picture of Setsuna(pic: Jen-chan)
Name: Setsuna Arisugawa
Player: Jen-chan
Age: 18
Birthdate: March 13 (Pisces)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 173 cm (roughly 5'8")
Weight: 50 kg (roughly 110 lbs.)
Hair: Light red hair parted off to the side. Bangs that curl just below the eyes. Layered hair that curls in and frames her face. The longest layer reaches mid-back.
Eyes: Green (closer to Jade than Emerald)
Appearance: Gangly. Sharply defined features. Long limbs. We're in an anime-ish world so Setsuna is attractive in the typical anime-ish fashion. If she were drawn, she'd look Utena-ish. Not especially high voiced, but not especially low either.
Clothing: Setsuna wears long skirts and long sleeved shirts with a high neckline. In the winter, she often wears turtle necks. At home, there's almost always an apron on her. She doesn't own any pants or any jewelry. Sometimes she wears thick rimmed black glasses (usually to read, but sometimes she forgets to take them off).
Program: First-year management student
Clubs and activities: Setsuna is not apart of any club or extra-curricular activity... yet.
Reputation: Take Belldany, throw in a cup of Sailor Mercury, a dash of Sailor Uranus, sprinkle lightly with Pre-Ranma Akane, and hit puree. This is Setsuna. She can almost be called motherly, and loves coddling people. She's very concerned with her grades. Setsuna can be uptight around new people. If you're female, she will be friendly but very jittery. If you're male, she will be VERY jittery, and even chilly with you. This will change as she gets to know you, and she will become maternal in almost Belldandy-like fashion.
Rumors: Setsuna is the youngest of three daughters, raised by a mother and a grandmother in a very poor and man-hating bakery. She went to an all girl school for all her schooling and has yet to meet a male up close in real life. She's a closet bisexual who broke up badly with her girlfriend just before hopping on the bus to White Temple. Her expenses for the next four years are paid for by a scholarship earned by her photographic memory.
Other: Setsuna's most important possession is a photo of her and her bestfriend/girlfriend standing beside each other amidst all of her other friends. She has it with her all the time in a photo wallet.

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