A look
out the kissaten's windows shows why no customers are present:  A
downpour is in progress.  Without customers, Kijima and Yuu seem to
have nothing further to do; the dishes have been washed, and the
floor, counter, and tables are sparkling clean.  As usual, Kijima's
stance conveys a sense of nonchalance, while Yuu has an air of
brooding about him.]

Kijima:  I'll bet you're wishing that this would clear up before you
         go home, hmm?

Yuu:  (nodding slightly) It's quite a storm.  I don't live that far
      away, though.

Kijima:  Far enough that you'd get soaked.

Yuu:  (nodding again) {Even with the Power, by the time I got
      someplace where it would be safe to teleport...}

Kijima:  (shrugging) You're welcome to stay late, if you want to, of
         course.  In case the rain stops.

Yuu:  (nodding yet again) Thanks.

Kijima:  Yuu-kun.  Is something wrong?

[There is a pause, just long enough to begin to feel uncomfortable,
before Yuu replies.]

Yuu:  Not really.  Why do you ask?

[Kijima eases back further against the wall, tilting his head back and
looking up toward the ceiling.  He chuckles quietly, and Yuu turns his

Kijima:  You're pretty cold, aren't you?

[Yuu says nothing, but his mouth tightens almost imperceptibly.]

Kijima:  Well, it's your decision.  (pause) Just be careful.  If
         you're too distant, you might lose her.

Yuu:  (turning fully toward Kijima) "Her?"

[Kijima straightens to his initial position, turning his head back
toward Yuu and smiling a crooked grin.]

Kijima:  Nine times out of ten, it's a woman.

[Yuu turns away again, bracing both hands upon the counter and staring
wordlessly out the window.  The seconds tick by, but Kijima says
nothing more, and Yuu seems lost in introspection.  Finally, Yuu
stands up straight once again.]

Yuu:  I'm going home.  (glancing at Kijima) Unless you need me

Kijima:  (shaking his head) We've practically closed the place
         already.  Nobody's likely to come, in this weather... I'll
         probably just leave, myself.  But since the rain hasn't let
         up yet... are you sure you don't want to stay and see?

Yuu:  Thanks.  (looking back out the window) I'll go.  I don't think
      it will stop any time soon.

Kijima:  Have it your way.  See you Saturday, Yuu-kun.  Try not to
         catch a cold.

[Yuu nods, and ducks into the back room to change.  A few minutes
later, he's dashing out the door and down the street.  Not a dozen
steps from the kissaten, he's already soaked through.  Kijima, who
hasn't moved, watches the first part of Yuu's progress through the
window, then sighs.]

Kijima:  Well, some things, you just have to face...

[He straightens and steps into the back room.]


[Scene:  Living Room]

[Slightly later.  Meiko is the sole occupant of the living room, which
is dominated by a sofa and two plush chairs, arranged in a semicircle
around a television.  She is nominally watching a serial drama, but
she appears not to be paying much attention to it.  The house's front
door opens and closes, nudging Meiko out of her reverie.]

{Yuu:  I'm home.}

Meiko:  Welcome back.  (blinks) You're soaked.

[Cut to Yuu, in the genkan.  He is, indeed, soaked.]

Yuu:  (slightly exasperated) It's raining.

[Meiko, meanwhile, has gotten up and strolled toward the back of the

Meiko:  I told you you should've taken an umbrella this morning.

Yuu:  There weren't any left!  Get me a towel, would you?

Meiko:  On my way.  Maybe you should've bought an umbrella.

[She disappears, heading for the bathroom.]

Yuu:  (half to himself) I've bought three this year.  -Somehow-, they
      always vanish.

Meiko:  (emerging with a fluffy green towel) Maybe you need to be more
        careful with them, then.  Here.

Yuu:  (taking the towel) Thanks.

[Meiko nods.  Yuu dries his face and hair, then tries without much
success to blot the water from his clothes.]

Yuu:  Where is everyone?  It's unusually quiet.

