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Name: Kouran Saionji
Player: Eimii
Age: 19
Birthdate: July 7 (Cancer)
Blood Type: O
Height: 203 cm (roughly 6'8")
Weight: It's not worth the pain to ask...
Hair: straight black, thick and unruly, mid-back length
Eyes: Dark brown
Appearance: Statuesque and elegant, Kouran has strong, mature cast to her that is sometimes rather off-putting. Her angular profile and sharp features, combined with her unusual height, sometimes cause people to mistake her for a very beautiful man from afar, though up close it is abundantly evident that she is female. A somewhat husky, rough-cut alto voice, with a strong Kansai-ben accent, offers a strange compliment to her smooth, pale complexion and flowing raven locks.
Clothing: Kouran has developed something of a taste for men's casual styles, as they tend to cover more up (she sunburns easily), and it's cheaper to alter men's clothes to fit her than it is to have women's clothing in her size either custom tailored or imported.When she does wear a skirt, she almost always wears them around ankle length, and her limited wardrobe as a whole tends to favor blues and greens. Being a utilitarian at heart, she almost never wears jewelry.
Program: First-year undecided student
Clubs and activities: Kouran is not currently a member of any campus organizations.
Reputation: Possessed of an abrasive, mercurial temperament, Kouran's mood can change in an instant, and she tends towards the negative extremes. In friendly company, however, she can be very considerate, frank, and open, if still somewhat cynical. A firm believer in self-determination, Kouran tends to stand more on her aggressive bent and strong will to carry her through life, rather than relying on anyone else for support.
Rumors: Kouran is known to have had a long history of severe disciplinary problems, starting as early as the seventh grade. She was the leader of a girl-gang during her last two years of high school, and was noted for being easily provoked, and especially violent towards other known delinquents. Kouran still keeps in contact with all of the members of her old gang.
Other: Apparently bereft of any traditional sort of academic or artistic virtues, and disinterested in professional sports, the only thing that could possibly have gotten Kouran into White Temple was money; her father, a single parent, is a low paid salaryman, but it is rumored that her grandparents on her mother's side are wealthy.

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