Chiyako:  Ah!  That's what we wanted to tell you about.

[The three children look at each other, then lean forward,

Anju:  What?  What?

Youji and Chiyako:  (in unison; cheerful as can be) We're thinking
                    about getting a divorce!

Yuu, Anju, and Meiko:  (in unison; shocked) WHAT?!


		Orange Marmalade episode 3
		"One Fine Day"


		Anju's Diary

	I never expected anything like this to happen!  When papa and
mama said they had an announcement, I thought it would be one of their
usual games.  But a divorce?  It doesn't make sense.  They always seem
so happy.  Even when they said they were getting divorced, they were
happy.  I don't know any other couple like them.
	I'm a little worried.  I don't think Meiko-oneechan is taking
this very well.  We'll have to see how it works out.


		Meiko's Diary

	I never expected anything like this to happen!  How can they
get a divorce?  I thought it was a joke -- they always seem so happy
together -- but it's not.  They're really planning to do it.
	How can they do this to me?  I hate them.  I HATE them!


		Yuu's Journal

	I thought nothing my parents did could surprise me any more.
	I was wrong.


[Scene:  Green Castle, Matsuuras' Apartment]

[Anju is the first of the children to recover from the shock of the

Anju:  A divorce?

Meiko:  Don't joke about that!

Youji:  But we're not joking, Meiko.

Chiyako:  Do you remember that trip the two of us took to Hawaii a
          little while ago?

Anju:  (nodding) You said it would be like a second honeymoon.

Youji:  (embarrassed laugh) Well, you see, while we were on that trip,
        we met another couple...

Chiyako:  ...and each of us fell in love with the others' partners.

Yuu:  {This is too much even for them.}

Meiko:  But... how can you just stop loving each other like that?

[Chiyako and Youji exchange puzzled glances.]

Youji:  We didn't stop loving each other, Meiko.

Chiyako:  But, you know, it really was never the same way between us.

Youji:  That's true.  Even as newlyweds, we were more like brother and
        sister, weren't we?

Chiyako:  So when I fell in love with Jin, and your father with

Youji:  ...It was really a different experience for us.

Chiyako:  We know this must seem sudden to you, but won't you at least
          meet them first?

Youji:  We have a dinner date with them in three days.  We'll
        introduce everyone then...

[He trails off as Meiko shakily stands.  With a blank, shell-shocked
expression, she slowly turns and begins walking out of the room.  With
each step, her speed increases, and by the time she reaches the front
door, she is running out of the apartment at full speed.  Back at the
table, Anju looks surprised, while Youji and Chiyako are dismayed.]

Yuu:  (standing) I'll go after her.

Chiyako:  Thank you, Yuu.

Youji:  (to himself) I wonder why she reacted like that...

Chiyako:  (nodding) She's usually so calm...

Anju:  (quietly) You don't know us very well, do you?


[Scene:  A Park]

[Yuu and Meiko are sitting on a park bench a little removed from the
path.  There is a fountain not too far away to their right, and a
number of trees behind them.  There are no other people in sight.
Meiko, who has obviously been crying, leans against the oddly
unemotional Yuu.]

Meiko:  (quietly) It isn't right.

Yuu:  (neutral) It was certainly a surprise.

Meiko:  (shaking her head) How could they do this to us?

Yuu:  Our parents have always been like that, remember?  I should have
      expected something like this.

Meiko:  This is too much even for them.  [Yuu nods solemnly as she
        echoes his previous thought.]  What are we supposed to do?
        What if we're separated?

Yuu:  I don't think that will happen.

Meiko:  Maybe the three of us will be together, but we can't be with
        both of our parents.  And what about whoever they're marrying?
        They're probably not espers... how will we keep our family a

Yuu:  {Not espers?  I didn't even think of that.}  Maybe we should
      give our parents a chance, Meiko.  They haven't done anything
      yet, and they were upset when you left...

Meiko:  (suddenly enthusiastic) That's right!  We still have time to
        change their minds!  Thanks, oniichan.  Do you have any ideas
        about what we should do?

Yuu:  (slightly surprised) I'm not going to do anything.

Meiko:  But you said--

Yuu:  I said we should give them a chance.  You can try to change
      their minds if you want to, but I think you're wasting your
      time.  If they do change their minds, it won't be because of us.

Meiko:  ...

Yuu:  I'm sure they didn't want to hurt us.  (smiling wryly) But that
      doesn't mean that they'll listen to us.  You know how they are.

