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		Orange Marmalade - episode eight
		"Moving On"


		Anju's Diary

	Our parents were formally divorced yesterday.  There's still
time until the break, but they decided it would be better not to wait.
We're going to be moving again this weekend, and from now on, we'll be
living together with the Koishikawas.  I haven't seen the new house
yet, but Meiko-neechan tells me that it's really big.  She was kind of
depressed about it before, but it seems like she's feeling better now.
	It's been a long time since I lived in a house.  The last few
places were all cities, and we stayed in apartments.  I guess this
means our family is going to stay here for a long time.
	I wonder if I'll have my own room?


[Scene:  Toryo Rooftop]

[It is late afternoon.  Arimi is sitting near the dome, facing the
access stairway door.  She smiles as it opens.]

Arimi:  Hi, Yuu-sempai.

[Yuu smiles slightly, walking out onto the rooftop and toward Arimi.
He stops about halfway between her and the stairs.]

Yuu:  Good afternoon.

Arimi:  Thanks again for taking me to the concert this weekend...

Yuu:  Hmm?  Oh, don't mention it.  (pause) Actually, Suzuki-san, I was
      hoping to find you.  I wanted to ask you something...

Arimi:  (concerned) Is something wrong, sempai?

Yuu:  I'm not sure, but... do you know where Koishikawa is?

Arimi:  Miki-san?  (blinks)

Yuu:  (nods) She hasn't been in school for two or three days.  I just
      wondered... whether she felt all right.

Arimi:  I don't -think- she was sick...  (puzzled) Now that you
        mention it, I haven't heard anything from her for a few days,
        either.  (smiles) I'll go check on her later tonight.

[Yuu opens his mouth to say something, but hesitates.  Instead, he
continues with:]

Yuu:  Thanks...  (producing a thin tablet from his satchel) And could
      you give this to her?

[Arimi takes the tablet from him and examines it.]

Arimi:  The class notes?

Yuu:  And the assignments.  I didn't know whether anyone else was
      getting them for her, and I didn't want her to get too far
      behind, so...

[Arimi nods, smiling.  She stands and practically runs toward the

Arimi:  (waving) I'll give this to Miki-san right away, sempai.

[Yuu waves in return until Arimi has vanished down the stairs.  He
then sighs and turns toward the dome, where she had been sitting.]

Yuu:  {I couldn't say it after all...}


[Scene:  Outside the Koishikawas' Home]

[A little later than the previous scene.  Arimi jogs along the street,
then up to Miki's door.  She stands for a moment, catching her breath,
before reaching out to ring the doorbell.  After a brief pause, Rumi
opens the door.]

Rumi:  Oh, Arimi-chan.  Come in, come in!

Arimi:  (stepping through the door) Thanks.  Is Miki-san here?

Rumi:  She should be around somewhere...

[From another room, Jin's voice can be heard.]

Jin:  Rumi, where should I put the box with all the pictures?

Rumi:  (to Arimi) Just one second.  (calling to Jin) Put it on top of
       the two in the living room for now.

[Arimi blinks and begins to say something, but Rumi interrupts too

Rumi:  I think Miki-san is in her room.

Arimi:  Oh...

[Rumi turns around and hurries off to pack something else.  Before
ducking through a door, she calls back over her shoulder to Arimi.]

Rumi:  Sorry if it's a little cluttered right now... just ignore it,

[Arimi shrugs to herself and walks up a flight of stairs, to Miki's
room.  The door is closed, so she knocks.  There are some shuffling
sounds, and then the door is opened... by Meiko.]

Meiko:  Oh, Arimi-chan.

Arimi:  (blinks) Meiko-chan?

Meiko:  I didn't know she'd asked you for help... come in.

[She steps aside, and Arimi enters the room, taking note of the
half-filled boxes that are scattered around.  Miki is standing in
front of her closet at the moment, carefully folding a blouse.  She
sets it down in one of the boxes, then looks up.]

Arimi:  Help...?  Miki-san, what's going on?

