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Name: Hotaru Akayami
Player: Scott Schimmel
Age: 18
Birthdate: November 10 (Scorpio)
Blood Type: B
Height: 171 cm (roughly 5'7")
Weight: She's not telling.
Hair: Glossy black, pageboy-style
Eyes: Violet
Appearance: Slender and graceful in build, often described as waifish. She's not beautiful in the classical sense, but rather attractive in a striking manner. Her normal speaking voice is a pleasant alto.
Clothing: She has a good but minimalist sense of style. Normally, her choice of clothing will not be remarkable, and she will wear no more than one piece of jewelry (and often none). However, at least one piece of clothing in any outfit she chooses will be colored purple, even if it's just the trim.
Program: First-year arts/writing student
Clubs and activities: Reporting staff for "Hermes" newspaper; takes dance and aikido classes
Reputation: Hotaru is friendly, cheerful, and charismatic. She's got a quick and sometimes sharp and cynical wit, but people tend to form good impressions of her anyway. Occasionally, she's been known to get lost in thought, but otherwise she seems to take things in stride. Hotaru doesn't talk much about her family or her previous school.
Rumors: She did pretty well on the entrance exam, but nowhere near the top. She's professed a desire to become a writer or an actress. Other than that, nobody seems to know much about her; this is her first year at White Temple, so she's still a blank slate.
Other: Characters who have a strong interest in Japanese pop music and/or the idol scene might recognize her as "Hotaru Komatane", a minor celebrity who had a few popular singles over the last seven years or so, and who retired about eighteen months ago. She was noted for performing stage magic between or during her songs. Either her hair was longer at the time, or she wore a wig when performing.

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