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		Orange Marmalade - episode nine
		"Summer Dawning"


		Yuu's Journal

	Our family finally finished moving, but there's no time to
rest.  Summer vacation will begin in just four days... but before that
can happen, there are the exams.  They're only three days away now,
and, though everyone has been busy preparing for them, there's still
much more to do.  In An's case, for instance...


[Scene:  Meiko's Bedroom]

[Meiko's new bedroom is the same size as An's.  In the last several
days, the room has been furnished; in addition to the bed, there is
now a desk, chair, dresser, and floor lamp.  The dominant color scheme
in the room is pastel blue and moderate green; the curtains and
bedsheets are slightly on the frilly side.  This results in a room
that, while quite feminine, does not go overboard; it's tasteful and
calming.  It's also very neat, except for the desk, where a number of
books and tablets are currently stacked haphazardly.  At the moment,
Meiko is sitting at the desk, reading a history textbook and
referencing her notes.  Anju is lying on Meiko's bed, staring glumly
at a chemistry textbook.]

Anju:  (sighing) I can never keep these three-compound reactions
       straight.  Why do we need to know this, anyway?

Meiko:  (not looking up from her book) It's important, An.

Anju:  You say that about everything.

Meiko:  (shrugging) Everything we learn is important.

Anju:  Oh, you're such a good student... (looking back at the book)
       Why does it make a difference if it's exothermic?

[Anju flips back two pages and starts reading the section again.]

Meiko:  That's just a question of whether the reaction produces heat
        or not.  (pause) Ne, An, why don't you ask Yuu-oniichan for

[Anju looks away from the book, peering over her shoulder in Meiko's

Anju:  I thought about it, but he started studying so late himself.
       I'd feel guilty taking away from his time.

Meiko:  I understand, but you know he wouldn't mind.  Besides, he's
        not such a poor student that he can't spare an hour or two...

Anju:  Well... no, only as a last resort.  It wouldn't be right to ask
       him now.

[Meiko nods, and the twins return their attention to their respective
books.  After a few seconds, Anju turns the page, and moans.]

Anju:  At this rate, I'll be here all night...

Meiko:  That reminds me, why are you studying here?  Shouldn't you be
        in your room?

Anju:  (guilty) I tried, but it didn't feel right... besides, nobody
       answered when I said something.  It was really strange.

[Meiko laughs.]

Meiko:  You're welcome to study here any time, in that case.  (pause)
        By the way, have you thought about asking Miki-san for help?
        She's already tutoring Arimi-chan, so if you could join them,
        it probably wouldn't be much of a burden to her.

Anju:  She is?  Arimi didn't mention anything about that.  (smiling)
       That's great!  I'll ask Miki-san later tonight.


[Scene:  Namura's Classroom]

[The next morning.  Many of the students are just filing into the
room; Namura is not yet present.  Miwa and Yuu enter, in the middle of
a conversation.  They are interrupted by a cheery call from Tsutomu,
who waves at them and smiles at Yuu, showing too many teeth.]

Yuu:  {He's up to something.}

Miwa:  Yo, Rokutanda.  You're looking less depressed today.

Tsutomu:  (still smiling) Depressed?  Why would I be depressed?

[Tsutomu laughs, a forced cackle that grates on the listeners' ears.
Yuu and Miwa exchange glances.]

Miwa:  (shrugging) Oh, no reason...

Tsutomu:  (quietly to Yuu) And Matsuura... You should give up on Arimi
          now.  I'll even forget about what happened before.

Yuu:  (sardonic) How generous of you.

Tsutomu:  Then, you're going to do it?

Yuu:  (disinterested) If I ever did something like that, it wouldn't
      be because you asked me to.

[He walks past Tsutomu, setting his satchel down by his desk and
sitting.  A moment later, Miwa follows him, without saying anything
more to Tsutomu.  Finally, Tsutomu scowls and sits at his own desk,
where he proceeds to cast a withering glare at Yuu.  Yuu doesn't react
in the slightest.]


[Scene:  Terrace]

[That afternoon.  Ginta, Anju, and Meiko are gathered around one
table, attempting with varying degrees of success to study and eat at
the same time.  At the neighboring table, Miki and Arimi are engaged
in similar activity, while Yuu is seated next to Arimi and looking
rather uncomfortable.]

Yuu:  Do you really need me here?

[Arimi is paying attention to Miki, who is outlining an important
point, but she spares the time to nod in response.]

