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		Orange Marmalade - episode six
		"Vertigo:  The Ups and Downs of Love"


		Yuu's Journal

	With the challenge behind me, I'd hoped things would settle
down, so we could focus on our problems at home.  I should have
guessed that things wouldn't be that simple.
	By the next morning, after I arrived at school, I knew better.


[Scene:  School Lockers]

[Yuu opens his locker, and arches one eyebrow, looking slightly
annoyed.  Sighing, he removes an envelope from the locker.  His
expression doesn't change as he opens the envelope and reads the note
inside.  When he's finished, however, he crumples the paper in his

Yuu:  I wonder... there must be a better way than this.

[Yuu closes his locker, picks up his satchel, and heads for class.]


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[As Yuu enters, Tsutomu and Miwa are deep in conversation with each
other.  He immediately moves to join them.]

Miwa:  (interrupting Tsutomu) Hi, Yuu.

Yuu:  Good morning.

Tsutomu:  (turning; smiling) Good morning, Matsuura.

Yuu:  Rokutanda, Satoshi-san, I wanted to talk to you.  About that
      bet... I can't let you go through with it for me, Satoshi-san.

[The two laugh.  Yuu looks surprised.]

Tsutomu:  (still laughing) Oh, that?  Don't worry about it!  I've
          decided not to hold you to it.

Yuu:  (blinking several times) ...You have?

Tsutomu:  (grandiosely) I am generous in my victories.

Miwa:  (slightly sardonic) I explained that you never agreed to that

Yuu:  {I never agreed to any part.}

Tsutomu:  (nodding) But that's not important.  The important thing
          is...  (triumphant) I WON!  I beat you in front of Arimi!
          (laughs maniacally)

Yuu:  ...

Miwa:  (whispering; to Yuu) Don't mind him.  He always gets like this
       when he wins.  You don't have to worry about shaving your head,
       at least.

Yuu:  (whispering) I think I like him better this way.  He was
      actually pleasant for a few seconds.

Miwa:  (whispering) Enjoy it while you can.  It won't last long.

Yuu:  (forgetting to whisper) Oh?

Miwa:  (whispering) He'll ask Suzuki-chan for a date, she'll refuse,
       and he'll be back to normal.  It happens every time.

Yuu:  Every time?

Miwa:  (whispering) Yep.  To be fair, he doesn't win his challenges
       very often, but still...

[Yuu nods.  Tsutomu is still laughing.]


[Scene:  Hallway]

[Later in the day; Yuu and Miwa are walking along the hallway.  They
pass Ginta, who returns their waves and joins them for a moment.]

Ginta:  Hey, Matsuura, I just wanted to tell you, if you have any
        trouble with Tsutomu about yesterday, let me know.  I'll knock
        some sense into him.

Yuu:  (smiling despite himself) I'll keep it in mind, but I don't
      think there's anything to worry about.  (pause) I wanted to
      thank you again for your help, Suou-kun.

Ginta:  (grinning) Forget about it.  If I'd known it was Tsutomu you
        were playing against, Miki wouldn't have had to ask me.  I
        would've volunteered.

Yuu:  (shrugging) Well, thanks anyway.

Miwa:  Want to join us for lunch?

Ginta:  (shaking his head) Sorry, I have somewhere to be.  I just
        wanted to let you know about Tsutomu.  See you.

[Miwa and Yuu wave.  Ginta turns around and jogs off in the direction
he was originally heading.]

Yuu:  I think I might have misjudged him.

Miwa:  (neutrally) Suou-kun has a reputation for his temper, but
       everything I've seen shows that he tries to be a good friend.

[Yuu nods thoughtfully as the two continue, entering the typical
lunchtime battle zone.]

Yuu:  {I knew I should have made lunch today...}

[Both manage to fight through the crowd.  Yuu emerges with a curry
bread, while Miwa wins a katsu-sand.]

Yuu:  (curious) How do you do that, Satoshi-san?

Miwa:  (winking) Trade secret.

[They walk outside.  Namura, who entered just as they left, calls to
them from the hallway.]

Namura:  Oh, you two...  (approaching) I wanted to talk to you,

Yuu:  Oh?  What is it, sensei?

