Orange Marmalade episode 2
		"Challenge!  Complications of a New Life"


		Yuu's Journal

	The next day was Saturday.  Koishikawa didn't come to school,
and I didn't see the younger girl, either.  My sisters tell me she's
in their class.  I worry about what that means for An.  I only hope
Meiko can keep her from blurting out our family secret.
	Sunday passed without incident.  I spent the day walking
around the town.  My first impression seems accurate.  I was glad to
find a park not too far from my family's new apartment, though.  It
looks like a relaxing place.  I'm definitely going to like this city.
	Of course, Monday meant school, and that brought its own


[Scene:  School Hallway]

[The same school hallway.  Yuu runs up the stairs, frantic.]

Yuu:  {I can't believe I'm late for my first full week of school.}

[He turns a corner, and stops dead.  Miki is walking toward the
classroom at a leisurely pace.]

Yuu:  Koishikawa...?

[She stops, turning her head to look at him.  He freezes momentarily,
then begins to move past her--no longer running, but still at a quick

Yuu:  {No point in getting slapped again, I guess...}

Miki:  (with a small smile) Don't worry.

Yuu:  (stopping and turning toward Miki) Eh?

Miki:  You won't be late.  Na-chan isn't here yet.  I usually walk
       past here around this time, and he's coming up the stairs.

[The two stop to listen.  The sound of Namura's footsteps is, indeed,
approaching them from the stairs.]

Miki:  (smiling) See?

Yuu:  (nodding) Mhm.  "Na-chan?"

Miki:  Everyone calls him that.  He doesn't mind.  He's really an
       incredible teacher.

Yuu:  Oh...?

Miki:  Now we'd better hurry, or we really will be late.

[Miki winks at Yuu.  The two step into the classroom just before
Namura walks around the corner.]

Yuu:  {Maybe she was just in a bad mood yesterday...?}

[Before they get three steps into the room, Yuu is surrounded by a
horde of girls.  He is forced to stop, but otherwise, he doesn't even
seem to notice--until Miki closes her eyes, shakes her head, and walks
around them to her desk.  Yuu tries to follow, and finds himself
trapped by his adoring fan club.  By the time he wins free, Namura is
at the door, and it's too late to follow up on his conversation with


[Scene:  Namura's classroom]

[Throughout the morning classes, Yuu is distracted.  He spends most of
his time glancing in Miki's direction, devoting just enough of his
attention to the lectures that no one seems to notice.  Now and then
he scribbles a line or two in his notebook, but obviously, he either
knows the material, or he doesn't care.  Once, Miki happens to turn in
his direction while he's watching, and he waves.  She blinks at him
and turns to look out the window instead, expressionlessly.]

Miwa:  And what are you doing, Yuu?

Yuu:  Ah... nothing.

[Miwa doesn't look convinced, but he turns away.  With some effort,
Yuu is able to keep his eyes, if not his mind, on the lecture for the
rest of the class.]


[Scene:  Toryo Gym]

[A large school gymnasium.  A number of girls stand in a group waiting
to perform a gymnastic routine on a balance beam.  Several boys,
including Miwa, Tsutomu, and Yuu, stand against one wall, talking
quietly or watching the girls.  A short-haired girl has just finished
the sequence, and dismounts adequately, though not gracefully.]

Miwa:  Hmm... Sumire-chan's gotten better at this... and prettier,

Tsutomu:  Only a little better.  (grinning) But she does seem to
          be... developing nicely.  8.7?

Miwa:  I had her down for 8.9.  Who's next?

Tsutomu:  (looking at the group of girls) Kaori-chan.  She's in the
          gymnastics club, isn't she?

Miwa:  This might have potential, then...

Yuu:  {These two are impossible.}  What do you two think you're doing?

Miwa:  I have to keep my information up to date, you know.  (grinning)
       Besides, it's a good way to pass the time.

Yuu:  {What is it with this guy?}  Don't you think that's a little
      too... er, familiar, Satoshi-san?

Miwa:  (still smiling) Not at all, not at all.  Oh, Kaori-chan is
       about to begin.

[Yuu turns with the others to watch Kaori's performance.  It seems
clear to him that the gymnastics club hasn't helped her much, yet; she
is hesitant and unsteady.  As she slowly raises herself into an
awkward handstand, Yuu turns back to his companions.]

Yuu:  And you, Rokutanda?

Tsutomu:  Don't get me wrong, there's only one girl for me.
          (chuckling) But I have to admit, this is fun.

