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Name: Lyel Brownen
Player: Squeek!, The Queen Otaku
Age: 19
Birthdate: February 4 (Aquarius)
Blood Type: B
Height: 158 cm (roughly 5'2")
Weight: 45 kg (roughly 100 lbs.)
Hair: Glossy black, with such a luster to it that in certain lights it appears a midnight shade of blue. Cropped thick and short, though without much style, simply left to take wildly to the wind.
Eyes: Bright and jubilant, coloured a deep reddish brown and framed by thick lashes.
Appearance: A healthy, vivacious person. Possessing fine and delicate features which do not simply border the line between femininity and masculinity, or simply obscure, they completely eradicate such a division. There is nothing wholly feminine or masculine to Lyel, simply an androgynous beauty that demands a questing second look. A lovely face, filled with laughter and mirth.
Clothing: The clothing that he wears is incredibly odd, much as Lyel tends to be. Abhorring dark colours, his attire consists of many bright and vibrant dyes. Most of the time, Lyel designs his own clothing, thus the cut and wear of them is often themed and rather shocking. His most popular piece is an outfit of lime green and lemon yellow. Whatever catches the eye, and even blinds it.
Program: First-year fashion design and English literature student
Clubs and activities: Art and Design Club - Fashion Section, Writers Club
Reputation: Just as totally audacious and bold as the clothes, Lyel tends to be exuberant and as lively as any five-year-old. Just as stubborn too. If thereís something that catches Lyelís fancy, expect to put up a fight for it.

During these times the words "No!" and "Get lost" donít seem to register as well as they would any other day. Can be rather possessive and clingy then, at least until something better comes along.

Rather blase about a lot of things, taking whatever comes with a cheerful and cynical point of view. Nothing really slows Lyel down or causes a given momentary halt. Just feels the need to be active, to be up and about all the time.

Tends to be rather curt to certain females, saying what needs to be said and then dismissing or ignoring them. Overall though, Lyel is a bundle full of energy waiting to explode. Even when merely talking, will take to making a number of wild hand and body movements.

"Lifeís too short to stand still and watch it go by."

Rumors: Although from a wealthy family, Lyel was never a spoiled child. Could be made happy simply by finding several bits of scrap fabric in the bargain bin or given some cheesy and shiny trinket. The immediate family is rather close knit; they are loving and caring and supportive. Only Lyelís brother gives any hassle on the dress and manner. Of course, with Lyelís personality, will simply take it in stride and tease in retaliation.

With such a decent and wonderful upbringing, no oneís quite sure as to how Lyelís personality got so strange. Although it may be suggested that some traumatic occurrence plagues Lyelís past, but the loving parents -- who have a lot of power in certain circles -- have managed to keep things covered up very nicely.

There are several rumors going around about Lyelís gender. No one can seem to make up their minds. If Lyel is a girl then she is one with perhaps a more athletic build than most. If a guy, then he is an overemotional queer (obviously I of all people, don't mean any offense by that). There is also a betting pool going around on Lyel's true sex.

Other: Lyel currently has an off-again, on-again relationship with the Student Councilís Vice-president. Now while said Vice-president would like to keep it a secret and under wraps, Lyel is constantly displaying amorous affection for him in plain sight of every one else. However, this is not the only reason as to why the two constantly seem to break up. The main one is that it looks like Lyel isnít very faithful...

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