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Name: Corey Lewis
Age: 23
Birthdate: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 186 cm (roughly 6'1")
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Orange, short, usually frizzy and uncombed
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Lean build.
Clothing: Nothing unusual or noteworthy.
Program: First-year undecided student
Clubs and activities: None.
Reputation: Corey is that anti-social guy you see at the back of the class with earphones in at all times. He doesn't care much about school in general, though he is rather smart. He's the one who manages to squeak by without putting up TOO much effort. Some words to describe him would be sarcastic, rude, not-a-morning-person, and "Un mono de bano!" His tendancy is toward pacifism but if he has to he'll beat you upside the head with a large mallet he hides somewhere on his personage.
Rumors: He was born in America, but became bored with the stuff happening over there and decided to move to the east after graduating, but he didn't have the cash so he applied for the airforce. Four years later...
Other: He lives in the most expensive place he can afford, which coincidentally happens to be the crappiest place in town. He eats potato chips and fresh lobster every day. Why lobster? It sounded good. Mmmmmmm...

He doesn't know any Japanese.

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