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Name: Hikari Iyakawa
Age: 19
Birthdate: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 168 cm (roughly 5'6")
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Brown, waist-length and wavy
Eyes: [?]
Appearance: There is a bounce in her walk and a spring in her step which is supported by a lively, but friendly personality and a C cup bra. Yes. Hikari has many, um,... attributes working in her favour. Her smile can twist hearts and has broken lesser men. She has the sweet voice of a songbird.
Clothing: Her skirts are always at least one inch above regulation and 2 cm below the point where imagination doesn't have to take over. Shirts have a lower neck line.
Program: First-year fine arts (music) student
Clubs and activities: None.
Reputation: She is delightfully prying and inquisitive when it comes to her classmates (an inquisitiveness which is lacking in her technical studies). She always fits in well in fashionable cliques (until the leader's boyfriend takes notice of her). But she is never harsh and always polite. Though she can be a bit overemotional at times. Her real blindness come to sexual innuendo. Many people 'suggest' certain things, but she just doesn't seem to "get it".
Rumors: How can anyone be so oblivious to that kind of attention? And the ultimate intent of the men is quite obvious... Still, she unwittingly manages to wheedle into many a man's heart latching on to their arms or playfully flouncing into their laps. She currently has no known boyfriend, but may have had one in the past.
Other: She drives around in a small red rag top econo-box and boards at the Temple Residences.

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