Miki:  (neutrally) It's nice of you to offer to help, Yuu-kun.

Yuu:  {Who offered?}

[Meanwhile, at the other table, Ginta's expression is contorting in
several very interesting ways as he attempts to puzzle out his
textbook.  Shortly, he slumps over, practically burying his face
between its pages.]

Anju:  (blinking) Suou-kun?

Ginta:  I knew I should have started earlier...

Meiko:  (giggling) I don't think you'll learn much that way.

[Ginta looks up.]

Ginta:  (innocently) You mean the osmosis method doesn't work?

[The twins laugh at Ginta's expression of mock horror.  Then, sighing,
he turns back to the pages.]

Anju:  What is it you're having trouble with, anyway?  (glancing over
       his shoulder) Oh.

Meiko:  What is it?

Anju:  Chemistry.

[Meiko laughs.  Ginta looks up from the text again; he looks puzzled,
and slightly annoyed.]

Ginta:  What's wrong with that?  These three-compound reactions are--

Meiko:  Nothing...  It's just that An was having trouble with the same
        thing last night.

[Ginta glances sideways at Anju, who smiles tentatively.  He relaxes

Ginta:  Oh... uh, sorry.  I thought...

Anju:  I think I've finally got those down.  Want me to show you?

Ginta:  (slightly lost) Uh... thanks, I'd appreciate it.

Meiko:  (playfully) Just don't rely too much on what she tells you, or
        you'll be in trouble.

Anju:  Meiko!

[Meiko giggles and murmurs an apology.  Anju makes a face at her, then
flips back through her notebook and reaches across to Ginta.]

Anju:  Here, look...  First, you have to find the concentrations of
       each compound, and then...

[The camera switches to Meiko's perspective.  Anju continues
explaining in detail; Ginta listens, occasionally nodding his head.]

Meiko:  {I knew you could do well if you tried, An.  It looks like
        you're beginning to take school more seriously.  Maybe you're
        growing up a little, ne...?}

[She watches the pair for a moment longer before her gaze drops to her
own notes.]

Meiko:  {...But sometimes I wish I could be as carefree as you.}


[Scene:  ABCB]

[Later that afternoon.  The ABCB is moderately crowded today, and Yuu
and Kijima, who are working, have their hands full taking and
preparing orders.  Miki, Anju, and Arimi -- who is still dressed in
her school uniform, like the others -- have apparently just entered
the shop, as they are just sitting down at the counter.  Yuu notices
them and makes his way back in a quiet moment.]

Yuu:  Don't tell me you're all here to watch me work again.

Anju:  (pointedly turning her head away) Hmph.  Don't be so conceited.
       We're just here to study.

[Miki laughs.]

Arimi:  But it's sort of nice to come here as a customer and watch
        someone else do the work for a change, too.  (smiles)

Yuu:  Oh?  If that's the case, can I get you anything?

Anju:  You're going to treat us, oniichan?

[Yuu pretends to think it over for a minute.]

Yuu:  I'd better not.  Miki-san and Suzuki-san would be okay, but I
      don't make enough money to be able to treat you, with your

Anju:  (protesting) Oniichan!

Yuu:  (chuckling) Just kidding, just kidding...

[Anju pouts comically.  Behind her, Miki can be seen staring at the
siblings with a slightly melancholy expression.]

Miki:  {Why is it that you're only like this with your sisters,

Yuu:  Seriously, do the three of you want anything?  I'm going to have
      to get back to work, so...

Arimi:  (nodding) We can talk later on, once you finish for the day.

Miki:  It looks like we'll still be here then.  (glancing aside at the
       other two) I guess I'll have a cup of coffee for now.

[Anju and Arimi echo the order.  Yuu nods and begins to prepare the

Yuu:  Oh, An... did Meiko stay behind at school again?

Anju:  (nodding) I think she had cleaning duty today.  (frowning
       slightly) She's been acting a little strange lately...

Arimi:  Are the exams bothering her that much?  She's one of the best
        students in our class, so it should be easy for her.

[Yuu sets three cups of coffee on the counter for the girls.]

Yuu:  She does worry a lot.  I'll ask her about it tonight.
      (apologetically) I've got to get back to work now.

[He leaves to attend to a couple at one of the tables.]


[Scene:  Toryo Library]

[The library appears to be empty, save for Meiko, who is standing at
the end of one aisle of books.  She is frowning down at one such book,
which lies open in her hands.]

Meiko:  Tsuchiya Kei...