Meiko:  (shrugging) You beat our parents and the Koishikawas home.
        Miki is in her room, reading.  An said she had a quick errand
        to run.  That was about an hour ago, so she could be home at
        any time.  You're earlier than usual, aren't you?

Yuu:  (nodding) There were almost no customers all day.  Once the rain

Meiko:  No one taking shelter from the storm?

Yuu:  Not for the last few hours.

Meiko:  Lucky you.

Yuu:  (shrugging) I prefer to work, believe it or not.  (pause) I'm
      going to go change.

[Meiko nods, but Yuu is already past her.  A moment later, he's
crossed the room and climbed the stairs.]


[Scene:  Hallway]

[Yuu pauses at the top of the stairs, glancing along the hallway
toward Miki's door.  He takes one step in that direction, frowns,
looks down at his wet clothes, and turns around.  He walks into his
room, closing the door behind him, and therefore misses seeing Miki
emerge from her room a moment later.  She is dressed nicely, but not
formally, in a cream-colored blouse, gold vest, and long brown skirt,
and she carries an umbrella.  She quickly descends the staircase.]


[Scene:  Living Room]

[Meiko, seated on the sofa once again, turns to look over her shoulder
at the sound of Miki's approaching footsteps.]

Meiko:  Oh, Miki... you're going out?

Miki:  (smiling softly) Just for a little while.

Meiko:  Oniichan just got home.

Miki:  (pauses) I didn't see him.  Would you tell our parents I won't
       be home for dinner tonight?

[Meiko nods, frowning slightly.  Miki, stepping down into the genkan,
doesn't seem to notice.]

Miki:  Thanks, Meiko.

[The door opens and closes.  Meiko switches off the television and
sighs, sinking back against the sofa.]

Meiko:  Either I'm missing something, or I'm living with a half-dozen


[Scene:  Dining Room]

[Later that evening.  Yuu, Meiko, and the four parents are seated at
the table, eating dinner.  Another place has been set, but is
unoccupied.  The parents don't seem to notice, as they chatter, but
Yuu and Meiko continually glance in its direction.]

Yuu:  (softly, to Meiko) Are you sure she said a "quick" errand?

[Meiko nods.]

Youji:  You know we don't need to worry about An, Yuu.

Chiyako:  (nods, smiling) She can take care of herself.

Yuu:  That's what I'm afraid of...

Jin:  She probably ran into some friends.

Meiko:  But she did say she wouldn't be long.

Rumi:  Well, it would have been nice to let us know...

Youji:  (shrugging) ...But you can't always predict these things.

Yuu:  But--

[As if on cue, the front door slams.]

{Anju:  I'm home!  Sorry I'm late.}

[The six at the table return the greeting.  A moment later, Anju can
be heard climbing the stairs.]

Chiyako:  Come join us if you're hungry.  It's still hot.

{Anju:  Thanks, but I already ate!}

[Chiyako shrugs slightly and returns to her meal.]

Jin:  Actually, I used to do the same thing, back when I was a high
      school student.

Meiko:  Your parents didn't mind?

Jin:  (somewhat puzzled) Not particularly.  Why would they?

Yuu:  {I guess that's where they get it from.}

Rumi:  That reminds me of the time our class went to Kyoto on a field


[Scene:  Living Room]

[That evening.  Miki, Yuu, and Ginta are in the living room; Miki and
Ginta are seated on the couch, while Yuu is leaning against the wall
near the bathroom door, not quite looking in their direction.  They've
dressed for the occasion -- Miki wears a black dress and red jacket,
Yuu a grey dress shirt and black slacks, and Ginta a blue turtleneck,
grey slacks, and jacket, in which he seems slightly uncomfortable.  In
contrast, both Miki and Yuu appear utterly at ease.  A footstep on the
stairs cuts off Ginta's halfhearted attempts at conversation.]

Anju:  Sorry to keep you waiting... oh!  I didn't realize you were
       already here, Ginta-san.

Ginta:  (shrugs while turning to face Anju) I was early, and...

[He trails off, surprised; the expression is mirrored by Miki and

Yuu:  An...  What did you do to your hair?

