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Name: Shiro Mizuhara
Age: 19
Birthdate: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 168 cm (roughly 5'6")
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Brown, short
Eyes: Light blue
Appearance: He's truly an average looking kid. Nothing distinct about him (save his blue eyes: which are really contact lenses for nearsightedness), but most girls would call him dateably cute. His build is that of a healthy active adult.
Clothing: Nothing unusual or noteworthy.
Program: First-year(?) fine arts student
Clubs and activities: Photographer for "Hermes" newspaper; Arts and Design Club (photography division)
Reputation: He's a happy kind of guy with a fair degree of common sense (think Akito from Nadesco). He does have an eye for the ladies, but hasn't made moves on any of them as of yet (preferring the distance of a zoom lens to moderate contact). But he's not shy and has no trouble talking with anyone. In fact, he can often be seen talking to a wide variety of people and shoving quieter friends into conversations; though on occasion he does suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.
Rumors: His public photo shots are class assignments and they're good by most standards; mediocre by his own judgement.
Other: Shiro has one young kid sister (5-6) attending WT grade school. His family has a house in the nearby town. His sister commutes home, he has residence.

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