Tsutomu:  MATSUURA, YOU BASTARD!  Is this how you repay me for my

Yuu:  Rokutanda... I have no idea what you're talking about.

Miwa:  Very few people ever do.

[Tsutomu ignores Miwa's interruption, continuing to focus on Yuu.]

Tsutomu:  How can you say that?  The same day I let you out of your
          bet, you stole my girlfriend.  (-very- loud) HOW COULD YOU
          DATE ARIMI?!

[Yuu winces.  The entire class, in shock, turns to stare at him.
Across the room, there is a sharp crack -- Miki sits alone at her
desk, the broken pencil in her hand having ripped a hole in the paper
she was writing on.  Her eyes are wide in disbelief as she, like the
others, turns to face Yuu.]

		*	*	*	*	*

		Orange Marmalade - episode seven
		"First Date"


		Yuu's Journal

	That was the worst beginning to the day I could imagine.  I
was sure Rokutanda was going to start a fight, but it didn't happen.
He looked at Miwa-san, then at the class, and backed down.  There's
definitely something going on there...  Rokutanda spent the rest of
the day glaring at me, but he didn't say anything.  And of course,
Miwa-san acted like nothing had ever happened.
	I was going to have enough trouble dealing with the rest of
the class, in any case.  I'd thought about trying to downplay what
Suzuki-san had said, but obviously, there was no chance that that
would work now.  Thanks to Rokutanda, the rumors would be out of
control by the end of the day.
	He always did have lousy timing.
	I also decided that it would be best to avoid Suzuki-san.  I
couldn't straighten out our situation under this kind of scrutiny, and
I couldn't go along with her without prolonging matters.  If I left it
alone, I thought, something else would soon capture their attention.
	Unfortunately, it didn't quite work as I'd planned...


[Scene:  School Rooftop]

[A large, empty area on the school roof, broken by a geodesic dome
structure near the center.  The area is fenced-in.  Miki and Arimi are
sitting against the fence.  It is mid-day.]

Miki:  (chuckling) Maybe you should give Tsutomu a chance, Arimi.
       He's certainly persistent.

Arimi:  I wish he wasn't.  I keep telling him I'm not interested.  He
        just won't listen to me.

Miki:  (serious) I'm sorry, Arimi...

[Miki turns and steps forward to the fence.  One hand rests on it as
she looks out over the schoolyard.]

Miki:  (continuing) Sometimes I wish there was someone that

Arimi:  What about Ginta?

Miki:  Ginta?  But... we broke up...

Arimi:  I think he still likes you, though.  You can tell by the way
        he talks about you, sometimes.  (laughs)

Miki:  (looking downward) I don't think it could work, Arimi.  There's
       too much between us.

Arimi:  (cheerful) Really, Miki-san, it would be all right... in fact,
        it's perfect!  You and Ginta, and me and Yuu-sempai...

Miki:  (thoughtful) Yuu-kun, eh?

Arimi:  Mm-hmm!  (giggles) He's so quiet all the time... but he's
        really a warm person underneath.

Miki:  (smiling softly) He does seem that way.  Good for you, Arimi...


[Scene:  Matsuuras' Apartment, Living Room]

[Evening.  Chiyako is sitting on the sofa, watching a television show.
Behind her, the door to the apartment opens, and Yuu walks in.]

Yuu:  I'm home.

Chiyako:  Welcome back, Yuu.

[Yuu nods neutrally, regardless of the fact that Chiyako's back is to
him at the moment.  He walks toward the hallway, but before he gets
there, Chiyako turns around to face him.]

Chiyako:  Were you at work today?

Yuu:  (nodding) I just finished.  By the way, I'm going to be late

Chiyako:  (waving the comment off) That's okay.  By the way...

[She reaches across the couch and grabs an envelope, which she holds
out to Yuu.]

Chiyako:  (smiling) This was going to be a surprise for the girls, but
          I guess it'd be better for you after all.  We'll do
          something else for them.

[Puzzled, Yuu studies the envelope, turning it over in his hands a few
times.  He glances inquisitively at his mother, but Chiyako only nods
and continues smiling.  Finally, he shrugs and opens the envelope.
Two small paper rectangles are inside.]