[Cut to Anju.  Her appearance is, in fact, drastically different.  For
one, she's wearing the purple dress ensemble that had been hanging on
her door earlier; but the more noticeable change is her hair.  The
dual pigtails are gone, along with most of the rest of it -- what
remains is a short, pageboy-style cut.  The combined effect makes her
appear several years older -- at least, until she ruins the illusion
by laughing and twirling in place.]

Anju:  Ginta-san suggested it.  How do I look?

Yuu:  Different.
Miki:  (simultaneously) Ginta did?
Ginta:  (simultaneously) I did?

[Anju giggles as the three stop themselves and exchange glances.]

Anju:  (to Miki) I'll tell you about it later.  Do you like it?
       (looking over her shoulder at Yuu) I know better than to ask

[Miki blinks, then chuckles.]

Miki:  It suits you, An-chan.

Ginta:  So you're going out tonight?

[Anju nods happily.]

Ginta:  Er... well, have fun.

[Anju nods again, and Ginta casts around for something else to say.
Before he finds it, though, she decides to continue.]

Anju:  So you're just waiting for Arimi...?

[Ginta glances at Miki, then at Yuu, but they don't seem inclined to

Ginta:  I guess so.  It's kind of strange, though.  This was mostly
        her idea.

Miki:  She'll be here on time.

Ginta:  Probably.

Miki:  (chuckling) Besides, you're usually the one who's late, Ginta.

Ginta:  (blushing) Well...

[Ginta is saved by the doorbell's chime.]

Anju:  Ah, she's here.  I'll--

Yuu:  I'll get it.

[Yuu quickly strides across the room and swings the door open.
Outside is Arimi, who is wearing a long sea-foam green dress which
might be just a little bit too formal for the situation.  Her soft
smile grows wider as she sees Yuu, and she steps forward, taking his
free hand in hers as she does.]

Arimi:  (demure) Good evening, Yuu-sempai.  (looking past Yuu) Hello,

Anju:  Hi, Arimi!

[Miki and Ginta likewise wave as they stand.  The entire group exits.
They walk for a short distance in relative silence -- Arimi seems
content holding Yuu's hand; Yuu is silent as ever; Ginta's attention
is divided between that pair and Miki; and Miki's eyes are focused on
some imaginary point on the horizon.]

Anju:  Ne, how far is it to this place?

Ginta:  Eh?  Oh... not far.  Just...  (blinks, surprised) An-chan?
        Why are you here?

Yuu:  (over his shoulder; disinterested) Weren't you going out?

Anju:  (grinning impishly) It took you long enough to catch on.  He's
       going to meet us there.

Miki:  Who?

Ginta:  "Us?"

Anju:  Sure!  I think it'll be great, all of us together...

Yuu:  (to Miki) Did you know about this?

Miki:  (coolly) No.  She must have forgotten about telling me.

[Yuu blinks at Miki's tone.  Ginta seems surprised, too, but the
others apparently miss it.]

Arimi:  Well, I think it sounds like fun, too.  Right, Sempai?

Yuu:  I don't have... I mean, it's okay.

Ginta:  The more the merrier, huh?  Besides, we're almost there now.


[Scene:  Disco Moebius, Outside]

[The hall is located in the basement of a building; however, it's
difficult to miss its presence, thanks to the large neon sign on the
street.  Beneath the sign, a flight of stairs leading downward can be
seen.  Not far from the establishment is a fountain, in front of which
stands Tsuchiya Kei.  He is dressed in a forest green shirt and black
slacks; he also has a jacket, which he's holding slung over his
shoulder.  He has been looking in one direction, but now his head
turns, and his gaze slowly sweeps along the length of the street.
Fortuitously, Miki and her group turn a corner a moment later.  Kei
stiffens slightly as he sees them.]

Kei:  You...?

[At the same time, the larger group has noticed Kei.  Miki and Yuu
are both surprised; Arimi, slightly confused; Ginta, irritated.  Anju
waves cheerfully, smiling.]

Anju:  Hi, Kei-san!

Miki:  He's your...?

Ginta:  I should have known...

Arimi:  You know him, Miki-san?