Namura:  At the challenge match, I saw you're very skilled.  With a
         little more stamina, you'd beat Rokutanda-kun easily.  Have
         you thought about joining the club?

[Miwa grins smugly at Yuu.  Yuu suppresses the urge to roll his eyes.]

Yuu:  I thought about it, sensei, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have time.
      I was planning to find a part-time job.

Namura:  Oh?  That's our loss, then.  But if you don't find a job, or
         you change your mind... (smiles) ...we'd be glad to have you
         on our team.

Yuu:  I-- Thank you, sensei.  I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Namura:  (nodding) Well, then...

[He waves and departs.  Yuu and Miwa continue on their way toward the
terrace.  Miwa breaks the silence.]

Miwa:  You're lucky, Yuu.  Na-chan is usually more difficult to

Yuu:  He must be a good coach.  He could convince people of anything
      with that smile.

[Miwa chuckles.  They reach the terrace, and Miki waves to them from
an otherwise-empty table.  The two boys glance at each other.  Miwa
shrugs and follows Yuu to the table, and they sit.]

Miki:  How are your sisters, Yuu-kun?

[Miwa looks first at Miki, then at Yuu.  He seems surprised.]

Yuu:  They're okay.  (chuckles) Thanks to Suzuki-san, An wants to
      start practicing martial arts.

Miki:  (eyes wide) An-chan is...?

[Miki starts laughing.]

Yuu:  This is serious.

Miki:  Sorry, Yuu-kun.  Don't worry.  I think before too long,
       An-chan will decide she's really not interested.

Miwa:  (thoughtfully) She does have a short attention span...

Yuu:  Neither of you knows her.  She only acts that way.  When she's
      serious about something, she doesn't give up easily, and it's
      not easy to get her to change her mind, either.

Miwa:  Really?  That sounds more like your other sister.

Yuu:  Meiko?  Well, sort of.  She's not as stubborn as An, though.
      She'll listen to other people's arguments.

Miki:  How interesting... both of them are that different from who
       they seem to be.

Miwa:  (arching an eyebrow) Aren't we all, (tight-lipped smile)
       "gangster girl"?

[Miki flinches.]

Yuu:  Satoshi-san...

Miki:  He's right, Yuu-kun.  Sorry.

Yuu:  Ah...

[Yuu is at a loss for words; he's not entirely sure what just passed
between the other two.]

Miwa:  (lopsided smile) I should be the one to apologize.  (to
       Miki) It's natural to judge people by appearances.  You
       should just remember that there's always more to them than
       you see.

[Yuu laughs tentatively, but Miki, entirely serious, nods once.]

Miki:  At least you only act that way to make a point...  (looks away)

Yuu:  {Koishikawa...  Can everyone really think she's like that?

[Arimi rushes up behind Miwa.]

Arimi:  Hi, Miki!  Hi, sempai!

[Yuu waves.  Miki looks at Arimi, and smiles.]

Miki:  Arimi!  I thought you'd be with Yuu-kun's sisters.

Arimi:  (shrugging) I was, but Meiko-chan wanted to go to the library
        again, and An-chan went with her this time.

Yuu:  (distracted) The library again, hmm?

Miki:  I'm surprised you didn't go with them.

Arimi:  I've never liked that place.  Nothing good has ever happened
        to me in a library.  (glances at Yuu)

Miwa:  That's too bad.  The library is a beautiful building.  Don't
       you agree, Yuu?

[Yuu, still distracted, nods.]

Miki:  I always liked libraries.  They're peaceful.  (staring off into
       space again) It wouldn't surprise me if Meiko-chan wants some
       peace and quiet.


[Scene:  Outside the Library]

[After school.  Yuu approaches the library and stands in front of it,
staring at the building's facade.]

Yuu:  (shaking his head) This is getting far too familiar for comfort.
      (sighs) Might as well get it over with...

[Yuu walks around the side of the building, exactly as he did the last
time.  As he turns the corner, he stops, surprised.]

Yuu:  S- Satoshi-san?  What are you doing here?

[The dark-haired man turns, raising an eyebrow.]

Miwa:  I could ask you the same question, Yuu.  You should know me
       well enough that you don't need to worry ab--

Meiko:  (peering around the corner of the building) Excuse me...
        oniichan?  (incredulously) YOU left that note?  That isn't

Miwa:  Err, Matsuura... I left that.