[Her head moves slightly as she scans the page.  She is obviously
somewhat frustrated.  After a moment, she slams the book closed,
muttering to herself.]

Meiko:  How did he know where to send An's medallion?

[She gasps and her train of thought is cut off as Namura walks around
the corner of the aisle.  From Meiko's perspective, he almost seems to
have appeared out of nowhere, a few feet in front of her.]

Namura:  (smiling) So students do use the library.  (serious) I'm
         sorry if I startled you.  I heard a noise...

Meiko:  No, it's nothing.  I just... dropped this book.

[She quickly reaches out and puts the book on the nearest shelf, out
of order.]

Namura:  Ah.  Well, then...

[He starts to turn, but Meiko interrupts.]

Meiko:  You're Namura-sensei, right?

Namura:  (nodding) Have we met?

Meiko:  I'm Matsuura Meiko.  My brother is in your homeroom class.
        (explaining) I thought I recognized you from seeing you at his
        tennis match, but I wasn't sure...

Namura:  I see.  I don't really see a resemblance...

Meiko:  (chuckling) There isn't much of one.  He looks more like our
        mother than like us.

Namura:  "Us"?

Meiko:  Me or my sister, Anju.

Namura:  Oh, another sister.  (pause) Your brother seems very
         talented.  It's a pity he didn't join the tennis club,
         although I understand his reasons...

Meiko:  (shrugging) He said he'd rather work than join any of the
        clubs here at school.

[Namura nods and turns away.]

Namura:  Normally, I'd be a little worried, but it seems like he's
         been able to handle it.  (looking back at Meiko) In any
         case... be careful with the books in the future.

[He smiles and waves.]

Meiko:  ...I will, sensei.


[Scene:  ABCB]

[A little bit later.  Arimi, Miki, and Anju are still sitting at the
counter, but there's less of a crowd now.  Kijima is behind the
counter; he looks up at the door as it swings open.]

Kijima:  Ryouko!  Welcome.

[Surprised, Anju turns to look; Miki and Arimi notice, and, a moment
later, do the same.]

Momoi:  Hello, sempai.  It's been a while, hasn't it?

[Kijima nods and gestures toward an empty seat near the end of the
counter, next to Anju.]

Kijima:  Yeah, too long.  Why don't you have a seat?

[Momoi nods, then smiles at the girls, who quickly return the

Anju:  I didn't realize you knew the Master, Momoi-sensei.

Momoi:  (sitting) He's a sempai of mine from high school.

[Yuu, who has worked his way back to the counter -- to the side of the
assembled crowd -- speaks.]

Yuu:  I didn't realize you went to Toryo, Master.

Kijima:  (laughing) I was young once, too.  That's how I met
         Ryouko and Namura.  They liked those days so much that
         they became teachers just so they could go back there
         again.  (grins) 

Momoi:  You had as much fun as we did, sempai, and you know it.

Kijima:  That's true, but I bet it's not so much fun for you now.
         Just dealing with Arimi-kun alone has almost been more than I
         can handle.

Arimi:  (trying not to laugh, and failing) Master!

Yuu:  It sounds like you miss it, though.

Kijima:  (shrugging) Those were good times, but I don't regret moving
         on.  It's not like you'll forget about everything that
         happened, right?  When you leave, you take a part of that
         with you, and you can treasure those memories no matter how
         much time passes or how far you go.

[Kijima reaches into a pocket and produces a Toryo medallion, almost
identical to the one Yuu was given by the principal.  Kijima smiles

Kijima:  Like this, for instance.  This brings back lots of memories...

Anju:  The medallion...

Momoi:  (smiling) So you still carry it with you.

[Kijima nods and glances at the children.]

Kijima:  Have you all heard the legend about this medallion?

[Arimi and Miki nod slightly, while Anju looks puzzled.]

Yuu:  Legend?  The principal said there were stories about it, but he
      didn't go into detail.

Kijima:  Ah... that's a story you should hear.

Momoi:  And he loves telling stories.

Kijima:  (playfully) Hey, Ryouko, don't interrupt.  (to the others)
         Anyway, when we were at Toryo, there was a story about the
         power of the medallion.  It said that if someone put a
         picture of the person they loved in the medallion, then it
         would bring those two together.

Anju:  Really?

Miki:  That story is still around.  I've heard some of the other girls
       talking about it -- whose picture is in which medallion, that
       sort of thing.

Yuu:  But there are stories like that about everything.

Arimi:  You don't believe it, sempai?

