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Name: Toshiro Asagiri
Player: Justin Rod
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 3 (Scorpio)
Blood Type: B
Height: 165 cm (roughly 5'5")
Weight: 95 kg (roughly 210 lbs.)
Hair: Green, wild and unkempt
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: His build is wide and strong but he doesn't really move like the gorilla he looks like. His arms are slightly longer than normal and his legs are slightly shorter, but he moves with the grace of a drunken hummingbird. He always has a vapid, stoned look on his face except when explaining something he believes in. At that time all emotions are plain to see across his stubble-enshrouded face.
Clothing: Doesn't wear glasses or jewerly. Wears shorts and a suit jacket with boots. His undershirt never matches his jacket. His socks are usually yellow.
Program: First-year philosophy and writing student
Clubs and activities: Philosphy Club, Literary Club, Western Music In General Club, Aerosmith Fan Club (White Temple Chapter), and the School Band. (Plays Pan Pipes).
Reputation: Toshiro is a strange guy but almost everyone likes him. Never goes out of his way to cause trouble but often steps on the toes of those who like to push everyone around.
Rumors: Toshiro is from a family of shamans. Toshiro is color blind. Toshiro likes Maya. (All unconformed rumors)
Other: Toshiro is always seen with his portable MP3 player.

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