Yuu:  Tickets?  {What am I supposed to do with two...?  Oh, no...}
      (tentatively) Okaasan... you don't mean--

Chiyako:  (beaming) It's a very popular band right now.  We thought
          you might want to take your girlfriend to see them.

Yuu:  (flatly) My... girlfriend.

Chiyako:  (nodding) An told us all about it!

Yuu:  An?!

Chiyako:  Mm-hmm.  (reproachfully) You don't have to keep these things
          from us, Yuu.  We're not going to be upset if you have a

Yuu:  {That's not what I was worried about.}

Chiyako:  (brightly) In fact, why don't you bring her to dinner some
          time?  Your father and I would love to meet her.

Yuu:  My father.  (sighs) Where's An?

Chiyako:  Hmm... She and Meiko left a little while ago.  I don't know
          where she went.

Yuu:  Never mind.  I'm sure I'll see her soon.

[Chiyako nods happily and goes back to watching her television
program.  Yuu looks at her for a few more moments, then continues down
the hall to his room.]


[Scene:  Yuu's Bedroom]

[The room is very neat, now, almost sterile.  There are only one or
two posters as decoration.  A small bookcase stands against one wall,
near Yuu's desk; all of the books are carefully lined up.  The desk is
clear except for a single ballpoint pen and the red straw hat that
Miki gave him.  The floor and bed are likewise clear.  Entering his
room, Yuu sets his bookbag down on the desk and sits down, as if about
to work.  However, he instead looks at the envelope again.  He pulls
the tickets out.]

Yuu:  (leaning back and looking up at the ceiling) "Snow Crash," huh?
      Hmm... I don't think I've heard of them.  (glances at the ticket
      again) This weekend...

[He slides the tickets back into the envelope and makes as if to throw
it out.  But he seems to reconsider, shrugs, and slips the envelope
into the pocket of his school uniform instead.]

Yuu:  {No sense in wasting them.  I'll give them to Meiko and An
      later.}  (frowns a little) {Or maybe Meiko and someone else.  I
      can't believe An told our parents...}


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[The next morning.  Namura's students stand or sit in groups as usual.
Tsutomu is not present, but Miwa is chatting with two other students.
Miki is sitting alone at her desk, resting her head on one hand and
staring out the window.  Yuu enters.  As soon as the students notice
him, the room falls nearly silent momentarily; then the buzz of
conversation increases in volume.  Yuu does his best to ignore it as
he crosses to his desk.]

Miwa:  (interrupting his conversation) Oh, Yuu.  Since you wanted to
       talk to me, would lunchtime today be good?

Yuu:  Thanks, Miwa-san.  (pauses) But... I have something else to take
      care of then.

Miwa:  (shrugging) No problem.  Then, after school?  ...No, you work
       now, don't you?  Well, then, tomorrow?

Yuu:  Sure.  (shifts positions) Sorry for the trouble.

Miwa:  It's no trouble at all.

[Miwa returns to his previous conversation.  Yuu looks down at his
books, frowning in thought.  He glances at Miki, notices she isn't
paying attention to him, and sighs.  Then Namura enters the room, and
the students come to order as he walks to the front, then stand and
bow to him.]

Namura:  Good morning, class.  Today, we're going to cover the use of
         the perfect tense in more detail.  (smiles) There's a
         possibility that this could be on the exam.

[This last statement has a profound effect on most of the students;
they lean forward, paying extra attention to Namura, who proceeds with
his lecture.  Yuu looks at Miki again, but she is now apparently
absorbed in the intricacies of English and fails to notice him.]

Yuu:  {As I thought... there's something to take care of before I talk
      to Miwa-san.}


[Scene:  Terrace]

[Lunchtime.  Meiko and Anju are sitting alone at one of the tables.
Yuu approaches, followed by Miwa.]

Yuu:  Meiko, have you seen Koishikawa?

Meiko:  (shaking her head) Were you looking for her, oniichan?  But
        you're in the same class, so--

Yuu:  I just had something to... ask her.  About an assignment.

[Behind Yuu, Miwa raises an eyebrow, but doesn't comment.]

Meiko:  Oh... if I see her, I'll let her know.

Yuu:  Thanks.

Anju:  You might want to try the roof.

Yuu:  The roof?