Meiko:  I should, but they keep surprising me.

Yuu:  (chuckling) Me, too.  Come on... let's go home.

[Meiko nods.  The two get up and walk away in the direction opposite
the fountain.]


[Scene:  Schoolyard]

[The next day.  Yuu and his sisters walk past the gate and part
company -- Yuu walks toward the library, while Anju and Meiko head
into the main building.  Arimi watches their arrival from underneath a
tree some distance from the path.  In turn, Miwa watches both Arimi
and the Matsuuras from his position near the corner of the school
building.  A small smile flits across his face as he continues to

Miwa:  Perhaps it's time I started visiting the library.


[Scene:  Momoi's Classroom]

[Momoi has not yet arrived; class has yet to begin.  Small groups of
boys and girls congregate, standing or sitting and speaking quietly.
Arimi, Anju, and Meiko form one such group -- the three are clustered
around Anju's desk.]

Arimi:  (to Meiko) Is something wrong?  You've been a lot quieter than
        you were yesterday.

Anju:  Oh, she's just worried because of our pa--

[Meiko silences Anju by the expedient of placing one hand firmly over
her mouth.]

Meiko:  (forcing a smile) I was just a little worried about our test
        today.  History isn't my best subject, and besides, we just
        started here, so I don't know what the tests are like.

Arimi:  (nodding solemnly) I'm not very good at history myself, but
        the tests aren't usually too bad.  If you've studied a little,
        you should get a decent grade.

Meiko:  Oh, that's a relief... history tests at my last school were
        really hard.

Anju:  Mmph mfm.

[Meiko removes her hand from Anju's mouth.]

Meiko:  Sorry.

[Anju adopts her best hurt look.  Meiko tried to hold back laughter,
but fails; soon, both sisters are laughing.  Arimi looks faintly
puzzled by this.]

Arimi:  Ne, Anju-san, were you going to--

[At this moment, Momoi -- a fairly young woman with wavy hair and a
kind smile -- appears.  She is carrying several books and tablets.
All at once, the groups of students disperse, taking their seats;
Arimi glances at Anju as she does so.  Anju isn't watching.]

Momoi:  Good morning, class.

Students:  (more or less in unison) Good morning, sensei.


[Scene:  Library]

[The Toryo library is large, spacious... and empty, except for Yuu.
He strolls through the stacks, occasionally examining a particular
book more closely.  It is apparent that nearly all of the books,
though they are in good condition, are quite old.]

Yuu:  They weren't kidding about this place.  (shrugging) Ah, well.
It -is- nice here.

[Yuu selects a book from the shelves and retires to one of the desks
to look through it.  He stops at one page, which contains a large
picture of a building.]

Miwa:  Gaudi?

[Astonished, Yuu turns.  Miwa is standing right behind him, smiling.]

Yuu:  Satoshi-san?

Miwa:  (jauntily waving) Yo!  (serious again) Are you interested in
       architecture, Yuu?

Yuu:  Yeah... sort of.

[Miwa places a hand on Yuu's shoulder.]

Miwa:  I have a better copy of that book at my home.  Would you like
       to come look at it?

Yuu:  (eyeing Miwa's hand nervously) Ah... thanks, but I'll make do
      with this one.  Oh, is that the bell already?  I'd better hurry,
      or I'll be late.  I'll see you later, Satoshi-san...

[Yuu exits in a hurry.  Once he's out of the room, Miwa begins to

Miwa:  He's a lot of fun.

[Somewhere, a bell rings.  Miwa does a doubletake.]

Miwa:  I'm going to be late...!


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[Yuu and Miwa are sitting at their desks; Tsutomu is conspicuously
absent.  At the front of the room, Namura is delivering the lecture.
Yuu is halfheartedly listening.]

Yuu:  {Rokutanda isn't here.  Could he be sick?}

[There is a brief pause.  Then Yuu shakes his head.]

Yuu:  {I couldn't be that lucky.  But it's not like him to miss class
      when he's so far behind.}  (sighing) {If only because he
      couldn't compete against Satoshi-san and me to see who got the
      better grades.}

[Namura finishes his lecture and the bell rings.  Yuu blinks.
Gathering his books, he stands.  Miwa has waited for him, and the two
walk out together.]

Miwa:  You'd better pay more attention to your tennis than you do to
       your classes, or Tsutomu will beat you.