Miki:  (smiles) Hello, Arimi.  (to Meiko) Actually, I didn't want to
       cause any trouble for her... or for you.

Meiko:  It's no trouble, Miki-san.  I'm glad to help.

Arimi:  (horrified) Miki-san, you're... moving?

Miki:  (nodding) But don't worry; we're not going very far.

[Arimi sighs and sits down on the corner of Miki's bed.]

Arimi:  I thought that you were going to leave, and you were trying to
        keep it a secret from me.

Miki:  I wouldn't do that, Arimi.  My parents and I are just moving
       into a new house.

Arimi:  Oh, is that why you haven't been at school lately?

[Miki only hesitates for an instant before nodding.]

Miki:  Like Meiko-chan said, it's a big job with just the three of us.
       And with my parents handling other things during the day... 
       (shrugs) It'll be finished soon.

Arimi:  All right, then; I'll help you, so you finish even faster!

Miki:  (chuckling) I guess I can't stop you...  Thanks, Arimi.

[Arimi nods and jumps up from the bed.  Then she remembers the tablet
in her hands.]

Arimi:  Oh, I almost forgot.  Yuu-sempai asked me to give this to you.

[Miki takes the tablet and flips through the first few pages.  Meiko
finishes taping a full box closed and looks up at Miki.]

Meiko:  Is that...?

Miki:  The notes and assignments.  These are pretty detailed...
       Yuu-kun did all this?

[Arimi nods.  Miki smiles slightly.]

Miki:  I'll have to thank him when I see him.  Meiko-chan, when you
       see him tonight, could you tell him I appreciate it?

Meiko:  Sure.  (gesturing at the box) Where do you want this?

Miki:  Just leaving it there would be fine.

[Miki closes the tablet and sets it on her desk.]

Miki:  I didn't expect anyone to do this...

Arimi:  That's what I like about Yuu-sempai.  He cares so much about
        other people.

[There is a crash as Meiko falls to the floor, dropping a number of
books.  Arimi and Miki turn, expressions showing surprise and concern.
Meiko looks up at them and laughs halfheartedly.]

Meiko:  Sorry... I must have tripped.

[She quickly gets to her knees and gathers up the spilled books.  Miki
and Arimi exchange glances, then continue packing.]


[Scene:  ABCB]

[The next day, mid-afternoon.  Yuu and Arimi are both working,
although there are few enough customers that there really isn't much
for them to do.  When they are not periodically checking on or serving
the ABCB's patrons, they stand behind the counter, talking quietly to
each other.]

Yuu:  I'm a little surprised Kijima-san lets you run this place when
      he's not here...

Arimi:  It's only for two or three hours while he runs some errands.

Yuu:  Still... does this happen often?

Arimi:  Once or twice, since I started working here.  It only happens
        when he has important errands and when there's not much of a

Yuu:  Oh...?  Then I guess he'll be back before I leave today.

Arimi:  Are you leaving early?

Yuu:  (smiles) Well, I'm not staying late like I usually do.  I would,

Arimi:  But?

Yuu:  My family is moving tonight.  I need to be home by 5 to help.

[Arimi freezes.  Yuu sees her expression and smiles reassuringly.]

Yuu:  We're not going far.  My family is just moving into a house

Arimi:  (sighs in relief) I'm glad.  (thoughtfully) That's the same
        thing Miki-san said...

Yuu:  (blinks) Oh, she already told you?  I should have guessed she
      would; you two are close, right?

Arimi:  Told... me...  (pause) It couldn't be... you're moving in

[Yuu nods.  Arimi stares blankly, gaping, for a few seconds, causing
an uncomfortable silence.  Yuu, oddly enough, seems unconcerned, if
somewhat puzzled.  Finally, the silence is broken as Arimi cries out:]

Arimi:  That's terrific!

[This is apparently not the response Yuu expected.  His eyes widen in

Arimi:  (continuing) I'm always a little worried about Miki-san,
        because she's always been alone except for me and Ginta.
        Ne, Yuu-sempai, you'll look after Miki-san for me, right?