Yuu:  Or maybe An's new look surprised him.

Arimi:  An-chan's...?  (peering at Anju) You cut your hair!

Anju:  Mm-hmm!

Arimi:  (shaking her head) How could I miss that...?

[In the interim, Kei has crossed to fall into place at Anju's side.]

Kei:  It's true; I almost didn't recognize you, Anju-san.  (pausing to
      regard the group) I take it this was your surprise...

Anju:  (beaming) Yep!

Yuu:  It certainly was...

Kei:  (nods) This wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

Ginta:  Sorry to disappoint you.

Kei:  Oh, I didn't mean -that-.  Just, well...

Miki:  (wryly) We understand.

Arimi:  (shrugging) Let's go dance, already.

[Miki nods once and starts toward the stairs, grasping Ginta's wrist
as she goes.  He almost loses his balance, but recovers enough to
stumble along after her.  Yuu allows himself to be led by Arimi as she
follows the pair.  Anju and Kei exchange glances.]

Anju:  (shrugging) Sounds good to me.

[She grabs Kei's hand and turns, missing the expressions that flash
across Kei's face -- surprise, followed by calculation.  He catches up
to her, and they descend the stairs side by side.]


[Scene:  Disco Moebius]

[A large, open room, dimly lit, though the dance floor is
intermittently bathed in flashes of colored light.  The omnipresent
music makes conversation difficult at best, but a bar is set along
part of one wall, and a seating area with a number of small tables
and booths along another, and those areas are slightly quieter.  The
hall is crowded tonight, and most of the people present look a year or
two older than Miki or Yuu.  Yuu seems slightly put off by that, but
none of the others seem troubled by it.  As a new, slow, song begins
to play, the three couples head out onto the dance floor.]

Kei:  You dance well.

[He's lying; while Anju isn't tripping over her own feet, she's
visibly uncertain, and not even the most charitable observer could
call her movements graceful.  She seems to believe him, though, and
smiles, at once pleased and embarrassed.]

Anju:  Sorry about not telling you earlier...

Kei:  About?  (pause) Your brother and the others?  (Anju nods.) Don't
      worry.  I like surprises.

Anju:  (grinning) Me too.

Kei:  Well.  We'll have to see if I can surprise you, then, some day.

[There is another pause.  Anju grows marginally less awkward as she
begins to relax.  Kei continues to match his own pace to hers.]

Anju:  Ne, Kei-san?  You said this wasn't what you expected.  What did
       you expect?

Kei:  (smiling slyly) I thought you were being quite aggressive.
      Calling, and asking to meet you at a place like this...

[Anju turns bright red, incoherently mumbling a denial.  Meanwhile...
Miki and Ginta dance... at almost arms' length.]

Ginta:  You didn't really want to come tonight, did you?

Miki:  Eh?  I said that I did, didn't I?

Ginta:  But you don't seem to be having fun.

Miki:  (smiling wanly) Sorry.  Memories, I guess.

Ginta:  (wincing) Sorry.

Miki:  It wasn't your fault.  If anything, it was mine.

Ginta:  That's not--

Miki:  Ginta.  (Ginta falls silent, hearing Miki's tone.)  I don't
       want to argue about that tonight, okay?  Let's just forget that
       it happened.

[Ginta hesitantly nods.  They continue to dance as before.]

Ginta:  Still... did Matsuura say something, or--?

Miki:  Yuu-kun?  (Glancing at Yuu and Arimi, she steps in closer to
       Ginta.)  I think... he's probably nervous about dancing with

Ginta:  (laughing) Nervous?  But they're a couple... if anyone's
        nervous, it should be us.

[Miki manages not to flinch; her expression wavers momentarily,

Miki:  It's because they're a couple, silly.  We don't have that

[It's Ginta's turn not to flinch.  Meanwhile...
Arimi and Yuu are dancing.  She's pressed as close to him as she can
get; her arms circle him in a tight embrace.  He hardly seems to
notice, simply going through the motions.]

Arimi:  I'm so glad I can see you again, Yuu-sempai.  Don't go away
        like that again, okay?  That week felt like a year!

