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Name: Kotomi Aoyama
Player: Kahlil Noriega
Age: 17
Birthdate: Precise date unknown (Scorpio)
Blood Type: O
Height: 164 cm (roughly 5'4")
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Black, short, often in disarray
Eyes: Soft amber that always seem to shine in the sunlight
Appearance: [Nothing extraordinary.]
Clothing: [Nothing unusual or noteworthy.]
Program: First-year chemistry student
Clubs and activities: Archery and chemistry clubs
Reputation: Cheerful and slightly over active, (a slightly toned down Sana-chan) Kotomi likes to have fun with her friends in her off hours when she’s not sweeping the temple grounds or helping Shimura-san (White Temple's head groundskeeper) with the garden. She is naive about boys and is very wary and shy around them, but gets along fine with her female friends at the Academy. Open and honest with a childlike naivete and curiosity; she dislikes any form of confrontation, but would defend a friend fiercely if provoked. She dreams of one day finding the man of her dreams, but because of her shyness is fearful to take action in achieving them. She is almost always willing to help out a friend and go out of her way todo it.
Rumors: The Aoyama family is a well-known family with a long tradition of maintaining the family’s Aoyama Shrine and for sending their sons to the Military or to workfor the government.
Other: [Nothing to speak of.]

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