Meiko:  (blinks) You did?  Then, what is he...?

Miwa:  (folding his arms) That's what I'd like to know.

Yuu:  But... Satoshi-san, aren't you... I mean, I thought you...

[Uncertain how to continue without either insulting or embarrassing
Miwa, Yuu trails off.  Miwa stares blankly at Yuu for a moment, while
Meiko watches both men curiously.  Suddenly, Miwa starts laughing.]

Miwa:  I see... I did fool you, then.  It's too bad you found out,
       teasing you was fun.

Yuu:  ...

Meiko:  What's so funny, Miwa-sempai?  And why did you ask me to come

Miwa:  I'll tell you why later.  As for asking you out here, I stole
       the idea from your brother.  (grinning at Yuu) I didn't realize
       he was such a playboy.  Twice in three days, Yuu?

Meiko:  But, why--

Yuu:  (simultaneously) Did you say "Miwa-sempai"?

Miwa:  (ignoring Yuu) I'll tell you, but let's find someplace more
       private first.

[Meiko looks slightly annoyed, but nods.  Yuu steps forward.]

Yuu:  Wait a minute...

Miwa:  See you later, Yuu.  (to Meiko) This way, I know a perfect

[Miwa hurriedly leaves, followed by a more reluctant Meiko.]

Yuu:  {He can't be...}

[Arimi walks around the corner of the building, behind Yuu.  She
smiles to herself and, reaching up, places her hands over his eyes.
He starts.]

Arimi:  Guess who?

Yuu:  Suzuki-san?!

Arimi:  (letting go) That's right.  (smiling) How are you, sempai?

Yuu:  Er... fine.  If you're looking for Meiko, she just went--

Arimi:  (shaking her head) I was looking for someone else.  You.

Yuu:  Eh...?  {She's not going to--}

Arimi:  I want to be your girlfriend, sempai.

Yuu:  (blinking) {She's... certainly straightforward.}  Suzuki-san...
      (sighs) I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

Yuu & Arimi:  (in unison) I've found that it's better to make that
              plain at the start.  I don't want to hurt you.

Yuu:  What...?

[Arimi crosses her arms and scowls.]

Arimi:  You say the same thing to everyone, don't you?

Yuu:  (guilty) But, that's because it's true--

Arimi:  What's the real reason?

Yuu:  (blinking) It's-- I don't want to hurt--

Arimi:  You don't think they'd be hurt if they knew you told them all
        exactly the same thing?

Yuu:  But that's not--

[Arimi interrupts again.  Her speech continues to gradually increase
in pace, and she constantly interrupts Yuu, keeping him off-balance
regarding the conversation.]

Arimi:  Why do you think it would hurt us, anyway?  Nobody expects a
        relationship to be perfect all the time!

Yuu:  Because I--  (turning away) You don't understand, I can't--

Arimi:  No, -you- don't understand!  You've never even had a girlfriend,
        have you?

Yuu:  I've-- uh, not exactly, but I--

Arimi:  (cheerfully) See?  How can you know what will happen, if
        you've never tried it?

Yuu:  (desperate) But it's not a good idea for me to--

Arimi:  So if you dated me for a while, you'd be able to see whether
        you're right or not.  Don't you think so?

Yuu:  (caught off guard by the question) Er... yes.  But--

[Arimi claps her hands together and does a little hop.  She smiles at

Arimi:  I knew you'd do it!  Thanks, sempai, you won't regret this,
        you'll see!

Yuu:  But I--

Arimi:  Sorry, sempai, but I have to hurry.  Say, if you go now, I bet
        you can still meet your sisters.  See you tomorrow!

[Arimi waves.  Yuu is still trying to protest; he's only now catching
up to the conversation.]

Yuu:  But, Suzuki-san, I--

[But Arimi has already disappeared back around the corner of the
building.  Yuu sighs.]

Yuu:  But I never agreed to any of this...


[Scene:  Street]

[Meiko and Anju are walking home from school together.  Anju chatters
about her plans to become a martial artist and about which rumors
she's heard about which classmates.  Meiko listens to all of this with
a patient smile, occasionally throwing in a brief comment.]