Yuu:  (chuckling almost despite himself) It couldn't have been that

Arimi:  Honest!  (leaning back a little to look up into Yuu's eyes)
        But I'll forgive you, since you asked me out tonight.  It's so
        romantic, don't you think?

Yuu:  Didn't you ask me?

Arimi:  Details.  The important thing is that we're here together.

[She smiles at him.  Feeling slightly guilty, Yuu puts a little bit of
effort into dancing.  Despite his previous claim to the contrary, he's
a fairly adept dancer.]

Arimi:  (smiling dreamily) I wish it could be just the two of us...

Yuu:  (chuckling nervously) Er... maybe some other day?

[Arimi's eyes shimmer as she once again leans into Yuu.  Somehow, he
keeps up the pace.]

Yuu:  {That smile...}

[They continue like that for a short time.  Yuu glances toward Miki,
sees her turn and step closer to Ginta, and inwardly winces.]

Yuu:  How will I explain to Miki...?

Arimi:  (leaning back again) Eh?

Yuu:  (slightly louder) I just remembered, I need to talk to Miki.

Arimi:  (nodding understandingly) Oh!  We... could stop for a minute,
        I guess...

Yuu:  Uh... there's no need!  Suou and I could switch!  Just for a
      minute, it won't take very long...

[Arimi reluctantly nods, and the two begin moving toward Miki and
Ginta.  When they've gotten close enough, Yuu reaches out to tap
Ginta's shoulder.  As the other pair pauses, he quickly explains and
takes Miki's hand before Ginta objects.  He and Miki whirl away to the
side while Arimi and Ginta watch in surprise.  Then Ginta shrugs,
takes Arimi's hand, and leads back into the dance.]

Ginta:  What's this all about?

Arimi:  Beats me.  Sempai said he'd forgotten to ask Miki-san
        something, and it would only take a second.

Ginta:  He could have waited until the song was over...

Arimi:  Don't be selfish!  It must be important, or Yuu-sempai
        wouldn't leave me.

Ginta:  (sighing) I guess so.  (brightening) Well, like you said
        before, let's just have fun dancing.

[Arimi smiles and nods.  Meanwhile...]

Miki:  Yuu... what do you think you're doing?

Yuu:  I just wanted to explain.  That really wasn't what it looked

Miki:  Why not?

Yuu:  It, I... What?

Miki:  Why.  Not?  You are her boyfriend, after all.

Yuu:  But--  {Wait, I can't tell her that... Maybe--}

Miki:  (chuckling) Don't worry, Yuu.  I'm not going to think you're a
       pervert just because you enjoy dancing with her, or anything
       like that.  (He starts to protest again, but she cuts him off
       before he can speak.)  And I think I can trust you not to take
       advantage of her.  (laughs) I'm more worried about the other
       way around.  So you don't need to explain anything.  Just make
       sure that she has a good time.

Yuu:  (helplessly) But...


Kei:  (frowning slightly) It really is noisy in here, isn't it?  Even
      during the slow songs.

Anju:  (nodding) Not just the music, the people too.  But I don't
       mind.  Do you?

Kei:  Well... I do usually choose quieter places, but no.  It only
      seemed a little pointless to have come here with your brother
      and friends.  It's too loud to talk to them, so it's almost the
      same as being alone.

Anju:  You can still see them, though.  (craning her head around) At
       least, you should be able to... aha!  See?  There's Miki-san
       and 'niichan.

[Kei turns to look in the indicated direction, and Anju follows.]

Kei:  Your brother dances well, too.  It must run in the family.

Anju:  (cheerfully) Uh huh!  'Neechan is the best at it, though.  Too
       bad she didn't come tonight.

Kei:  A sister?  We didn't leave her all alone...?

Anju:  Our parents will probably be home.  Besides, she likes to be
       alone.  I asked if she wanted to come...

Kei:  Hmm... well, you tried.  (pause) Koishikawa seems to be enjoying
      herself, but I think your brother might be nervous.