Yuu:  (still surprised) Ah, I-- Sure.  I'll try to take care of her.

Arimi:  Thanks, sempai!

[Arimi leaves to check on a pair of customers at a nearby table.  A
bemused Yuu watches as she makes her rounds, finally returning to the
counter.  She smiles at him, then notices his expression.]

Arimi:  What is it?

Yuu:  (shaking his head) You surprise me sometimes, that's all.

[Arimi laughs.]


[Scene:  Outside of a House]

[Late afternoon.  The assembled Koishikawa and Matsuura families are
standing outside a large, two-story house.  There are several boxes
around, presumably filled with clothing and personal belongings.  The
four parents are smiling, while the children, even Yuu, appear
extremely surprised -- even Meiko, who's seen it before, is caught up
in the excitement.]

Chiyako:  Well?  What do you think?

Jin:  Isn't it perfect?

Youji:  (nodding) And it's such a convenient location, too.

Yuu:  (numb) It's... big.

[Anju nods several times, silently.]

Rumi:  Wait until you see your rooms.

Chiyako:  (inside the doorway) That's right; come take a look.

Anju:  (eagerly) Do I get my own room?

[The four parents begin to file through the door.]

Miki:  Wait a minute!  What about these boxes?

Jin:  (over his shoulder) Oh, you can get those for us, can't you?

[He smiles and follows the other three inside without waiting to hear
the protests.  Yuu sighs.]

Yuu:  Go ahead, An.

Anju:  Thanks, oniichan!

[And Anju is inside the house in a flash, before Yuu can change his

Yuu:  Why don't the two of you go, too?  It'll keep them happy, and I
      can handle the boxes.

Miki:  How could you carry all this by yourself?  I can't let you do
       it alone...

Yuu:  (glancing at Meiko) Thanks, but actually, I think my sister
      wanted to talk to you about how to arrange her room.

[Puzzled, Miki begins to formulate a protest, but Meiko, understanding
her brother's intentions, interrupts.  Grasping one of Miki's wrists,
Meiko pulls her inside the house.]

Meiko:  That's right; I wanted to ask your opinion about which color
        to use for the curtains, and...

[Yuu waits until he can no longer hear Meiko's voice or Miki's
protests.  He picks up one of the boxes and walks into the house.
After a quick glance around, he turns back toward the yard.  His eyes
narrow as he concentrates... and the boxes vanish, reappearing in the
(as yet unfurnished) living room.  He smiles a little and walks into
the room, setting the box he was carrying down among the others.  He
then crosses to the stairs and starts up.]

Miki:  Yuu-kun?

[Yuu freezes.]

Miki:  (impressed) You work pretty fast, don't you?  I was going to
       offer to help, but...

Yuu:  I guess you could say that it runs in the family...

Miki:  (nodding) Anyway, I wanted to thank you for sending me the
       notes from class the other day...

Yuu:  (shrugging) I just thought you might need them.  It's no

Miki:  You haven't seen the rooms yet, right?

[Anju pops her head around the corner, excitedly interrupting.]

Anju:  Oniichan!  Come look!

Yuu:  (laughs) Looks like I'm outnumbered.

[He finishes climbing the stairs.  The hallway on the second floor
seems to run the entire length of the house, and there are several
doors on either side.  Yuu allows Anju to drag him all the way down
the hall and into the room on their left; Miki follows the siblings.
The room they enter is sizable, though almost empty -- the only
furniture is a single bed.  Meiko, Chiyako, and Jin are in the room,
apparently waiting for Miki and Anju to return.]

Chiyako:  Oh, good, you brought Yuu with you.  (to Yuu) So, how do you
          like our new home?

Yuu:  (reflective) Our home...  (shakes his head) It's... I mean...

Meiko:  You're not going to tell us all about the architectural style?
        You -must- be impressed.

[Yuu looks somewhat uncomfortable, and quickly changes the subject.]

Yuu:  I guess you've got your own room now, An.

[Anju smiles and nods vigorously.]

Meiko:  (laughing) That's all she needs to be happy.