Yuu:  {I thought so.}

Miwa:  Gymnastics club or not, she's not very confident in herself
       yet.  Maybe next year.

Tsutomu:  Wait until the end.  I think she might recover.

Miwa:  (shrugging) Possibly.  By the way, Yuu, have you considered
       which club you're going to join, yet?

Yuu:  (hesitant) Not particularly.  I've thought about the tennis
      club.  {I'm not sure I want to join any of them...}

Tsutomu:  Matsuura!  I'll...

Yuu:  (firmly) But I don't think I'll join that one.

Tsutomu:  ...

Miwa:  Oh?  Well, think about it a little.

Yuu:  {Now what's he up to?}

[On the balance beam, Kaori has completed her performance.  The end
didn't improve on the beginning, but she is applauded by the group of
girls anyway.]

Tsutomu:  Hmm... 9.4?

Miwa:  9.7.

Tsutomu:  You're too easy to please, Satoshi-san.

[Miwa just smiles.]

Gym teacher:  Next, Koishikawa-san.

Tsutomu:  (stretching) Looks like that's it.  It'll be our turn soon.

Yuu:  (mildly surprised) You're not scoring her?

Miwa:  There's no point.

Tsutomu:  Why waste your time with someone like that?

[Miwa glances at Yuu, as if he's about to add something, but remains
silent.  Yuu looks nonplussed.]

Yuu:  {I wonder... what is he thinking?}

[Across the gym, Miki approaches the balance beam.  She seems
reluctant to begin; then, her eyes narrow, and she runs forward,
leaping onto the narrow beam with the same speed and grace she
displayed in the fight the previous week.]

Yuu:  She's pretty good, isn't she?

Tsutomu:  She's too much of a show-off.

[On the beam, Miki executes a forward flip, then handsprings

Tsutomu:  If she had -real- skill, she wouldn't need to do that.

Yuu:  (sardonically) So, if she had real skill, she would perform as if
      she didn't?

Tsutomu:  Right!  (confused) Wait...

[Miwa chuckles; Tsutomu glares at him and Yuu.  On the balance beam,
Miki has continued her exhibition with a perfect handstand and another
sequence of flips.]

Miwa:  (to Yuu) You see?  There's no point in scoring her.

[Miki finishes her sequence without a hitch, ending with a simple but
graceful dismount.  There is a notable absence of reaction from her
peers as she walks back to her previous position.  Yuu breaks the
silence by applauding.  Those around him react with surprise,
confusion, incomprehensible glances, and, in the case of a few of the
girls, veiled envy.  Miki pauses to look at him; her face is
expressionless.  His applause trails off as she breaks the gaze,
continuing on her way.]

Yuu:  Hmm...  (glancing at the crowd of boys around him) Err... our

[The boys begin to play a game of basketball against another group.
Yuu, Miwa, and even Tsutomu make a fairly good showing, but the tide
of the game begins to turn against them.  Partway through the game,
Yuu is distracted by something seen from the corner of his eyes...]

Yuu:  {Koishikawa?}

[He glances to the side, but there is nobody there.  The distraction
allows an opponent to steal the ball from him.  Tsutomu laughs,
briefly, before he realizes that his team is now losing.  The game
continues apace...]


[Afterward, it's time for lunch.  In the hall, Yuu spots Miki; but,
before he can approach her, Miwa appears, setting his hand on Yuu's

Miwa:  We'd better hurry, if we're going to eat.

Yuu:  ...Eh?  But my sister already--

Miwa:  (smiling as he drags Yuu off) Later, later.  Rokutanda's
       already there...

Yuu:  But...

[Despite his protests, Yuu is escorted away by a determined Miwa.
Finally, after seeing Miki depart in the opposite direction, he ceases
his halfhearted protests.]

Yuu:  (looking in the direction in which Miki has gone) {I guess
      there's no help for it.  He's just not listening.}

[Soon, the two arrive, in the midst of the lunch rush.  A mob of
students appears to be fighting over something.  Yuu hesitates and
watches, puzzled.  Miwa laughs, squeezing Yuu's shoulder before
releasing it.]

Miwa:  (winking) Wait here, ok?  It's my treat today.

Yuu:  Err...

[Miwa swiftly vanishes into the crowd, displaying rather more
dexterity than before.]