Meiko:  That's right... Arimi said that they were up there yesterday.

Yuu:  (unreadable expression) Suzuki-san?  I guess... it's worth a

Miwa:  Then I'll stay here, in case she comes by.

[He takes a seat directly across the table from Meiko, leaning forward
slightly.  Meiko suddenly becomes very interested in her lunch.]

Yuu:  I can't ask you to--

Miwa:  (waving cheerfully) It's no trouble at all!  Go ahead.

Yuu:  (nodding) Thanks.

[He walks back toward the school.]

Miwa:  So, the two of you make lunch for your entire family?  You must
       be very good at cooking.  (smiles)

Meiko:  Not really.  It just takes practice.

Anju:  Don't listen to her.  She's a great cook.  But, you know, it
       was hard at first, but it's sort of fun.  Like when you...

[Anju continues at length.  Miwa listens halfheartedly while he
watches Meiko.  For her part, Meiko does her best to completely ignore


		Yuu's Journal

	Koishikawa wasn't on the roof.  I didn't find her during
lunch, and she wasn't in the classroom afterwards.  She must have
decided to go home and skip the afternoon classes.  On top of that, I
lost a chance to talk to Miwa-san.


[Scene:  Street]

[Afternoon.  Yuu walks along the crowded street, on his way to work.]

Yuu:  {Between An and Rokutanda, everybody I know thinks I'm going out
      with Suzuki-san.}  (sighs) {Even my own family...  This is going
      to make it a lot harder.  Oh, well.  There's nothing else I can

[He stops, having reached Kijima's shop, and nods to his reflection in
the glass door.  After a moment, he reaches forward and opens the
door, the picture of determination.]

Yuu:  {Sure, next time I see Suzuki-san, I'll tell her...}

Arimi:  Welcome... ah!  Yuu-sempai!

Yuu:  (utter disbelief) Suzuki-san?

[Standing behind the counter is, in fact, Arimi.  She is wearing an
orange shirt and an apron with "ABCB" emblazoned across it -- the
uniform.  She smiles at him while he stands frozen in surprise.]

Arimi:  Can I get you anything, sempai?

Yuu:  No!  I mean, I'm not here as a customer.

[Arimi looks puzzled for a second, but brightens as she figures it

Arimi:  I don't believe it!  You're working here?

Kijima:  (from behind the curtain) That's right.

[Kijima pokes his head out of the back room and nods to Yuu.]

Kijima:  I've got a uniform that should fit you better, Yuu-kun.

Yuu:  Ah... thanks.  I'll come try it on, then.

[Yuu slowly circles around the counter.  He leaves a good amount of
space between himself and Arimi as he crosses to join Kijima.  She
doesn't seem to notice, simply turning to face him... until the door
opens.  With a small sigh, she turns away from Yuu and smiles at the
new customer.]

Arimi:  Welcome to the ABCB.

[Yuu takes the opportunity to duck into the back.]


[Scene:  Back Room, ABCB]

[A few minutes later.  Yuu has changed into the ABCB uniform.]

Kijima:  Hmm... yeah, that looks pretty good.  I guess you can get
         started now.  Arimi-kun could probably use the help.

[Yuu nods and starts toward the front, but pauses.]

Yuu:  Master... how long has she been working here?

Kijima:  Hm?  Oh, about a year, I think.

Yuu:  Why didn't you mention it before?

Kijima:  It must have slipped my mind.  (grinning) Surprised?

Yuu:  You might say that.  {I knew this job was too convenient...}

[A chime can be heard from the front as the door opens once more.
Arimi calls out another greeting.]

Yuu:  (sighing) Sounds like today is going to be one of the busy days
      you mentioned.  I'll get started.

[He walks out front.  Kijima chuckles and follows.  Standing at the
doorway, he watches Yuu pick up a tray and walk to one of the tables.
He turns to his right, facing a board on the wall where several
pictures are hung, among other miscellaneous decorations.]

Kijima:  (quietly) Looks like he'll be a good worker, too.

[Kijima grins as he starts to prepare a pot of coffee.]


[Scene:  ABCB]

[Later that night.  The ABCB is closed for the night, and the earlier
crowd has long since departed.  Yuu and Arimi, who have changed out of
their work uniforms, are sitting at one of the tables; soon, Kijima
joins them, bringing three cups of coffee with him.]