Miki:  I can't believe the number of bedrooms in this house.

Jin:  (proudly) There are six.  It's perfect:  Two for us, one for
      each of you.

Chiyako:  Meiko's is the room next to this one, and ours are at the
          other end of the hall.  You two can decide between
          yourselves which room you want.

[Miki and Yuu nod.]


		Miki's Journal

	The move went more smoothly than I thought it would.  Our
parents showed us around the rest of the house, not that there's much
to it yet.  Downstairs, we have the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living
room, and another room, which I'm planning to set up as a music room.
Nobody objected to that; somehow, that surprised me.  Upstairs are the
bedrooms.  They seem a lot bigger than my room at home -- at my old
home, I mean -- but that's probably just because there's not much in
the way of furniture or decorations here yet.
	When we got a moment in private, Yuu-kun told me I could pick
whichever of the two remaining bedrooms I preferred, and he'd take the
other.  I didn't really care which one was mine, but it was nice of
him to offer.  I ended up with the room nearer the stairs, across from
Meiko-chan's.  Yuu-kun's is next to mine, across from An-chan's.
	I'd better go help with the furniture.  I doubt any of our
parents will...


[Scene:  ABCB]

[A few days later.  There are only a few people in the shop.  Arimi,
behind the counter, is managing to keep up with all of them.  The door
chimes as the Matsuura twins enter.]

Arimi:  (turning) Welcome to-- ah!  An and Meiko-chan!

[Both twins smile at Arimi, and Anju waves.]

Meiko:  Hi, Arimi-chan.  Is Yuu here?

Arimi:  (shakes her head) He's not working today.

Anju:  Huh?  But then...

Meiko:  I see.

Arimi:  (worried) Is something wrong?

Meiko:  No, but this morning oniichan said that he was busy after
        school, so...

Anju:  (grins) We thought we'd come cheer him up!  Besides, I wanted
       to see him at work...

Arimi:  I see.  Come back tomorrow, then, he'll be working in the

Meiko:  I wonder where he is, though, if he's not here...

Anju:  Maybe he's with Miwa-sempai?

Meiko:  With him?

Anju:  Well, they have been spending a lot of time together lately.

[While this exchange has been taking place, Kijima has walked out of
the back room.  He leans against the bar and smiles.]

Kijima:  Oh, welcome back, you two.  Care for a cup of coffee?

Meiko:  Thanks for the offer, but we'd better go...

Anju:  (nods) We were just hoping to find our brother here.  Since
       he's not working today, we'll be back tomorrow.  Don't tell
       him, okay?  We want it to be a secret.

Kijima:  (chuckles) I promise.

Arimi:  (smiles) Me too!  Goodbye, An, Meiko-chan!

[The twins make their goodbyes and turn to leave.  Anju is faster, so
it's she who first steps forward... into the opening door.]

Meiko & Arimi:  An!

[The boy who opened the door quickly kneels by her side.]

Boy:  Are you all right?  I'm sorry!

[There is a stunned pause as Anju looks up at the boy.  Then he falls
backwards, and she scrambles back as well.]

Anju & Boy:  You?!

[Yes, it's the same green-haired boy who Anju ran into before. (1)  He
recovers first and quickly gets to his feet, extending a hand to Anju
to help her up.]

Boy:  (smiling) We really must stop meeting this way.  (serious) I'm
      really sorry about that.  I can't believe it happened twice.

Meiko:  (weakly) I can't believe it, either...

[Arimi and Kijima glance at each other, puzzled.]

Anju:  Don't worry about it... I'm okay.

Boy:  But this time it was definitely my fault.  Can I get you a snack
      or something to apologize?

Meiko:  Actually, we were just--

Anju:  Sure!  That's nice of you.

Meiko:  (softly) That girl always thinks with her stomach... (sighs)

[Neither Anju nor the boy seems to have heard her, fortunately.]

Boy:  Not at all; it's the least I could do.  (smiles slightly) I'm
      Tsuchiya Kei.

Anju:  Matsuura Anju.  Nice to meet you.