Anju:  ...She said it was almost as bad as Rokutanda-sempai with
       Arimi.  (pause) Ne, oneechan, why do you think Arimi didn't
       come with us to the library today?  Did I say something wrong?

Meiko:  (stirring at the sudden change in topic) I don't know.  I'm
        sure it's nothing you did, An.  You two are becoming close,
        after all.

[A touch of jealousy creeps into Meiko's voice at the end, but,
typically, Anju doesn't notice.  She continues, more cheerfully than

Anju:  Mm-hmm!  She's so cool, but she's also a friendly person.  I
       can see why she didn't want to go to the library, too.  It was
       so boring...

Meiko:  (smiling) I didn't think so.  I felt like I could stay there
        for hours.

Anju:  Not me.  (curious) Is that why you went back after school?

[Meiko blushes and tries to wave the question aside, but Anju won't
allow it.  As the older twin glances about, seeking a distraction, she
fortuitously notices Yuu.  He's walking about twenty feet ahead of
them, deep in thought.]

Meiko:  (waving) Oniichan!

Anju:  (turning her attention away from Meiko) Oh... I thought he'd be
       home by now.  He left school ages before us, didn't he?

[Meiko shrugs noncomitally.  Yuu has turned around, having recognized
Meiko's voice.  He smiles briefly, waving back to his sisters, and waits
for them to catch up.]

Yuu:  You're late today, An.  You must have been waiting for Meiko.

[Anju nods.]

Meiko:  Is something wrong, oniichan?

Yuu:  Hm?

Meiko:  You look depressed.

Yuu:  Not really.

Anju:  Who do you think you're fooling?

Yuu:  (smiling slightly) All right, all right.  But it's a long story.

Anju:  You can tell it to us when we get home, then.

Yuu:  Not if our parents are there.

Anju:  (downcast) That's true...

[Meiko suddenly laughs.]

Yuu:  What?

Meiko:  Nothing important.  Why don't we stop somewhere on the way
        home, then?

[Yuu shrugs.  Anju nods, smiling.]

Anju:  I know the perfect place!  Come on, this way.

[She turns right along another street.  Yuu and Meiko exchange
glances, then follow a step behind her.]

Yuu:  This isn't exactly on the way home, An...

Anju:  It's okay.  It's not too far out of the way, I promise.

Meiko:  (softly; to Yuu) Doesn't anything bother her?

Yuu:  (softly; to Meiko) Not for more than five minutes.

Anju:  (calling over her shoulder) I heard that!

Meiko:  (giggling) Uh oh.  Now you're in trouble, oniichan.

Yuu:  Oh?  And what about what you said?

Meiko:  (innocently) I don't know what you're talking about...

[Yuu smirks at her.]

Anju:  Why are you two always making fun of me?

Meiko:  (playfully) Because you make it so easy, An.

[They laugh.  Yuu smiles as he watches them.]

Yuu:  {You and An always did try to make me feel better, Meiko...}

[They walk for nearly ten minutes more, crossing several city blocks.]

Meiko:  Ne, An... how much further is this place?

Anju:  It's not far now.

Yuu:  That's what you said ten minutes ago.

Anju:  (grinning back at them) You know what your problem is?  You two
       are too impatient.

Yuu:  So says the model of careful restraint.

[Meiko laughs.  Anju sticks her tongue out at Yuu.  Yuu's eyes widen
in surprise.]

Yuu:  An!  Watch where you're--

[But his warning is too late.  Anju walks into a door as it is swung
open.  She is knocked down, dropping her satchel.  On the other side
of the door is a surprised-looking boy with short hair, dressed in
casual clothing.]

Yuu:  --going. (sighs)

[The boy gapes for a moment, then bends to kneel beside Anju, barely
beating Yuu, who also started forward.]

Boy:  Are you all right?  I'm so sorry!

Anju:  (rubbing the side of her head) It was my fault.  I wasn't

[The boy stands, picking up Anju's satchel, then offers his hand to
help her up.  Meiko moves closer to support her, just in case.  Once
Anju is standing, the boy hands her her satchel and bows to her.  Then
he and the siblings walk off in opposite directions.]

Meiko:  Are you sure you're okay, An?

Anju:  (smiling ruefully) I'll be fine.

[Yuu and Meiko nod.]