Yuu:  (embarrassed at being caught out) T-true.  (laughs)

Miwa:  You should practice for the match.  He's gotten much better
       since the end of last year.

Yuu:  (staring flatly at Miwa) There wouldn't even be a match if you
      hadn't been so eager to arrange it.

Miwa:  Sorry.  (smiling broadly) But, after all, you agreed to it too.

Yuu:  (sighing) I give up.  You have no shame, Satoshi-san.

[Miwa laughs.  Yuu starts to join in, but the laughter catches in his
throat as he realizes they are not walking alone -- Miki, who was
waiting near the gate, joined them as they passed.]

Miki:  A challenge match, Matsuura-kun?

Yuu:  Koishikawa...?  (blinks) What are you doing here?

[Miki shrugs and smiles slightly.]

Miki:  I was waiting for someone... but it seems he's going to be late

Yuu:  {"He"?}

Miki:  (continuing) I was just about to leave when I saw you, so I
       decided we might as well walk together.  What's this challenge
       all about?

Yuu:  Oh, right.  Rokutanda's the challenger.  He seems to want
      revenge since I defeated him a few years ago.

Miki:  (looking askance at Yuu) Defeated him?

Yuu:  In a tennis match.  Our schools were competing... It's a long

Miki:  (surprised) You play tennis?  I didn't realize...

Yuu:  Well, not regularly.  I stopped a while ago.

Miki:  Are you going to join the tennis club here?  Na-chan is the
       coach.  He's really good at tennis, too.

Yuu:  I thought I'd get a part-time job instead.

Miki:  Won't you be out of practice for the challenge?
       Rokutanda-kun's one of our best players.

Yuu:  He is?  (pauses) Well, it can't be helped.

Miwa:  You'd better not lose, Yuu.  You wouldn't look as good with a
       shaved head.

Miki:  A shaved head?

Yuu:  Rokutanda's condition for the loser.

Miwa:  (oblivious to the interruption) Besides, I bet 2000 yen on you.


[Scene:  Green Castle, Hallway]

[A typical apartment hallway.  Meiko, Anju, and Arimi are walking
slowly along it; obviously, they have walked home from school
together, as they are still dressed in their charcoal-grey school
uniforms.  Anju and Arimi are walking side-by-side, talking
animatedly; Meiko is silent, a step behind them, walking with her head

Anju:  (breaking off what she was saying) Ah!  This is our apartment,
       Arimi-chan.  Thanks for walking with us.

Arimi:  (noting the apartment number) It's no problem.

[Meiko walks between the two without acknowledging them, entering the
apartment.  Arimi glances at Anju, who looks away.]

Arimi:  Are you sure there's not something bothering Meiko-chan?

[Anju nods, but she looks troubled.]

Arimi:  Hmm... okay, then.  I hope she did well on the test.

Anju:  (giggling nervously) Ah... she always worries too much about
       her grades.  You'll see, she'll be the best in the class.

Arimi:  Second-best.  She's competing with me.

[Arimi winks, and both girls laugh.]

Anju:  I'm sure she'll feel better tomorrow...

Arimi:  (smiling; waving) I'll see you then.

[Anju waves.  Arimi walks back toward the stairs as Anju enters the
apartment.  Once she's around the corner, Arimi pauses for a moment,
shaking her head.]

Arimi:  {Good luck, Meiko-chan.  Whatever your troubles are, I'm sure
        you'll need it.}


[Scene:  Yuu's Bedroom]

[Yuu is lying in bed, asleep.  There is a strange grimace on his face,
and he is turning restlessly; it's apparent that he's in the middle of
a not particularly pleasant dream.  The stillness is broken by the
door to his room closing.]

Anju:  Oniichan...  (louder) Oniichan!

Yuu:  (Opening one eye reluctantly) Hmm...?

[Anju steps forward.  She is wearing her school uniform and carrying
her satchel of books.  She smiles mischievously.]

Anju:  You're going to be late if you don't hurry, oniichan!

Yuu:  Eh...?

[Yuu slowly turns his head until he can see his clock.  Then, he
nearly jumps out of bed.]

Yuu:  Eh?!  Why didn't you wake me sooner?

Anju:  (giggling) Sorry, oniichan... I thought Meiko-oneechan would do
       it.  I guess she left early today, though.  Anyway, I'd better
       go, too.  See you later!

[Anju leaves as Yuu scrambles to gather his things and don his school
uniform.  Once this is finished, he checks the time again.]