Yuu:  {What is this?}

[He watches the near-brawl in amazement, until another familiar figure
appears.  A bedraggled Tsutomu pushes his way out with one hand while
clasping a small package to his chest with the other.  He stops near
Yuu, panting from exertion... but when he looks up at Yuu, he is
beaming.  He raises his fingers in a "V" and cackles triumphantly.]

Tsutomu:  At last!  After three days of trying, I've finally gotten

Yuu:  (not impressed) Gotten what?

Tsutomu:  (waving the package practically in Yuu's face) This!  The
          elusive katsu-sand!

Yuu:  (even less impressed) That's what all this is about?

Tsutomu:  Matsuura.  This isn't just a sandwich.  This is a trophy, a
          reward for victory after three long days of effort.

Miwa:  (from the edge of the crowd) Yuu, catch.

[Yuu glances in Miwa's direction, and lifts his hands just in time to
catch the sandwich Miwa threw.  Miwa himself is already eating a
similar sandwich.]

Yuu:  Err... thanks, but...

Tsutomu:  (staring at Miwa in shock) T-two?!  How...?

Miwa:  I have my ways.

[He smiles slightly as he takes another bite of sandwich.  Tsutomu
seems on the verge of breaking down in tears, but the moment passes,
and he only becomes angry.]

Tsutomu:  Damn... and all that effort to get here early, too.
          Tomorrow I'll beat you, Satoshi-san.

Yuu:  (sweatdrop) Don't you think you're taking this a little too

Tsutomu:  (whirling on Yuu) Matsuura!  You, too!  Don't think I've

[Yuu blinks.  Miwa, behind Tsutomu's back, struggles to hold back
laughter.  He only partially succeeds, but Tsutomu is too focused on
Yuu to hear.]

Yuu:  What are you talking about?

[An unholy flame burns within Tsutomu's eyes as he raises his hand
high, then brings it down... and points.  First at Yuu, then at Miwa.]

Tsutomu:  Matsuura!  Satoshi-san!  It's a katsu-sand challenge.

Yuu:  {Not again with the challenges...}

Miwa:  (speculatively) Are you sure about that, Rokutanda?

Tsutomu:  Absolutely!  This time, I'm sure to win.

Yuu:  (chuckling) Sorry, but I've been trying to tell you...  (handing
      the sandwich back to Miwa) I don't need to buy lunch.  My sister
       usually makes mine.

Miwa:  Oh?  Which sister?

Yuu:  Meiko.  She's the older of the two.  (wry smile) Besides, I
      wouldn't trust An.  She means well, but she tends to forget
      things like that.

[He and Miwa laugh; meanwhile, Tsutomu is stewing over Yuu's refusal.]

Tsutomu:  Matsuura... how dare you run away from my challenge.

Yuu:  I already told you why it doesn't make sense.

Tsutomu:  (gritting his teeth) Then I'll find another challenge!  You
          can't run forever.

Yuu:  (sighing) I'm going to go eat my lunch.

Tsutomu:  Ma-tsuu-ra...

[Yuu calmly walks the way he came.  As soon as he turns the corner and
is out of sight, he sighs again, slouching.]

Yuu:  (mumbling) Dealing with him for the rest of the year isn't going
      to be easy.

[Back at the side of the melee (which has considerably died down in
the time that's passed), Tsutomu continues to mutter dire imprecations
against Yuu.  Miwa unwraps the second sandwich and takes a bite out of
it, all the while looking contemplatively at the corner beyond which
Yuu vanished.]

Miwa:  (to himself; smiling) This should be interesting.


[Scene:  School Hallway]

[Lost in his thoughts of the trouble Tsutomu would cause with his
challenges, Yuu nearly walks into a younger girl.  He hastily begins
to apologize, blinks as he recognizes the girl as Arimi, and then
belatedly offers the apology.]

Yuu:  Sorry, I wasn't looking.

Arimi:  (scowling) Well, watch where you're going.

Yuu:  (smiling nervously) I will.  Excuse me...

[He steps sideways and begins to pass Arimi.  A thoughtful look flits
across her face for a moment, before she, too, continues on her way.
Further along the hall, Yuu slips into Namura's classroom to retrieve
his lunch.]


[Scene:  Momoi's Classroom]

[This classroom is almost identical to Namura's, but the students here
are a year younger in age.  Meiko and Anju are sitting across a desk
from each other, eating.]

Anju:  ...And he said he didn't, but Chigusa-san said she saw them,

[Meiko breaks eye contact, looking upward at someone standing behind
Anju.  Noticing this, Anju breaks off her conversation and turns to
see what has attracted her sister's attention:  Arimi has entered the
classroom and is walking towards them.]