Anju:  I don't see why.  (glancing around) I wonder where Arimi got

Kei:  Maybe you should ask him why.  I'd hate to think he wasn't
      enjoying the evening.

Anju:  (nodding) You're right, but...

Kei:  The next song should be coming up soon.  You dance that one with
      him and find out what's bothering him, and I'll go with

Anju:  Okay!


[Scene:  Miwa's Bedroom]

[The camera shows only one corner of Miwa's room.  There, he sits in a
chair, feet up on a desk, on top of which a number of papers and
magazines are being neglected.  A guitar is leaned against the wall
behind Miwa, near a window, and on the other wall, above the desk, is
a movie poster -- A Clockwork Orange.  Among the mess on the desk is a
telephone; Miwa is holding its receiver.]

Miwa:  Ah, Meiko-chan.  This is Satoshi.  (pauses for a moment, then
       smiles) No, actually, but I'm glad you've been thinking about

[Meiko's protest is loud enough to be audible as a shrill murmuring
through the line.  Miwa holds the receiver back from his ear for a
minute, until the noise subsides.]

Miwa:  No, I hadn't, really... but I'd be glad to.  How about tomorrow
       at seven?  (pause) Oh?  I'm sorry to hear that.  (pause) Eh?  I
       wanted to speak to your brother, of course.  (pause) I guessed
       as much.  Would you ask him to call me when he gets a chance?
       (pause) Yes, he has the number... thanks.  Until next time,

[He blinks, then sets the receiver down, shrugging.]

Miwa:  Overwhelmed by my charm, no doubt...


[Scene:  Disco Moebius]

[A new song is playing, and Kei and Anju have pulled off the switch.
Yuu is now dancing with his younger sister; he looks more relieved by
that than angry.]

Anju:  Is something wrong, 'niichan?

Yuu:  (deadpan) I'm trying to figure out how I started out dancing
      with Arimi and ended up dancing with you.

Anju:  Oh.  It's just... I thought you were upset about dancing with

Yuu:  There was a... sort of misunderstanding.

Anju:  Aha!  Just like I thought.

Yuu:  (stumbling) {She knows?}

Anju:  (triumphantly) You wanted to keep dancing with Arimi, but you
       didn't want to hurt Miki-san's feelings!

Yuu:  ...What?

Anju:  (winking) Don't worry, 'niichan, I'll take care of it for

Yuu:   What?  What are you-- An!

[As the two happen to swing past Ginta and Arimi, Anju releases Yuu,
steps toward the other couple, and, with an assist from her
telekinetic Power, separates them.]

Anju:  (speaking very quickly) I'm terribly sorry but would you please
       switch with me thank you.

[With that, she grabs one partner, pushing the other toward Yuu, who
catches reflexively.]

Yuu:  {This is supposed to be helping me?  It's about as subtle as--}

Ginta:  Matsuura... stop trying to dance with me.

[Yuu blinks, then leaps backwards as realization sets in.  He buries
his face in one palm.]

Yuu:  An...!

From Anju's perspective, we see Arimi blink in utter confusion.]

Anju:  ...Oops.

Kei and Miki dance, each perfectly matching the other's movements, but
there is little warmth in their expressions.]

Miki:  What is it you want with us, Tsuchiya?

Kei:  (smiling slightly) I'm afraid you're mistaken, Koishikawa.  I
      really had no idea you or Matsuura would be accompanying her

Miki:  (frowning slightly) What's your interest in her?

Kei:  So suspicious... it really doesn't become you, Koishikawa.

Miki:  I'll be the judge of that.

Kei:  (chuckling) Of course.  Is it so hard to believe I would ask
      Anju-san out, though?

Miki:  It's quite a coincidence.

Kei:  That it would be the same night?  Yes, but that was Anju's plan,
      not mine.  (conversationally) She seems to think you're having
      trouble with your boyfriend.

Miki:  My--!  (pauses) That's ridiculous!

Kei:  Maybe so.  But since we're both here tonight, I think it's only
      sporting to warn you...  (leaning in close) I won't let you have

[Freeze frame on Miki's reaction of shock.]