Kei:  Well, I could have wished we'd met a different way, but...

Meiko:  Tsuchiya Kei?  {I'm sure I've heard that name before... but

Anju:  This is my sister, Meiko.

[Meiko bows.]

Kei:  Nice to meet you.  (to Anju) Order whatever you like, then...
      your sister, too.

[Anju beams and turns to peruse a menu.  Meiko frowns slightly.]

Meiko:  Are you sure it's okay to--

Kei:  (nodding) I insist!

[Meiko shrugs as Anju starts giving her order to Kijima.]

(1 - Their previous encounter was in episode 6.)


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[Early morning.  Many of the students are in groups, talking to each
other, as usual.  A few of the later stragglers are just entering the
classroom.  Yuu and Miwa are together near one of the walls, deep in
conversation.  Yuu laughs at something Miwa has said.  Across the
room, Miki watches from her seat near the window.]

Miki:  {Those two seem to have become good friends.  I wouldn't have
       expected that.  Someone as serious as Yuu-kun, and someone as
       flippant as Miwa... but then, he can be serious at times, too.}

[She frowns slightly as she continues to observe Yuu.]

Miki:  {Yuu-kun is almost like two different people.  At school, he
       usually seems reserved, like he was only watching everything
       that happens from far away.  But when he's at home or with his
       sisters, he's more open about his emotions.  It looks like
       that's starting to happen with Miwa, too.  Since we're living
       in the same house, will he start to open up to me?}

[She turns toward Tsutomu, who is also sitting alone at his desk.  He
is resting his elbows on the desk and his chin on his elbows, and
trying to pointedly ignore Yuu and Miwa.  The effect is ruined by the
glares he keeps shooting in their direction -- not that either of them

Miki:  {Rokutanda is sure to cause more trouble for Yuu-kun.  Even if
       he gave up on Arimi, it might not help; he doesn't like Yuu-kun
       in the first place.}

[Miki turns away from Tsutomu to look out the window.]

Miki:  {Arimi... I still have to tell her that I'm living with
       Yuu-kun's family now.  It's not like I could hide it...}
       (sighing) {I hope she doesn't take it too badly.}

[Namura arrives.  The students scramble to their desks as he walks to
the front of the room.  They then stand and bow to him, and he begins
the lesson.]


[Scene:  Terrace]

[Lunchtime.  Yuu, Miwa, and Anju are sitting at one of the tables as
Miki walks by.]

Miwa:  Eh?  She's not eating here?

Anju:  She said she had to do something during lunch, so...  (sees
       Miki) Hi, Miki-sempai!

Miwa:  Oh?  That's too bad...

Yuu:  Oh, Ko-- Miki-san.  Hi.

[Miki waves.  Miwa glances speculatively at Yuu, and continues

Miki:  Hi everyone.  Yuu-kun, have you seen Arimi today?

Yuu:  No, sorry.  Isn't she usually on the roof at lunch, if she's not

Miki:  (shrugging) She isn't today.  If she comes by, can you ask her
       to wait for me after school?

Yuu:  Sure...

Anju:  If she doesn't, I'll tell her when I see her in class.

Miki:  Thank you, An-chan.  (waves) Bye.

[The three seated at the table wave; Miki walks off around the corner
of the school building.]

Miwa:  My, my.  I wonder what that was all about.

Yuu:  I don't know.  (pause) Arimi's not working today; maybe they
      were planning to go somewhere.

[Miwa shrugs.]


[Scene:  Fountain]

[This is a large decorative fountain some distance away from the
terrace.  Arimi is sitting nearby, hugging her knees to her chest; her
eyes are distant.  She blinks and looks up as a shadow falls over

Arimi:  (smiling) Miki-san!

[Miki laughs.]

Miki:  Found you.

Arimi:  How did the move go?  I'm sorry I haven't had time to visit

Miki:  Don't worry about that.  (pause) Actually, Arimi, I wanted to
       talk to you about that...

[She sits down next to Arimi.  Arimi looks at her with wide eyes,
prompting her to continue.]