Yuu:  {No choice... I've got to use the Power if I want to get there
      on time.}

[Yuu picks up his satchel and closes his eyes to concentrate.]


[Scene:  School Gates]

[The area near the gate is almost empty; most of the students have
already departed to their respective classrooms.  Only a few
stragglers remain.  Yuu materializes next to the wall, just to the
side of the gate.  He looks around quickly, sees nobody, and sighs in
relief.  Turning the corner quickly, he nearly bumps into Miki.]

Yuu:  Wh-- Koishikawa?  {Did she see?}

Miki:  Good morning, Matsuura-kun... I didn't see you there.

Yuu:  (relaxing) {That was too close...}

Miki:  Hurry, or we'll be late!

[The two proceed into the school.]


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[The morning has dragged on for Yuu, who, once more, can't seem to
generate any interest in Namura's lecture.  Finally, the class draws
to a close.]

Miwa:  You were late today, Yuu.

Yuu:  (sighing) I know.

Tsutomu:  I thought you were hiding from my challenge.  (laughs

Yuu:  (unfazed) That's not until next week.

Tsutomu:  I'd tell you to give up now, Matsuura, but I don't want you
          to avoid the humiliation.

Miwa:  (smiling) You're overconfident, Tsutomu.  If you don't win,
       you'll really look foolish.  (to Yuu) I'm off to lunch.  Join

Yuu:  (shaking his head) You know I don't.

[Miwa shugs and walks out.  Tsutomu follows after one last smug glance
at Yuu.]

Yuu:  I wonder how much longer I can take this.

Miki:  (from behind Yuu) It isn't so bad, is it?

Yuu:  (turning around) Ah... Koishikawa.  You surprised me.

Miki:  Ne, Matsuura-kun... after school today, meet me by the gates,

Yuu:  Eh...?

Miki:  Don't forget!

[Miki waves, walking away before Yuu can decide upon a response.]

Yuu:  {What was that all about?  Ah, well...  Time for lunch.}

[Yuu opens his satchel and frowns.  He searches for a moment.  Then
his eyes widen.]

{Anju:  Sorry, oniichan... I thought Meiko-oneechan would do it.  I
guess she left early today, though.}

Yuu:  Then, she didn't make them today...?  That's not like her...
      (frowning) But there's nothing I can do about that right now.
      I'd better go join in the lunch scramble, before they sell out.

[Yuu, by this time the last person remaining in the classroom, stands
and leaves.]


[Scene:  Terrace, Koryo]

[This is a small area near the main building of the school.  Several
tables are laid out, with four or five chairs at each.  Since it's a
sunny day, many of the seats are occupied by students, who are eating
lunch and talking to one another.  Yuu is sitting at one of the
tables, eating a katsu-sand.  Miwa is walking by, and approaches when
he sees Yuu.]

Miwa:  (mock-"hurt" tone) And you said you weren't going to join us.

Yuu:  (chuckling) Sorry, Satoshi-san.  My sister usually makes lunch,
      but today was different.

Miwa:  Oh?  Is something wrong?

Yuu:  (fake calm) I'm sure she just forgot.  It happens to everyone.

[A worried look passes across Miwa's face, but he nods and changes the

Miwa:  Are you ready for your match against Rokutanda?  I think he's
       been practicing hard... he's even more overconfident than

Yuu:  Thanks, Satoshi-san, but enough about the contest.

[Yuu pauses.  He begins to say something else, but remains silent as
Namura suddenly appears.]

Namura:  Matsuura-kun.  I've been looking for you.

Yuu:  {Now what?}

Namura:  (continuing) The principal would like to see you.  Go to his
         office after school today.

Yuu:  Er... I will, but...

Namura:  (winking) And good luck with your match.

[Yuu stares at Namura's back as the teacher walks away.  He then turns
to glare at Miwa.]

Yuu:  Does the entire school know about this?

Miwa:  (flatly) Don't look at me.  I didn't tell them.  (normal tone)
       It's partly a result of Tsutomu's bragging, and partly personal
       interest, I'd say.

Yuu:  (blinking) Personal interest?

Miwa:  Oh, you didn't know?  Na-chan is the coach of the men's tennis

Yuu:  That's right, I'd forgotten.  (pause) But if Rokutanda's his
      star player...

Miwa:  (dismissively) Na-chan isn't like that.  Besides, there are
       players better than Tsutomu.  Not many, but one or two.
       (chuckling) If you win, Na-chan will probably try to talk you
       into joining the tennis team.

