Thorn pic by Megan Jones(pic: Megan Jones)
Name: Thorn Braeburn
Player: Megan Jones
Age: 17
Birthdate: December 8 (Sagittarius)
Blood Type: A
Height: 155 cm (roughly 5'1")
Weight: Somewhere between 45 and 55 kg (100-120 lbs.)
Hair: Very distinctive, long and silver; his bangs, parted in the middle, are about chin length and frame his face, while the rest of his hair is longer and is tied back at the nape of his neck.
Eyes: Leaf-green and intense.
Appearance: Thorn is short, and doesn't show any signs of growing taller anytime soon. He's slightly built and somewhat frail; if he was the kind of person to play sports he'd twist his ankles all the time. He's quite attractive... which more people would notice if he wasn't such a wallflower.
Clothing: Unless he has to wear a uniform, Thorn wears jeans all the time... he has about four different pairs. None of those massive ballooning affairs, either; he'd rather squeeze into tight jeans than float around in oversized ones. [Which means he usually has to shop at the kiddie section of whatever clothing store he frequents....] His favourite outfit is a thin black T-shirt tucked into the everpresent jeans, topped with a pale blue, somewhat faded, usually unbuttoned workshirt which he's owned for years now. His clothing for class, due to WTA's dress code, is charcoal-grey slacks and jacket, and pale blue shirt, with charcoal-grey striped tie. [Bleah. Dress code. ^_^;] He can usually be found wearing sturdy brown boots which reach up just past his ankles.
Program: First-year maths student. He's literally a math whiz; unfortunately, he doesn't like math much, greatly preferring writing and literature.
Clubs and activities: Junior writer for the student newspaper, Hermes. Also, he'll eventually join the archery team, just give 'im a day or two.
Reputation: As this is his first year at WTA, he doesn't have much of a reputation... yet. Anyone interacting with him will find him to be shy and somewhat suspicious. Plus, he always stumbles over his words when he talks, which can make talking to him a rather trying experience. He can also be abrupt, if not downright rude, and is veeeeerrry touchy about his hair.
Rumors: He comes from a very wealthy background, and maintains good relations with both his parents and his rather... offbeat... sister. He has one friend [yes, you heard right, ONE], who just happens to be going to another university a few hours' bus ride away. Frankly, I'd be surprised if anyone at WTA knew even this much about him, as he isn't the talkative type.
Other: Thorn lives at Naismith Hall, a somewhat rundown traditional-style dorm building. His roommate is Corey Lewis, and Shiro Mizuhara also lives in the same building, albeit on a different floor. Thorn can almost always be seen carrying around a laptop computer and a cellphone. The computer, for some unexplained reason, has a built-in microphone... and quite a few first-person-shooter games installed on it. Great for dealing with stress, eh? He doesn't eat much, as he's rather picky about food. If given a choice, he'd stay in his dorm room all day, reading fantasy novels (and even some sci-fi, especially space opera); he finds them easier to get into than the usual kinds of required readings for literature class.

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