Arimi:  (accepting the cup Kijima hands her) Thanks, Master.

Kijima:  (handing the second cup to Yuu) You're welcome.  Today was
         busier than usual.  I'm glad both of you were here.

Arimi:  (laughing) Not a very good impression for Yuu-sempai on his
        first day, though, is it?

Yuu:  Second day, actually.  I started yesterday.

Arimi:  Oh?  (disappointed) I wasn't here...

[Yuu shrugs.  Kijima grins, pushes his chair back from the table, and

Kijima:  I'll just close up in back.  You two can go ahead whenever
         you're ready.

[Kijima heads into the back.  Yuu sets his cup down, rubs his
forehead, and stands.]

Yuu:  In that case, I suppose I should be going.

Arimi:  (quickly setting her own half-full cup down) Wait a minute.
        We can go together...  I'll be ready in a second.

Yuu:  But isn't your house in the opposite direction from mine?
      Besides... Suzuki-san, I don't think--

[At this point Yuu picks up his jacket.  As he slings it over his arm,
the envelope falls out of its pocket, onto the table.  Arimi reaches
over to pick it up.]

Arimi:  You dropped this, sempai.

[She hands him the envelope.]

Yuu:  (distracted) Oh, the tickets... thanks.

Arimi:  Tickets?

Yuu:  {Oops.  Now what...?}

[Yuu opens his mouth to say something but is halted as he makes eye
contact.  Arimi is gazing at him with a mix of curiosity, hope, and
excitement playing across her features, and Yuu can't help but

[...At school, meeting Arimi behind the library:]

{Yuu:  (desperate) But it's not a good idea for me to--}

{Arimi:  So if you dated me for a while, you'd be able to see whether
         you're right or not.  Don't you think so?}

[...With his sisters at the ABCB:]

{Meiko:  Anyway... normally, you would have said no.  So either you
         must like Arimi-chan, or you were distracted thinking about
         something else.}

{Anju:  Why not go out with her, then?  You like her, right?}

[...At home that morning:]

{Chiyako:  We thought you might want to take your girlfriend to see

[...And Yuu sighs, maintaining the eye contact as he nods to Arimi.]

Yuu:  My mother gave them to me this morning.  I guess I forgot about

[The two continue silently staring into each others' eyes.]

Yuu:  {Maybe... maybe they're right.  Maybe I should give it a
      chance.}  (coughs) They're for a concert this weekend.  I know
      it's short notice, but if you're not doing anything on Saturday
      night, would you like to go?

Arimi:  Really?  (beaming) I'd love to!  Which band is it?

Yuu:  Oh... I think it's called Snow Crash.

[Before Yuu knows what's happened, Arimi has gotten to her feet,
grasped his arm, and hugged herself to him.  Yuu is slightly taken
aback by this.]

Arimi:  (absolutely euphoric) My favorite band!  How did you find out?

Yuu:  Err... I... It's just a coincidence.

Arimi:  {He's so sweet... I'll play along.}  That's lucky for me,
        then.  You could have asked anyone.  (laughs quietly) I'm glad
        it was me, sempai.

[She gazes up at his face, losing herself in the nervous smile she
mistakes for shyness.  After a few moments of this, Yuu shifts
uncomfortably, breaking eye contact by turning his head slightly away.
Arimi smiles softly and relaxes her grip on his arm, leaving only one
of her arms twined about his.]

Arimi:  Why don't you walk me home, sempai?  It's getting late.

[Yuu still looks apprehensive, but he nods, gathering up his satchel
with his free hand.  He and Arimi leave the ABCB.  When the chime of
the opening door has faded, Kijima walks out of the back room.  He
chuckles as he collects the three cups -- two empty, the third now
cold -- and quickly washes them.  That chore completed, he removes and
hangs his own apron before walking to the door himself.  He opens it
and, leaning against it, turns to regard the now-empty room one more
time.  Then he smiles his crooked smile and reaches out with one hand,
flipping a light switch.  The ABCB goes dark.]