Yuu:  (distant) Oh...?  (pause; normal tone) There's no chance of

[Miwa shrugs.]

Miwa:  He's pretty persuasive.  You might be surprised.

Yuu:  I suppose we'll see after the match.

Miwa:  Indeed... good luck, Yuu.

[Yuu nods thanks, and Miwa stands and leaves.]


[Scene:  Principal's Office]

[The end of the day.  The principal of Toryo High, a rather large man
about 40 years of age, is sitting behind his desk.  His hands are
clasped together on top of it, and he leans forward slightly in his
chair.  Namura is also present, standing to one side, facing the
principal.  On the other side of the principal is a middle-aged woman
with a cold look about her.  Namura turns around as the door opens
behind him.  Yuu has arrived.  He seems taken aback by the presence of
the other two, but quickly recovers.  Facing the principal, he bows

Yuu:  You wanted to see me, sir?

Principal:  Ah.  Matsuura-kun, isn't it?  Yes, I have something to
            give you.

[Yuu raises an eyebrow, curious.  The principal smiles and, unclasping
his hands, gestures to a small metal object at the front of his desk.
Seeing Yuu's expression, Namura explains.]

Namura:  It's our school's medallion, Matsuura-kun.  Every student has

Principal:  (nodding) Your sisters got theirs earlier today.

Namura:  (smiling serenely) There are even a number of stories about
         them.  I'm sure you'll hear them all, sooner or later.  They
         generally revolve around the photograph.

Yuu:  (picking up the medallion) Photograph?  (sliding the cover to
      one side, revealing the shiny inner surface) Ah, I see... it's
      just right for a small picture.  (to the principal) Thank you.

Principal:  (coughs) The truth is, that was only a part of the reason
            I wanted to see you, Matsuura-kun.

Yuu:  ...Oh?

Principal:  (smiling) The other was that I wanted to ask how you were.
            I know it can be difficult at a new school.  Are you
            having any trouble fitting in here?

Yuu:  {Only Rokutanda, but...}  No, sir.  (smiling slightly) I'm
      fairly used to it by now.

Principal:  (laughing) I suppose you must be, considering how often
            your family has moved.  Very well, then, Matsuura-kun...

Woman:  One moment.

Namura:  Kyoto-sensei?

Kyoto:  (to Yuu) I realize you're new to this school, Matsuura-kun.
        However, I am somewhat concerned about the people with whom
        you've been associating.

Yuu:  (raising an eyebrow) Oh?  And just who do you mean, sensei?

Kyoto:  For instance, there's Koishikawa-san of your class, and
        Suzuki-san of the first-year students.  The three of you were
        involved in a fight last week, were you not?

Yuu:  {So that's what this is about.}

Kyoto:  I don't want to judge you prematurely, Matsuura-kun, but you
        should be aware that those two are trouble.  You might--

Yuu:  (interrupting) Are they?  Or are they only acting bad?  They
      really haven't done anything yet, right?

[Kyoto's eyes narrow; her voice is outraged, but only for a moment.
Then it returns to its controlled tone.]

Kyoto:  What are you talking about?  Everyone knows that acting bad is
        the same as being bad.

Yuu:  {What a pain.}  You're welcome to think so, sensei.  But I'm not
      about to let you decide who my friends are.  Even if you're a
      teacher, you don't have the right to say anything about that.

[Kyoto clenches her jaw.  Before she can formulate a response, Yuu
bows to the principal and Namura.]

Yuu:  Please excuse me.

[Yuu calmly walks out of the office.  Namura and the principal
exchange glances.  The principal suddenly smiles.]

Principal:  You're right, Namura-kun.  He should do well here.


[Scene:  School Gates]

[With Miki's request in mind, Yuu approaches the school gates at a

Yuu:  {The principal is a nice man, but I wasn't expecting to have to
      see him today.  I'm really going to be late this time... I hope
      Koishikawa doesn't mind too much.}

[Yuu stops, puzzled, when he sees no sign of Miki.  The only person in
sight is another young man.  He is fairly muscular and has straight,
dark hair, and he leans casually against the wall next to the gate
with his eyes closed.  Hearing Yuu approach, he opens his eyes and
looks up.]

Man:  It's about time you got here.

[Yuu blinks.]

Man:  You are the one Miki was talking about, right?