Meiko:  Didn't he seem familiar to you?

Anju:  That boy?

Yuu:  Maybe you've seen him at school.

Meiko:  Maybe...

Anju:  We're here!

[The three are standing outside a large but unremarkable building.  It
appears to be empty.]

Meiko:  (doubtful) This is it?

[Shrugging, Yuu tugs on the door.  It opens.  A bell rings.]

Yuu:  It's open.

[A tall man pushes aside a curtain, entering the restaurant area from
a back room.  His straight, brown hair is almost shoulder-length, and
he is wearing sunglasses.]

Kijima:  Oh, hello... Welcome.

Anju:  (looking around the empty room) It really is empty...

Meiko:  An...

Kijima:  (chuckling) That's the way it goes.  Sometimes it's quiet,
         like today.  Then there are days when I wish I had more help
         so I could keep up.

Yuu:  Sounds tiring.

Kijima:  It's not so bad.  Ah, I'm sorry, I'm rambling.  Can I get you

Yuu:  Coffee, please.

Anju:  Me, too, please.

Meiko:  I'd like tea, please.

Kijima:  Coming right up.

[The three siblings sit down at the counter as Kijima goes about
preparing the drinks.]

Anju:  So, oniichan, what happened today?

Yuu:  (laughing) You're persistent.  All right...  I have a problem,
      and I'm not sure what to do about it.  You see...

[Yuu recounts his meeting with Arimi behind the library.  Early into
the story, Kijima returns with their drinks; he then busies himself
behind the counter, wiping off glasses.  Yuu's sisters listen to his
story with expressions of disbelief.  As the story ends, Meiko shakes
her head.]

Meiko:  (awed) Arimi-chan did that?  That's so... bold.

Anju:  Didn't I tell you?  (to Yuu) So what's the problem, oniichan?
       Why not just enjoy your good luck?

Yuu:  An... this isn't something I wanted to happen.

Anju:  Why didn't you say no, then?

Yuu:  She didn't give me a chance to!

Meiko:  Are you sure?  You're usually more direct about turning them

Yuu:  That's because I was surprised, and--  (pause) Wait... how did
      you know that?

Anju:  (matter-of-fact) Everyone knew at our old school.

Yuu:  It can't be...

[He looks at Meiko, who nods in confirmation.]

Yuu:  -Everyone-?  How...?  (pause) An...

Anju:  Don't look at me!

Meiko:  It wasn't her fault, oniichan.  (smiling) For a change.

[Anju sticks out her tongue at Meiko.]

Meiko:  Anyway... normally, you would have said no.  So either you
        must like Arimi-chan, or you were distracted thinking about
        something else.

Anju:  (winking) Maybe he was distracted thinking about Arimi.

Yuu:  (glaring at Anju) That's not funny.  What am I supposed to do
      now?  There's no way I can explain to her without, well...

Meiko:  Dumping her?

[Yuu reluctantly nods.]

Anju:  Why not go out with her, then?  You like her, right?

Yuu:  It's not that I don't like Suzuki-san, but I hardly know her,
      and now we're supposed to be...?

Anju:  Don't worry!  You two are a perfect couple!  (smiles)

Meiko:  Eh?  How is oniichan a match for Arimi-chan?  (speculatively)
        I can see the other way around, but...

Yuu:  You two...

Kijima:  It looks like you should have known better than to go to
         your sisters for sympathy, hmm?

[Yuu and his sisters, having forgotten that Kijima was there, start.
The older man chuckles.]

Kijima:  Sorry about that.  (to Yuu) Before you go, can I talk to you
         for a minute?

[Slightly puzzled, Yuu nods.  He and the girls continue drinking.
None of them are speaking now.  Finally, Meiko looks up at the

Meiko:  We'd better go home now.  Mother and father will be worried.

Anju:  (brightly) No, they wouldn't.  They'd just think we went
       somewhere else to eat.  They wouldn't start getting worried
       until tomorrow night, probably.

[Yuu chuckles.]

Meiko:  (sighing) You're probably right, the way they are.  But we
        should go anyway.

[Yuu and Anju nod.  The twins stand.]

Yuu:  Go ahead, I'll catch up to you in a minute.  (to Kijima) What
      did you want to talk to me about?

