White Temple

Freeform Anime RPG

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A description of White Temple Academy

Cast of Characters

(Note that the information presented here is not necessarily accurate; it is limited to what can be seen (appearance, clothing quirks) and what can be easily learned through a brief conversation or through rumors (reputation, etc.). In cases where a character's behavior seems to contradict their profile, assume that it is the profile that's incorrect. Also, all names are given Western-style, personal name first.)

A brief explanation of Blood Type mythology

A brief explanation of Zodiac mythology

Player Characters

Hotaru Akayami - "Give me the idol, Dr. Jones."
Kotomi Aoyama - "So enthusiastic, just a little bit drastic..."
Setsuna Arisugawa - "Innocence, in a sense..."
Toshiro Asagiri - "And the truth shall make you mad."
Thorn Braeburn - "But he was such a quiet young man..."
Lyel Brownen - "Define 'strange'..."
Kouran Saionji - "Wolf in wolf's clothing."

Non-player Characters

Hikari Iyakawa - "Brains by Kasumi Tendo; body by Playboy"
Corey Lewis - "Stranger in a strange land"
Shiro Mizuhara - "The eye of the beholder..."
Yutaro Onnanigero - "Bishounen without a cause"

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