Miki:  The truth is...  The house we moved into is...  (sighing) My
       parents and I aren't the only ones living there.  There's

Arimi:  (interrupting) Yuu-sempai and his family, right?

Miki:  (gaping) You... you knew?

Arimi:  (smiling) Uh-huh!  Sempai told me last week.  Didn't he
        mention it to you?

Miki:  (weakly) It... must have slipped his mind.

Arimi:  (shrugging) I thought you knew.  (pause) Ne, Miki-san, what do
        you think of Yuu-sempai?

[As if Miki wasn't taken aback before... now, she sits silent for a
short time, trying to gather her thoughts.  Meanwhile, Arimi stares
curiously at her, waiting for a reply.]

Miki:  (cautiously) Well, he seems like a nice person, once he lets
       you get close to him.  I can tell that he really cares about
       his sisters, especially An-chan, even if it seems like they're
       usually arguing.  And he can be really thoughtful when he wants
       to be.  When he's not distracted by other thoughts, that is...

Arimi:  You think so?  (smiling) I'm glad.

[Miki blinks.]

Arimi:  (explaining) I was afraid you wouldn't get along with him if
        you had to live together.  It looks like I don't have to worry
        about that.

Miki:  No, I don't think you need to worry...

[Arimi nods cheerfully.  Then her expression fades to one of

Arimi:  There was something else I wanted to ask you, Miki-san.

Miki:  (worried) What is it?

Arimi:  Well, it's...  Could you help me study for the test next week?
        I haven't been doing so well in math, and I'm a little

[Miki sighs in relief.]

Miki:  Of course I can, Arimi.  (smiling) Since you were planning to
       come visit anyway, why don't we study at my new house?  You
       don't work today, right?

Arimi:  Right.  Thanks, Miki-san!


[Scene:  Street]

[Late afternoon.  The street in front of Toryo High School.  A number
of students are walking out of the school grounds; one of the groups
that passes includes Ginta and Sumire.  A little later, the Matsuura
siblings, Arimi, and Miki emerge.]

Yuu:  You two are coming just to see me work?

[Anju nods cheerfully, and he sighs, adopting a put-upon expression.
The girls laugh.]

Yuu:  (to Miki) Arimi's going home with you to study?

Miki:  (nodding) She's worried about the exams before the break.

Yuu:  I'll see you tonight, then.  (thoughtfully) It probably would be
      a good idea to start studying now...

Meiko:  (aghast) You haven't even started yet, oniichan?!

[As the conversation continues, rather more heatedly, the camera
shifts backwards to the gates, where we can see Tsuchiya Kei leaning
against the wall, watching the group.]

Kei:  (softly) I thought I recognized the uniforms those girls were
      wearing as Toryo's, but I didn't expect to find -her- here...

[He is interrupted as a fist slams into the wall, not too far away
from him.  The owner of the fist, however, doesn't seem to have
noticed Kei; his stare is fixed on the three Matsuuras, who have
separated from Arimi and Miki and are waving.]

Tsutomu:  What does she see in that... that...

[Kei's eyes narrow slightly.]

Kei:  {How interesting.}  (faintly amused) I can't help but notice
      your distress.

Tsutomu:  That's none of your business!  (pause) Who are you, anyway?

Kei:  Now, that's no way to treat a friend, is it?  I'm on your side.
      My name is Tsuchiya Kei.

Tsutomu:  Rokutanda Tsutomu.  (suspicious) What are you talking about?
          Do I know you?

Kei:  (shrugging) You do now, don't you?

[Tsutomu doesn't know how to respond to that.  Kei continues:]

Kei:  Let's just say that I don't want to see anyone together with my
      old rival.  Since you think that he's not good enough for her,
      that puts us on the same side for now.  Right?

Tsutomu:  (hesitantly) I guess so, but...

Kei:  We can worry about the future when it comes.  For now, why don't
      we help each other out?

Tsutomu:  I...  (decisive) Okay, I will.  But what do you want?

[A smile spreads slowly across Kei's face.]

Kei:  I have a plan...