Kijima:  Ah... thanks.  This won't take too long...

Meiko:  We'll wait for you outside, oniichan.  (grabbing Anju's arm)
        Come on, An.

[Anju offers only a token resistance as Meiko pulls her out of the

Anju:  I wanted to listen...

Meiko:  (smiling) He'll tell us.  You'll see.

Anju:  (pouting) But I hate waiting...

[A few moments later, Yuu comes out the door.  The three begin walking
back toward their apartment.]

Meiko:  What was that all about, oniichan?

Yuu:  He offered me a job.

Anju:  He what?  Why?

Yuu:  (shrugging) To tell the truth, I'm not sure.

Meiko:  That's strange.

Anju:  Are you going to accept?

[Yuu nods.]

Yuu:  It's pretty convenient.  Besides, it feels right.

Anju:  You sure are weird, oniichan.


[Scene:  Another Street]

[About the same time as the beginning of the previous scene.  Arimi is
walking home alone, humming a tune.  This tranquil scene is
interrupted by a very familiar, very -loud- voice shouting her name.
Arimi walks faster, not acknowledging the yells.  The sound of
footsteps can be heard rapidly approaching, and Arimi sighs deeply as
Tsutomu runs up to join her.]

Tsutomu:  Arimi!  I guess you didn't hear me calling you.

Arimi:  (flatly) I try not to.

Tsutomu:  (laughing nervously) I love your sense of humor, Arimi.  By
          the way...  (producing a pair of tickets with a flourish) I
          managed to get tickets for the Snow Crash concert next
          weekend, so I was wondering if maybe you would like to--

Arimi:  I don't like that band.

Tsutomu:  (confused)  But last week, you said they were your favorite,

Arimi:  I changed my mind.  Ask someone else to go with you.

Tsutomu:  But, Arimi, you're the only one in my heart.

Arimi:  Too bad.  I already have a boyfriend.

[Tsutomu freezes in mid-step.  Arimi continues walking.]

Tsutomu:  Already... have a...  (shouting after Arimi) Arimi!  Who is
          it?  I'll prove to you that I'm better than him.

[Arimi, annoyed, stops and turns on Tsutomu, who cringes slightly
despite himself.]

Arimi: Leave Matsuura-sempai alone, Tsutomu.  (Tsutomu flinches
       further.)  Leave me alone.  (Further.)  Leave everyone alone.
       (Further.)  He doesn't like you, I don't like you, (Further.)
       nobody likes you.  (Further.)  So why don't you just go away
       (Further.) and stop bothering us all?

[Tsutomu collapses into a heap on the ground.  Arimi takes a deep
breath, turns around, and walks on.]

Tsutomu:  (sobbing) Arimi... how could you... with Matsuura?


[Scene:  Matsuuras' Apartment, Kitchen]

[That evening.  Chiyako and Meiko are in the kitchen, preparing a
meal; it looks like they're nearly finished.  Anju pokes her head in
from the dining area.]

Anju:  Papa wants to know how long it'll be until we eat.

Chiyako:  Five minutes.

Anju:  (nodding) By the way, oneechan, did you know there's a package
       on your desk?

Meiko:  A package?

Anju:  (nodding again) Not a very big one.  I wonder what it is?

Meiko:  (chuckling) I think I should be the one wondering.  Well, I
        can find out after we eat.  Is Yuu-oniichan out there?

[Anju nods and ducks out.]

Meiko:  Do you know anything about a package?

Chiyako:  That?  Oh, yes.  A young man dropped it off just a little
          while ago.  I guess I forgot to mention it.

Meiko:  {A young man?  Oh, no...}  (resigned) Did he have long hair?

Chiyako:  (blinking) No, it was short.  (teasing) Were you expecting a
          present from someone else?

Meiko:  Eh...?  No!  I just...

[Chiyako, now in the midst of carrying two trays into the dining area
-- one in her hands, one telekinetically -- pauses melodramatically.
Thanks to her position, her next statement is clearly audible to Yuu,
Anju, and Youji.]

Chiyako:  We've been in this city for less than two weeks, and you
          already have two boyfriends, Meiko...  I'm jealous.
          (sighing) I wish I was still that young.

Meiko:  Mother!  They are NOT my boyfriends!