Yuu:  It's pretty hard to believe.

Momoi:  Maybe so, but when I was a student, everyone believed it, even
        if they wouldn't admit it.

Anju:  There must have been some kind of proof if everyone believed

Yuu:  No doubt.

[Kijima leans forward; light glints off his glasses.]

Kijima:  There is.  You see, at that time, there was a female student
         who was secretly in love with one of the young men.
         Unfortunately, she was too shy to tell him.

Arimi:  Oh, I like this kind of story...

Kijima:  (continuing) Then, one day, she heard that he was leaving.
         His family had to move far away, to America.  She still
         couldn't bring herself to say anything to him, but on the day
         before he left, she put her medallion in his bag, so he would
         find it and know that someone cared.  The next day, he left,
         and she thought she would never see him again.

Anju:  How sad...

Kijima:  (nodding) But she never forgot about him, even through
         college.  Years later, she happened to be working as a guide
         in New York, when that young man passed by.

Miki:  And they recognized each other?

Kijima:  No; both of them had changed, and besides, he didn't see her.
         But as he was walking, something fell from his pocket.  He
         didn't notice, but she did, and she called out to him.
         That's when she picked it up and recognized it.  (smiles) It
         was her medallion; for some reason, he'd been carrying it all
         that time.

Anju:  How romantic!

Arimi:  That's a wonderful story, Master...

Yuu:  Really.  It's just too perfect.

Kijima:  You think so?  (shrugs) I guess it is, at that.

[Arimi and Anju glance at each other.]

Kijima:  There aren't that many customers here; I think I'll wait
         until they finish and close up early for the night.  You can
         go ahead, Yuu-kun.  I know you've got exams to study for.

Yuu:  I can stay.  It's not a problem, and you'll finish earlier if
      you don't have to do everything yourself.

Kijima:  All right.  (pointing across the room) We can start by
         clearing those tables...

[Yuu and Kijima leave.  The girls are quiet for a short time, but
soon, Arimi turns to Momoi.]

Arimi:  Sensei, about that story Master told...

Momoi:  Yes?

Arimi:  That was about him, wasn't it?

Anju:  No way...!

Momoi:  (chuckling) I suppose you know him pretty well, since you work
        for him.

Arimi:  I thought so.

Miki:  I wonder why he told us that story...

[Anju has retrieved her own medallion from her bag, and is intently
studying it as it rests in the palm of her hand.]

Anju:  Is it really true...?


[Scene:  Meiko's Bedroom]

[That evening.  Anju is again curled up on Meiko's bed, studying
chemistry.  Meiko is sitting at her desk, chin resting in her cupped
hands.  There is an open book on the desk in front of her, but she's
looking straight ahead at the wall rather than down at the text.  This
continues until Anju looks back over her shoulder at Meiko.]

Anju:  Ne, oneechan...

[Meiko blinks and snaps out of her daze.  Her hands drop away from her
chin as she turns in her seat to face Anju.]

Meiko:  Hmm?

Anju:  Are you feeling all right?  You're not acting like yourself

Meiko:  No, I'll be all right.  I'm just a little tired.  (smiles
        slightly) In fact, I think I could use a short break.  Would
        you like a cup of tea?

Anju:  (not convinced) If you're sure it's okay...

Meiko:  (nodding) By the way, weren't you going to study with
        Miki-san tonight?  I'll bring a cup for her, too.

Anju:  (checking her watch) We weren't supposed to start for half an
       hour.  I wanted to review the chemistry first.  (smiles) But a
       break sounds like a good idea.  I feel so tired...

[Anju rises to her knees and stretches, as if to accentuate her point.
Meiko smiles to herself, turns, and leaves the room.  As the door
closes behind Meiko, Anju allows her arms to fall back to her sides
and gazes contemplatively the door.]

Anju:  (softly) Is the divorce still bothering you, 'neechan?  You
       shouldn't hide things like that from me... but I guess that's
       your way to deal with it, hmm?

[Still staring at the closed door, she sighs; then, she stands and
walks across the room to Meiko's desk.  She glances down at the book.]

Anju:  Literature?  {She can't be finding -that- difficult.  It's her
       favorite subject.}

[Her gaze travels across the desk and falls on something else --
Meiko's Toryo medallion.  It's been carefully set aside near the back
of the desk.  Anju picks it up.]

Anju:  I wonder if it's true...

[The door opens, and Meiko enters, balancing a tray on her arm.  On
the tray are a teapot and three cups.]

