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This page is rather seldom updated; sorry about that. I'm adding status indicators to each story.


Status: Complete.

A Ranma 1/2 story I wrote in response to a "one-hour fanfic" challenge on the FanFic Mailing List. A slice-of-life fic, where Ranma spends a day at the beach with Ukyou and Akane.


Catch As Catch Can

Status: Complete.

A Pokemon/crossover spamfic I wrote on a whim.

Catch As Catch Can.

Future Perfect

Status: Stagnant. Next chapter partially written, several more planned, but I may not have the interest to get back to it for a while. I may salvage the Tenchi/KOR parts for a separate fanfic.

A megacrossover series, still nowhere near finished, but I'm putting up the complete parts anyway. In Earth's future, a problem with the past is discovered. Is someone tamering with the timestream? Can anyone discover what's going on in time to prevent it and preserve the future?


Status: Complete.

A Maison Ikkoku fic I wrote for Halloween a few years ago. More melancholy than dark.


Orange Marmalade

Status: Cursed. I've finished the next chapter three times since February, and every time something's caused me to lose it before posting. I even lost the backups. Still, this story WILL continue. Planning is done for the next few episodes.

A fusion of Kimagure Orange Road and Marmalade Boy, one of my earliest and still ongoing fics. Script format (with prose "diary" interludes). Young psychic Yuu Matsuura and his family move to a new town... then life begins to get really complicated.

Lemon Marmalade

Status: Erratic. I've got one or two sort-of planned, but this wasn't a regular series to begin with. Sporadic updates as I feel like writing them.

Lemon stories set in an alternate Orange Marmalade universe. Prose format, unlike OM. They may not make much sense unless you've read OM, but they are NOT considered in-continuity for OM. Ongoing series.

Pale Reflection

Status: Complete.

A one-shot Hime-chan's Ribbon character sketch. This is not original flavor, though I don't consider it dark, either.

Pale Reflection.

Revolutionary Powerpuff Girl Utena

Status: Complete.

A weird little fusion I wrote in about ninety minutes on a massive sugar/caffeine high. Continued as a "Chibi of the Month" at Improfanfic.

Revolutionary Powerpuff Girl Utena.


Status: Stagnant. The entire series is planned, and the next part partially written, but I've burnt out on this story for the time being. I expect I'll complete it some day, though.

An ongoing Ranma 1/2 fic. Ranma and Akane have gotten their bodies switched...

Tangent: Slayers

Status: Introduction only. The series seems unlikely to happen, for various reasons.

Tangent: Where only the names remain the same. The Slayers are a band of secret operatives, dedicated to hunting down the supernatural entities that the government can't admit exists...

Part of the Anime Tangent Universe.

Tangent: Slayers 1. More a teaser than anything, really.

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