[In the dining area, Yuu, Youji, and Chiyako laugh, while Anju looks


[Scene:  Meiko and Anju's Bedroom]

[Later.  Anju is sitting at her desk, wearing headphones; her eyes are
closed, and she's nodding in time to the music.  Meiko is sitting on
her bed.  In her hands is a small square box, no longer than three
inches to a side.  It is wrapped.  A small tag is affixed to its top;
the tag bears only Meiko's name.  Meiko stares at the box curiously.]

Meiko:  {One way to find out what it is...}

[She carefully opens the box and gasps.  Inside is a Toryo medallion.]

Meiko:  Oh!  Who could have...?

[She slides the medallion open, revealing a picture of... herself and
her sister.  She is on the left and looks much the same as today;
Anju, on the right, has her hair in pigtails.  That, along with her
choice of clothing, makes her look at least three years younger than
Meiko in the picture.]

Meiko:  How...?

[Meiko closes the medallion and holds it in her palm.  She
unconsciously taps it with her thumb as she thinks.]

Meiko:  {An's medallion...  It must have fallen out when she ran into
        that boy.  So he returned it, but then... why did he send it
        to me?  And how did he know where we lived...?}


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[The next day.  Miwa is leaning against his desk, talking to a tall
male student with glasses.  He's facing the door, so he notices and
waves when Yuu enters the room.  Yuu crosses to his desk, sets his
books down, and faces Miwa.]

Yuu:  Good morning... Miwa-san.

Miwa:  Hi, Yuu.

[Miwa turns to continue his conversation with the other student, but
Yuu speaks before he can.]

Yuu:  I need to talk to you, Miwa-san.  (glancing at the other
      student) It doesn't have to be now, if you're busy, but
      sometime today.

Miwa:  You look upset.  (to the student) Sorry, Nakayama.  I'll get
       back to you later today and let you know how things work out.

Nakayama:  (nodding) No hurry.  (glancing at Yuu and smiling) This
           sounds important.

[Nakayama waves and leaves to join a small group of male students who
are discussing a soccer game.]

Miwa:  What is it, Yuu?

Yuu:  Why didn't you tell me?

Miwa:  (shrugging) I wanted to see how long it would take you to
       figure it out.  (smiling) I gave you enough clues.

Yuu:  (slight smile) So that "job" I thought you had was as class
      representative.  I should have figured that out after listening
      to your talk with Natsuda-san.

Miwa:  (raising an eyebrow) You heard me talking to Kimiko-chan?
       Hmm...  (sighs) About that... she told me what you said to her.

[Miwa stops, expecting a response, but Yuu says nothing.]

Miwa:  (continuing) Well, she wasn't happy, of course.  But I think
       you did the right thing, Yuu.  You would have hurt her more if
       you hadn't made things clear...  (smiling sadly) I think she'll
       even forgive you, eventually.

Yuu:  Miwa-san, I...  (pause) Thanks, I guess.  You seem to know
      Natsuda-san well, so...

Miwa:  She's an old friend.  I didn't think she was your type, but of
       course I supported her.

Yuu:  Sorry it couldn't work out.  (Miwa nods.)  But I wanted to talk
      to you about--

[At this moment, the door slams open.  Yuu, along with everyone else
who wasn't already facing the door, turns to watch a furious Tsutomu
enter.  Miwa takes one look at Tsutomu's face and begins to chuckle.]

Miwa:  Looks like he tried to talk to Suzuki-chan.  You see what I
       meant, Yuu?

Yuu:  (holding a hand to his head) I see.

Tsutomu:  MATSUURA, YOU BASTARD!  Is this how you repay me for my

Yuu:  Rokutanda... I have no idea what you're talking about.

Miwa:  Very few people ever do.

[Tsutomu ignores Miwa's interruption, continuing to focus on Yuu.]

Tsutomu:  How can you say that?  The same day I let you out of your
          bet, you stole my girlfriend.  (-very- loud) HOW COULD YOU
          DATE ARIMI?!

[Yuu winces.  The entire class, in shock, turns to stare at him.
Across the room, there is a sharp crack -- Miki sits alone at her
desk, the broken pencil in her hand having ripped a hole in the paper
she was writing on.  Her eyes are wide in disbelief as she, like the
others, turns to face Yuu.]