Meiko:  Here you go... An?!

[Anju's head turns in Meiko's direction; it's difficult to tell which
of the two is more surprised.  Meiko recovers first, and her
expression shifts to a mix of worry and anger.]

Meiko:  What are you doing?  Give that back...

[Before Anju can answer, the medallion launches out of her loose grasp
as Meiko uses the Power.  Anju reacts, instinctively activating her
own telekinetic Power, and the medallion ends up suspended in midair,
halfway between the twins.]

Anju:  I was just looking at it.  You don't have to be so--

Meiko:  (interrupting) What's so interesting about it?  Look at your

Anju:  But I was just thinking about that story, and--

Meiko:  What story?

[Arcs of energy begin to flow through the room, centered on the
medallion, which is constantly surrounded by crackling blue

Anju:  The one Kijima-san told us.

Meiko:  The one you were talking to Miki-san about, when you first got

Anju:  Right, about the picture.

Meiko:  But that's none of your business!

Anju:  Eh?

[With a thought, Anju causes the medallion to spin to face her and
open.  Meiko cries out... then the lightning-like arcs vanish as Anju
stops using the Power.  The medallion flies across the room; Meiko
regains complete control a moment later, and it lands neatly on her
tray, next to one of the cups.]

Anju:  (disappointed) What are you so worried about?  There's not even
       a picture in your medallion!

Meiko:  Is that supposed to make it okay to--

[Meiko's speech is interrupted as the door opens.  She turns to see
Yuu standing in the doorway.  He frowns and begins to speak, quietly.]

Yuu:  You two have to be more careful about using the Power now.  What
      if Miki-san or her parents were the ones who walked in?

Anju:  'Niichan...  When did you...?

Yuu:  Only a second ago.  But weren't you expecting Miki-san soon?

[Meiko, who has set the tray down on her dresser, raises a hand to
cover her mouth.]

Meiko:  I... I didn't think...

[She looks at Yuu, then back at Anju.]

Meiko:  I-- I'm sorry!

[She brushes past a surprised Yuu, out of the room.  Before Yuu
reacts, she can be heard running down the stairs.]

Yuu:  (sighing) And I came to see whether anything was wrong with her.
      It looks like this will take a while.

Anju:  Oniichan.

Yuu:  (shaking his head) Sorry, An, but I'd better hurry if I want to
      catch her.  Try to forget it and study with Miki-san for now.
      But you should apologize later tonight.

[Anju nods mutely.  Yuu nods to her, closes his eyes, and vanishes
with a rush of air.]

Anju:  Cutting down her lead by teleporting... just like 'niichan not
       to let his feelings get in the way of his logic.  He's really
       worried... (pause; indignantly) Hey!  Didn't he just tell

[Anju trails off, fuming silently.  The door opens once again, and
Miki enters.]

Miki:  I'm ready to start, An-chan...  (glancing around the room)
       Isn't Yuu-kun here?  I thought I heard him a minute ago.

Anju:  He, err, left a little while ago... with my sister.

Miki:  Oh...?  Well, I guess it can't be helped.  Now, what were you

[For one moment, Anju looks completely miserable, but she nods, hiding
her feelings.  Miki's eyes narrow slightly, but she says nothing,
allowing Anju to lead her to the bed.  Soon she is listening while
Anju begins to list her problem areas.]


[Scene:  Toryo Library]

[The next day.  Meiko is sitting at one of the library tables, alone,
with a tablet in front of her.  There is a pencil in her hand, and
she absently taps it against the paper without writing anything.  She
is lost in thought, and doesn't notice Ginta approach her until he
sits down in the chair facing her, across the table.]

Meiko:  Suou-kun?

Ginta:  Ah... hi.  Your sister said you would probably be here...

Meiko:  (turning away) I don't have anything to say to her right now.

Ginta:  (frowning) She's worried about you.

Meiko:  Tell her I'm okay, then.  Just leave me alone.

Ginta:  That's really what you want?

[Meiko turns back toward Ginta.  Her expression is calm and neutral.]

Meiko:  I need to study for tomorrow.

Ginta:  That's not what's bothering you, is it?

Meiko:  (defensively) Nothing's "bothering" me.  You and An...

Ginta:  It's not because your parents got divorced?

Meiko:  I- How did...?

Ginta:  (continuing) Anju-san thought it might be.  But you're still
        living together with both of them, right?

Meiko:  (muttering) Go ahead and tell him everything, An...