Anju:  Oh, Arimi-san is here?  (excited) She's so cool...

Meiko:  It looks like she wants something...

Anju:  I wonder what Arimi-san could want from us?

[Before Meiko can speculate, Arimi reaches the two.]

Arimi:  Hi!  Meiko-san and Anju-san, right?  (They nod.)  Nice to meet
        you.  I'm Suzuki Arimi.  You were there last week, right?

Anju:  (nodding vigorously) Those guys were scary!  I thought I was
       going to ha--

[Anju is cut off as Meiko, suddenly beside her, clamps a hand over her
mouth.  Meiko smiles gently at Arimi as she improvises and finishes
her twin's sentence.]

Meiko:  Going to faint.  An's always had a weak constitution.
        (removing her hand) Right, An?

Anju:  But I was going to--.  (Meiko turns slightly so Arimi can't see
       her face, and *glares* at Anju.)  I mean, right, oneechan.  But
       you were so brave, Arimi-san!

Arimi:  (embarrassed, laughing) Well... I'm glad Miki-sempai came.
        (normal tone) And that other person... he was your brother,

Meiko:  Yes, Yuu.

Anju:  Are you a member of his fan club, Arimi-san?

Meiko:  An!

Arimi:  "Fan club"?

Anju:  (completely missing Meiko's warning) Uh-huh.  Our brother seems
       to be pretty popular with girls.  It's always been like that...

[Arimi's expression is unreadable.]

Arimi:  Is that so?

Meiko:  (sharply) An!  (embarrassed) Please forgive my sister,
        Suzuki-san.  She has a habit of speaking before she thinks.

Anju:  Oneechan!

Arimi:  (smiling slightly) It's all right.  So... your brother has a
        lot of girlfriends, then?

Meiko:  Actually, I don't think he's ever gone out with anyone.

Anju:  I've seen a lot of girls ask him, but he always said no.

Arimi:  Isn't that unusual?

Anju:  Oniichan's always been strange, since he was little.  It's just
       one more thing.

[Meiko opens her mouth, obviously about to rebuke Anju, but she pauses
and grimaces.]

Meiko:  (reluctantly) It's true that he's a little eccentric.
        Sometimes he lets his emotions lead too much, like jumping
        into that fight... this could be like that, too.  Maybe he
        just hasn't met the right person yet.

Arimi:  (sitting down) Do you think so?

Anju:  Sure!  That must be it.

Arimi:  Hmm... he sounds like an interesting person...


[Scene:  A Street]

[Yuu, Miwa, and Tsutomu are walking home from school.  Yuu is rather
unenthused by this idea; Miwa is wearing his characteristic grin.
Tsutomu, between the two and a half-step behind, occasionally glowers
at Yuu.]

Yuu:  (to Tsutomu; exasperated) ...But I told you, I'm not sure what
      club I'll join yet.  (pause; to Miwa) That reminds me...  You
      never said which one you were in, Satoshi-san.

Miwa:  I'm not in any of them.

[Yuu looks blankly at Miwa.]

Miwa:  I have another commitment.

Yuu:  A part-time job?  I've been thinking about getting one, instead
      of joining a club.

Tsutomu:  You can't hide just by refusing to join the tennis club,

Miwa:  (ignoring Tsutomu) That might be a good idea, too.  Do you have
       time to do that and keep up with your studies?

Yuu:  Probably.  Moving was hectic, but everything seems to be getting
      back to normal.

Miwa:  But it might be hard to find a job, this late in the year.
       (slipping an arm around Yuu's shoulder confidentially) I'd be
       glad to help you look, if you wanted...

Yuu:  (pulling away) That's, err... not necessary.  Really.

[Miwa shrugs.  Tsutomu laughs triumphantly.]

Tsutomu:  That's it!  A job-finding challenge!

Yuu:  Please...

Miwa:  But Rokutanda, you would have to quit the tennis club in order
       to get a job.

[Tsutomu slumps.]

Tsutomu:  Oh... right...

Yuu:  Why don't you just forget about that?  I have better things to
      worry about.

Tsutomu:  Matsuura...!

Miwa:  You can't reason with him when he's in this mood, Yuu.  Don't
       you know that?

Yuu:  (resigned) I know, I know.

Tsutomu:  Hey!  (drawing himself up) A man persists until the matter
          is settled.  That's all.

Miwa:  Oh?  What would it take to 'settle' this?