[Scene:  Matsuuras' Apartment, Meiko and Anju's Bedroom]

[The twins' bedroom is in the same schizophrenic state as it was the
last time.  Anju is laying on her bed, reading a manga; her feet are
near the pillow, against one wall, while her head is near the foot of
the bed.  Her sister Meiko sits at the desk, busily writing.  She
pauses in thought, unconsciously raising her pen to her lips.  Anju
chooses that moment to glance across the room, and her mouth quirks in
resigned exasperation.]

Anju:  You're always so studious, 'neechan.  I get tired just being in
       the same room with you.

Meiko:  (looking in Anju's direction) Not at all.  I'm just writing in
        my diary right now.

Anju:  Even something like that seems like work when you do it.  You
       need to relax.

Meiko:  Maybe you need to work harder.

Anju:  (defensive) I get good grades, don't I?

Meiko:  (nodding) You do, but if you put as much effort into your
        schoolwork as you do with your violin, you'd be a top student.

Anju:  But I -like- the violin.  Besides, maybe I don't -want- to be a
       top student.

[The pen falls from Meiko's fingers as she stares at Anju,

Meiko:  You--  An, you can't be serious?  You know how important it--

Anju:  (sighing) I know, college.  I'll try to do better.  (sighs)
       Sometimes I wish I'd gone to a specialized music school

Meiko:  You'd have to work just as hard there, if not harder.

Anju:  I know.  It's just sometimes...

[Meiko is spared the effort of framing an appropriate response when
Yuu suddenly opens the door and enters the room.]

Meiko:  Oniichan?

Anju:  Don't you ever knock?

[She reaches back, grabs a pillow, and tosses it at her brother.  Yuu
easily catches it.]

Yuu:  What did you think you were doing, telling our parents about

Anju:  (giggling) Oh, that.  It was Meiko's idea, though.

Yuu:  Meiko's?

[He stares incredulously at the older twin.  Meiko blushes slightly.]

Meiko:  Well... I just said that -maybe- it might be a good idea to
        tell them, and then we could all surprise you somehow... but I
        didn't think that An would actually do it.

Anju:  (upset) That's not what you said!  You said it was our
       responsibility to tell--

[Meiko concentrates.  The pillow in Yuu's hands suddenly flies into
the air... and strikes Anju in the face, muffling her voice.]

Meiko:  I didn't say anything of the kind.

[Anju manages to free herself from the pillow.]

Anju:  Hey!  What was that for?

[There is a loud bang.  The squabbling twins fall silent and look up
at the door.  Yuu, looking rather annoyed, is standing there with his
hand still resting on the door -- it is obvious that he has just
slammed it.]

Yuu:  (noting the new quiet) Thank you.  Now, I'm sure you both
      remember that the reason we went to the ABCB was that we could
      talk there without having our parents overhear.  So -why- did
      you think it would be a good idea to tell them?

Meiko:  (chastened) Sorry, oniichan.  I should have known better than
        to say something like that to An.

Anju:  Hey...

Meiko:  (continuing) But I think she's right, you and Arimi-chan
        should make a good couple.

Anju:  (mollified) Yeah!  Besides, I wanted to see where Arimi worked.

[Yuu blinks.]

Yuu:  You... knew Suzuki-san worked at the ABCB?

Anju:  Mm-hmm.  She was talking to me about it at lunch last week.

Yuu:  (disbelief) You set me up, didn't you?  You two and Kijima-san.

Meiko:  I didn't know anything about that, oniichan.

Anju:  (reluctant) I just hoped Arimi would be working that day.  I
       didn't know he was going to offer you a job.  (downcast) You're
       not mad, are you?

Yuu:  (sighing) Not really.  I guess you can't help it.  But... don't
      try to 'help' like that any more, all right?

[Anju sighs and nods slowly.  Meiko suddenly frowns.]

Yuu:  All right, then...

Meiko:  Wait a minute, oniichan.  Did something happen between you and

Yuu:  (raising an eyebrow) Why do you ask?

Meiko:  You weren't so upset about it before.  So what happened?

Yuu:  Well... after work, we were talking, and I was about to leave...

Anju:  And?

Yuu:  And I ended up asking her to go to a concert this Saturday.

[The sisters look surprised; then, Meiko smiles, and Anju grins and
claps her hands together.]

Anju:  That's terrific!