Yuu:  ...Yes.  {"Miki"?  Could this be her...?}

Man:  Huh.  You don't look like much.  (shifting to stand fully up)
      All right, let's go, then.

Yuu:  {He wants a fight?}

[The man turns around, picking up a tennis racket from where it was
leaning against the wall behind him.  He rests it against one shoulder
and turns back to Yuu.]

Yuu:  (sweatdrop) {Oh.}  What is it that you want?

Man:  I'm Suou Ginta.  I'm going to help you practice before your

Yuu:  Thanks for the offer, Suou-kun, but I don't--

Ginta:  (looking away) It's not for you.  It's because she asked me
        to.  (to Yuu) What were you thinking, issuing a challenge?
        Are you trying to make a name for yourself, or something?
        (shaking his head) You should have saved me the trouble and
        just joined the tennis club.

Yuu:  It's not like that.  I didn't even want to accept the challenge.

Ginta:  (shrugging) Anyway, I'm going to help you, so get your
        racquet.  You only have a few days, so we'll have to practice

Yuu:  Sorry, but I have other things to do.  I need to find a job.
      Maybe tomorrow?

[Yuu walks past, one hand rubbing his temples, as Ginta watched,

Ginta:  {That... he... just...}  (shouting to Matsuura, who is by now
        half a block away) MATSUURA!  How dare you refuse my help!
        You'd better take this seriously, or I'll...

[Yuu continues to walk.  Ginta's ranting slowly fades into the

Yuu:  {What else could go wrong today?}


[Scene:  Green Castle, Hallway]

[Yuu stands in front of the door to his family's apartment, staring
blankly.  There is a note on the door.]

{Youji & Chiyako:  (in unison) We got tired of waiting, so we went to
                   the restaurant ahead of you.  Don't forget to meet
                   us there tonight so you can meet your new family.}

{Anju:  P.S. You'd better hurry, oniichan, or our parents will finish
        eating dinner before you even get there.}

Yuu:  {I had to ask.}

[He reads the note once more, shaking his head, and removes it from
the door.  He enters the apartment.]

Yuu:  {I'd better hurry and change...}


[Scene:  An Italian Restaurant]

[A fairly fancy Italian restaurant.  Inside the dining room, Chiyako,
Youji, Anju, and Meiko are sitting around a large table with another
older couple, whose faces are hidden by their menus.  Outside, Yuu
finally arrives--via teleportation.  He materializes directly behind
someone, and cries out in surprise, nearly falling over as he recoils
backwards.  The girl turns.]

Miki:  (startled) Matsuura-kun!  I didn't hear you.

Yuu:  (nervous) Sorry, I was running around the corner, and I nearly
      crashed into you.

Miki:  (smiling) You should be more careful, Matsuura-kun.  This is
       the second time today.

[Yuu nods, blushing.  He and Miki both enter the restaurant.]

Yuu:  Oh, were you going here, too?

Miki:  Mm-hmm.  I was supposed to come with my parents, but they got
       impatient and left me behind.  (laughing) They're such
       irresponsible parents sometimes.  Can you believe it?

Yuu:  (smiling) The truth is, my parents did the same thing.

[The two proceed into the dining room.  Spotting his parents from the
doorway, Yuu begins to make his way across the room.  Miki accompanies
him.  Yuu glances uncertainly at her, but he decides not to bring it
up.  Soon enough, they both reach the table.  Yuu watches in shock as
Miki begins to sit down.  At the same time, Anju notices Yuu's

Anju:  Oniichan!  You're really late.

[Miki, just beginning to sit down, freezes.  Slowly, she turns toward
Yuu with the same expression of shock on her face.]

Miki:  (slowly, dazed) It can't be that...

Yuu:  (slowly, dazed) Koishi... kawa...?


Notes: I'm hoping to have the beta of part 5 to the FFML within a
week, but it will probably take longer, considering registration is
going on now.  I'll be posting the final version of part 4 at about
the same time.

In case any of you don't know, calling someone by their first name
with no honorifics is considered very intimate.  This is why Yuu is
surprised by Ginta's addressing Miki without any honorifics (and why
he's uneasy when Satoshi calls him simply "Yuu").

Trivia:  The female teacher in Marmalade Boy who was against Namura's
relationship with Meiko, and Yuu and Miki's family situation, and the
male teacher in Kimagure Orange Road who lectured Kyousuke about
associating with Madoka and Hikaru, both actually have the family name