Yuu:  {Here it comes.}

Tsutomu:  (gleefully) A rematch!  I'll finally beat you, Matsuura.

Miwa:  That's easy enough.  (cheerfully) We can do it tomorrow.

Tsutomu:  Tomorrow!

Yuu:  (simultaneously) Tomorrow?

[Miwa nods.]

Yuu:  (sweatdrop) Satoshi-san... I'm going to be looking for a job
      this week, and besides, I'm out of practice.

Miwa:  (unfazed) We'll make it next week, then.  What do you say?

Tsutomu:  Sure, sure.  (mostly to himself) At last, my chance...

[Yuu sighs, resigned.]

Yuu:  Okay, then.  As long as Rokutanda stops going on about it.

Tsutomu:  Anything you say.  (pause) But you know... a challenge
          doesn't mean much unless there's some penalty for the loser.

[Yuu's eyes widen in foreboding.]

Tsutomu:  And I say that the loser should... shave his head like a

Yuu:  (holding a hand to his temple) {I knew it.}

Miwa:  Oh, you're feeling daring, Rokutanda?  I wonder whether you'll
       look good with no hair.

Tsutomu:  It won't be me.

[Yuu shakes his head slowly, still holding one hand to it.]


[Scene:  Green Castle]

[Several hours have passed since the last scene.  All five Matsuuras
sit around the table, eating dinner.  Chiyako and Youji keep glancing
at each other throughout the meal.  Yuu and Anju are discussing jobs;
Meiko smiles softly as she listens to them.]

Yuu:  Are you sure it's a good idea for you to get a job instead of
      joining a club?

Anju:  Why not?  That's what you're planning, right?

Yuu:  That's different.

Anju:  (pouting) How?

Yuu:  Well... I'm older.  {And I won't give away the family secret
      within the first week.}

Anju:  But, oniichan...

Meiko:  (giggling quietly) An, what kind of job were you going to get?

Anju:  Well... I haven't really decided.  But that's not--

Chiyako:  Maa, calm down, you two.

Youji:  You're sure to find something you enjoy.

Anju:  But--

Youji:  If you want to work, and you can find a job that won't
        interfere with your studies...

Chiyako:  ...It's fine with us.

Yuu:  (quietly, to Anju) What do you need a job for, anyway?

Anju:  Why do you?

Yuu:  I'll need money if I'm going to take trips...

Youji:  But then, you could always use the Power.

Chiyako:  That's right, that's right.  If you know where you're

Yuu:  That's wrong!

[Yuu pauses, and sighs when his parents simply stare blankly at him.]

Yuu:  (eyes closed; quiet, even tone) We're supposed to be keeping it
      a secret, remember?  What if I arrived in the middle of a crowd?

Chiyako:  It's all right; all those places are far from where we live.

Youji:  (reminiscing) I never did like long train trips...  Do you
        remember that time we went to Hokkaido?

Chiyako:  (nodding) Getting there was terrible.  We had a lot of fun
          there, though, didn't we?

[She smiles; Youji smiles back.  They both turn to look at Yuu, who
forces a weak smile in return.]

Yuu:  (desperate) But... I like trains.

Chiyako:  Oh?  Then that's different.  Take the train, then.

Youji:  (nodding) I always did like trains...

[The three children groan.  Anju stands and starts walking toward the

Anju:  May I be excused?

Meiko:  (quietly) You're supposed to ask first, you know.

Anju:  Oops.

Youji:  Ah, wait one minute.

Anju:  Eh?

Chiyako:  We have something to tell you.

[Yuu and Meiko glance at each other.  Anju slowly walks back and sits

Chiyako:  (anxiously) How do you like this town?

Youji:  Is everything going well?

[The three children exchange glances again.]

Anju:  Err... I guess so.

Yuu:  Yeah.

[Meiko nods.  Youji and Chiyako smile.]

Chiyako:  Good!  We were worried that you wouldn't like it here.

Youji:  And we want to stay in one place for a while...

Chiyako:  ...So if you didn't, the four of us would have to find a
          city you liked better...

Youji:  ...And we'd all have to move one more time.

Meiko:  Four?

Yuu:  (simultaneously) All?

Chiyako:  Ah!  That's what we wanted to tell you about.

[The three children look at each other, then lean forward,

Anju:  What?  What?

Youji and Chiyako:  (in unison; cheerful as can be) We're thinking
                    about getting a divorce!

Yuu, Anju, and Meiko:  (in unison; shocked) WHAT?!