Meiko:  Have a good time.  (to Meiko) I can't believe our brother
        asked a girl on a date.

Yuu:  Hey, it's not like that...

Anju:  (to Meiko) Really.  I thought they'd gotten into a fight, the
       way he was acting.

Meiko:  (to Anju) That seems more likely.  He's so stubborn

Yuu:  Don't talk about me as if I wasn't here.

[Anju and Meiko turn toward him and grin.  He sighs again, shakes his
head, and leaves the room.]


		Meiko's Diary

	Well, that was interesting.  He asked her out after all.  I
knew he must have liked her a little.
	I wonder whether it will develop into anything more.  I'm not
sure Arimi-chan is right for him, but it's good that he's taking her
out.  At school, Yuu-oniichan was always popular, but he never seemed
to have any close friends except us.  And since Anju and I are a year
behind him...


		Yuu's Journal

	The rest of that week seemed to drag on forever.  Koishikawa
wouldn't speak to me -- I'm not sure, since it seems like coincidence
was all that was getting in the way, but I think that she was avoiding
me.  I really have to explain soon.
	Rokutanda wouldn't speak to me, either.  That was a relief.
	I didn't see Suzuki-san at school, although we worked together
at the ABCB once more before Saturday.  She didn't say much -- just
small talk, really -- but she smiled a lot.  She's a nice person, and
I'm beginning to wonder whether asking her to the concert was a good
idea.  If I decide that this won't work after all, then what?  It
would probably hurt her more.
	I guess Meiko was right.  I must care, just a little.


[Scene:  Bandshell]

[Saturday evening, the site of the concert.  A large crowd of people
(mostly high school students, from the look of it) are gathered in
rows in front of a stage.  On stage, four of the five members of Snow
Crash are playing their respective instruments -- guitar, bass,
keyboard, drums -- and the fifth is singing, with the bassist
performing backup vocals.  The stage set is remarkably restrained for
a show of this nature, consisting only of large snowflake-shaped
ornaments hanging behind the band.  As if to make up for it, the
lighting switches between various colors of spotlight beams at
two-second intervals.  All things considered, it's not as tasteless as
it could be.  It helps that most of the music is fairly good.  As the
band concludes their song, we can see Yuu and Arimi standing next to
each other in one of the closer rows.]

Yuu:  {I guess it could be worse.  It seems okaasan managed to get
      good tickets, anyway.}

Arimi:  (grabbing Yuu's arm) Aren't they great, sempai?  I love their

Yuu:  I wouldn't say "great"...

[Arimi looks dejected, and Yuu relents a little.]

Yuu:  I do like the music, though.

[Arimi smiles and edges closer to Yuu, sorrow forgotten as she gazes
almost worshipfully at the stage.  Yuu half-smiles.]

Yuu:  {She seems so much more sure of herself at school...  It must be
      the excitement.}

[Arimi leans into Yuu as the band launches into the opening bars of
another song.  Yuu, a little startled, looks down at her.  She smiles
as she explains.]

Arimi:  (quietly) My favorite song, sempai.  "Midnight Angel".

[The singer, Yuushi Hiro, and the bassist, Tanaka Yumeko, step up to
their respective microphones and begin to sing.  Arimi continues to
smile at Yuu; for his part, Yuu doesn't turn -completely- away.]

Hiro:  In the mirror I can see
       Reflected images of dreams
       Shattered apart
       Shadows falling                     (Yumeko:  Midnight)

Yumeko:  Your eyes accuse me silently
         All I ask is please forgive me
         For breaking your heart
         Twilight dawning                  (Hiro:  Midnight)

Hiro:  A dreamer and a liar                (Yumeko:  Angel)
       Redeemer and pariah
       That's all I am,
       And what more could you want of me?

Yumeko:  Don't regret that you met me      (Hiro:  Angel)
         And if you should forget me
         Run into the night,
         Reach into your heart and fly free

Both:  And always remember that
       The night is not an end             (Hiro:  Believe)

Hiro:  Even though the light is gone
       The day's not over yet

Both:  Always remember that
       I gave this night to you            (Yumeko:  Believe)
       My midnight angel
       Yours - if you believe it could be true

[The audience applauds as the song ends.  Cut to a familiar pair at
the center of one of the rows...]

