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Name: Yutaro Onnanigero
Age: 21
Birthdate: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 180 cm (roughly 5'11")
Weight: Unknown
Hair: [color?], soft and neatly combed
Eyes: Hazel
Appearance: Slim and trim, with flawless skin. He is beautiful. Not handsome. Beautiful. He has the body of an Olympic gymnast and the grace of a dancer.
Clothing: Nothing unusual or noteworthy.
Program: Second-year fine arts (interior decoration) student
Clubs and activities: Gymnastics team; Art and Design Club vice president; he spends much time in the library working under Kasseri Yoshi, head librarian, as a staff member.
Reputation: Something about that boy that just seems to attract people. He is like a kami or an angel visiting Earth; something benevolent and ephemeral about him. This serenity that relaxes and comforts. Just being near him seems to bring out the best in you. His nearly eternal sad smile is infectious (and makes some wonder, what he may cry about on the inside). It is a sense of wa; of harmony of being. He is often in seated the back of classes; quiet and sedate, keeping to himself. He never volunteers for leadership roles but often has then thrust upon him. Students underneath him (particularly women) perform with gusto. Despite the possible ease of conquests, he has no know boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, he has only one real friend (as far as anyone can see), Shingeru Chojo; a member of the track team. But he is not unflappable. In fact, when his admirers have become "overtly ardent" or devout in their devotion to him he has been know to engage in 'escape maneuvers' and run when necessary.
Rumors: He is a smart student, but not brilliant. His marks place him in the top 20% of most of his classes, but never at the fore. Many teachers would remark that he has great potential and shake their heads to their own inability to unlock the key to that potential. A brief rumor was spread that Chojo and Yutaro have a 'special relationship'. This myth was quickly dispelled by Chojo's girlfriend.
Other: Yutaro lives off campus with his grandmother in the attic above their house. The location of his house is a well kept secret know to few.

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