Ginta:  You can still be with both of your parents, so does it really
        make that much of a difference?

Meiko:  Of course it does!  How would you feel, if your parents did
        something like that?

Ginta:  My mother died when I was very young.  I'd trade places with
        you in a second.

[Speechless, Meiko stares blankly at Ginta.  He returns the gaze
levelly, until Meiko turns her head away, whispering something that
is probably an apology -- it's too soft to make out.]

Ginta:  It was a long time ago.  (standing) Anyway, Anju-san said to
        tell you she would be waiting for you on the school roof

[Ginta turns and walks out of the library.  Meiko remains seated,
silently staring at the blank sheet of paper.]

Meiko:  {An...}


[Scene:  School Rooftop]

[It is apparently quite late in the day -- the sun is beginning to
set.  Anju is seated near the fence, looking out over the school
courtyard, hugging her legs to her chest.  Her satchel, packed with
her books, is beside her.  With a long sigh, she stands, picking up
the bag.  She turns around and walks slowly to the door; as she's
reaching for the handle, it opens, revealing Meiko.  The two girls
look at each other for a moment, their expressions mirror images of
surprise, before Anju smiles tentatively.]

Meiko:  An...

[Without warning, Anju drops her satchel and lunges forward to wrap
Meiko in a tight embrace.  Meiko stumbles, barely avoiding falling
backwards down the stairs.]

Anju:  I didn't think you were coming...

Meiko:  A-An... I--

Anju:  (interrupting; speaking very rapidly) I'm sorry about
       yesterday, I shouldn't have been looking through your things
       and I didn't mean to--

[Meiko gently places her hands on Anju's shoulders, and the younger
twin falls silent, looking at Meiko with a mix of fear, relief, and
anticipation.  Meiko shakes her head.]

Meiko:  I'm the one who should apologize, An.  I overreacted, just
        like I did to everything since... with our parents.  And none
        of that was your fault, anyway....  I'm sorry.

[Anju's smile grows a little wider.]

Anju:  It's all right.  Does this mean you're accepting our parents'

Meiko:  (sighing) I... don't know, An.  I know I should, but...

Anju:  Mmm... Take your time.  As long as you're willing to think
       about it.

Meiko:  (chuckling) It's so unusual to see you acting so mature.

Anju:  (crossing her arms) Hmph.  And I was worried about you...

Meiko:  (still chuckling) Sorry, An.

Anju:  (brightly) There's something you can do to make it up to me...

Meiko:  Oh?  What's that?

Anju:  Let me borrow your history notes?  I can't read mine, and I
       still need to study that for tomorrow.

[Meiko, nonplussed, looks at Anju's pleading expression.  She soon
begins laughing; Anju joins her a second later.]


[Scene:  Toryo Courtyard]

[The next day.  The students are just leaving school.  More than a few
of them look depressed, following the exams, but the majority are more
cheerful as they look forward to the summer break.  Yuu, Miki, and
Arimi are counted among the latter students.  Ginta, Anju, Meiko, and
Miwa, also looking reasonably confident, follow them.  Finally,
Tsutomu stumbles through the gate, wearing an expression so depressed,
it's almost comical.]

Tsutomu:  (shouting toward the sky) Why does this always happen to

[Freeze and fade out.]


		Yuu's Journal

	The first part of the school year in our new town passed with
somewhat less trouble than I'd expected.  The exams themselves didn't
seem too difficult at the time, compared to our last school's.  As it
turned out, I wasn't entirely correct; my grade was near the top of
the middle third of the class.  Miki-san scored third in the class,
and, surprisingly, Miwa-san scored second.  As for Tsutomu... well,
his prediction turned out to be accurate.
	In Suzuki-san's class, almost everyone performed as they'd
expected -- with two exceptions.  First, Suou-kun somehow managed to
score in the top third of the class, well above his usual average
grades.  I think An had something to do with it, but she only smiles
when I ask her about it, and refuses to answer.  Second, Meiko's grade
was just above Suou-kun's, and below An's for the first time since
grade school.  She won't say anything about that, either, but she
doesn't seem as upset as I'd expected her to be.  I'm uneasy about
that, but she's been more cheerful since then than she had been since
before we moved, so I'll let that rest for now.
	Rumi-san announced today that our entire family will be going
to the beach as part of our summer vacation.  It seems that it partly
has to do with her work -- she wasn't very clear on that -- but
everyone is looking forward to it.  I've always found the ocean
relaxing.  Maybe this will turn out the be the escape we all need...