Ginta:  I know you're not supposed to question a gift, but why exactly
        did you bring me to something like this?

Tsutomu:  (glaring) Just be quiet.  You got a free ticket, didn't you?

[Ginta rolls his eyes and glances around with great curiosity.]

Ginta:  (distracted) I guess so.  This just isn't the sort of thing I
        usually do.  (pausing) Hm?  Looks like Matsuura's here, too.
        I didn't think this would be something he'd like, either.

Tsutomu:  Matsuura?  Here?  (looking around) Where?  Where?

[As Tsutomu happens to look in the right direction, the crowd shifts,
allowing him to see who Yuu is with.]

Tsutomu:  A-a-a-ah!  (points)

Ginta:  (glancing at Tsutomu) What's wrong with you?

Tsutomu:  Arimi!

[He grabs Ginta's shoulders and starts sobbing.]

Tsutomu:  But she... she told me... that she didn't like this band any
          more!  Why does she have to come with him?

Ginta:  (annoyed) Hey, let go of me...

Tsutomu:  (shouting) Damn you, Matsuura!

[A few rows forward and to the right, Arimi stiffens.  Yuu notices,
seeing as she's still firmly attached to his arm, and glances down.]

Yuu:  Are you all right?

Arimi:  Did you hear something?

Yuu:  I can hardly hear you over this crowd.

Arimi:  (smiling tentatively) You're right... it's got to be my

[The smile spreads across her face, becoming warmer, more genuine, and
more contented.  A few rows back, we see that Ginta is now the one
holding Tsutomu, who looks really angry.]

Tsutomu:  (snarling) Hey, let go of me...

Ginta:  (laughing) You got dumped, Tsutomu.  Just accept it, would

Tsutomu:  After I gave you a ticket, you're going to take his side?

Ginta:  (sighing) That tactic isn't going to work.  Besides, I didn't
        even want a ticket.

Tsutomu:  We're cousins!  Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Ginta:  {Why me?}


[Scene:  Koishikawas' Home]

[Night.  The room is large and tastefully furnished.  Aside from the
large sofa and coffee table we can see on one side of the room, there
is an impressive-looking grand piano.  Miki is currently sitting at
it; there is sheet music in front of her -- one of Bach's fugues --
but she isn't really looking at it.  Instead, she improvises a simple
tune; her jazz influence shows.  Rumi is occupying the sofa, thumbing
through a magazine while she and Miki speak.]

Rumi:  The summer break is coming up soon, isn't it?

Miki:  Mm-hmm.

Rumi:  And we'll be moving to our new home with the Matsuuras.

[Miki misses a chord, but plays on.]

Rumi:  Have you started packing your things yet?  It wouldn't be good
       to wait until the last minute.

Miki:  No, not yet.  I will soon.

[Jin drifts into the room in time to hear Miki's last statement.  He
and Rumi look at each other.  Rumi nods to Jin.]

Jin:  Miki, your mother and I were thinking...  You don't object to
      this remarriage, do you?

Miki:  I already said that I didn't.

Rumi:  We know, but... are you sure?

Jin:  (explaining) We don't want our actions to hurt you.

Rumi:  So we just wanted to make certain--

[Miki stops playing, and her mother stops talking.  Both parents wait
as she turns on the bench to face them.  There is an uncomfortable
pause, and then a thin smile crosses Miki's face.]

Miki:  I'm sure.  Really.  I'm... looking forward to it.

[The parents' solemnity vanishes without a trace.  Jin cheers; Rumi
jumps up.  The two dance around the room a bit while Miki continues to
smile at them.  They go through one of the doors -- almost.  Rumi
pokes her head back in the room a moment later.]

Rumi:  Thank you, Miki.

[Then they are gone, and Miki allows the smile to slip.  She gazes
sadly at the door for a moment, then turns back to the piano and
resumes playing.  This time, however, she is following the sheet
music, and the song is rich, heavy, and dark in tone.]

Miki:  {Thank you, Papa, Mama.  But I know how much this means to you.
       If I said anything, it would only be my own selfishness...
       Besides, I can live with it.}

[The song grows slower and more complex.  She closes her eyes and
continues to play along flawlessly.  She looks as though she may begin
to cry... but she doesn't.]